Glory and the Clever Cat

Glory and the Clever Cat

Carol Storm

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ISBN: 978-1-60592-080-1
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Erotica, Fem Dom, WomanLove
KEYWORDS: Fairytale, Lesbian, F/F, erotic romance, erotica, short story, alternative history

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 While she was having her bath, Catherine of Echosea tried to erase Gloriana from her thoughts and focus on the planned ambush in the swamps. The defeated queen was determined to save her people. She knew her own gentle nature had been her downfall far too often in the past. This time she had to be ruthless and ignore her feelings. So many of her people had lost everything, yet they still believed in her. She didn't want to fail them here as she had failed them so many times before.

But instead of meditating on Gloriana's downfall, Cat found herself thinking about her breasts. She closed her eyes, rubbing her sensitive nipples in the heated water of her bath. Where had such a mad impulse come from? This was not the time for such things. Stroking her own pert breasts only emphasized the contrast between her body and Gloriana's. The Queen of Albion was at least twelve years older than she was. Yet she had high, firm breasts and the most amazing, voluptuous curves. Catherine actually had to bite her lip to keep the fantasy from going any further. Tonight was about duty, not desire.

"Took you long enough," Queen Gloriana growled, when Cat finally appeared by her bedside. The older woman lay sprawled on a heap of pillows, her magnificent body naked. Her red hair spilled free in an abundant flood of curls. The sagging and wear in her face and bosom only emphasized her long-established stature as a powerful queen. A successful queen.

"The warm water made me sleepy." Cat had donned a nearly transparent bed gown of pale blue gossamer silk. Baring her flesh did not embolden her as it did the older woman; she felt exposed and insignificant. Yet she had the upper hand as long as she kept her mind on the mission, and kept her royal identity a secret.

Gloriana chuckled. "Why not warm your hands on my breasts for a minute or two?"

"Yes, Your Majesty." Cat sat on the side of the bed, her heart pounding.

The queen's breasts felt warm and firm under her moist, sweaty palms.

"Is that . . . will that be all?" she shyly asked after a few silent moments. Cat's mouth was dry. The heavy beat of her heart seemed louder than ever. There was something very disturbing about feeling another woman's nipples grow tight and firm under her own stroking hands. For her part, Gloriana clearly enjoyed being toyed with. During the massage, she had closed her eyes and sighed deeply.

"All, my girl?" Gloriana opened brown eyes alight with cynical suspicion. Then her mouth curved and she smiled. "That was just the beginning, my dear. Now it's your turn. Switch places with me."


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