Garnet Dreams

Garnet Dreams

Lila Pearce

Jewels of Desire 1

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Anya is a struggling writer who suffers from what she can only describe as Boring Life Syndrome. Working from home has its perks, but it also puts her on the fast track to Hermitville. She holes up in the frozen Midwest, fighting a mean case of writer's block while her agent’s deadline looms large on the horizon. Nothing is going her way. Her last date seems eons ago. Men in her life are so few and far between that she can’t even conjure an appropriate love interest for her heroine. How can she write a best-selling romance novel when her own love life is stuck in stasis?

Thousands of miles away, in sunny Costa Rice, Anya’s best friend Vanessa has her own set of problems. Vanessa’s job is nearly the polar opposite of Anya’s. Cataloguing archeological digs whisks her away to remote locations all over the world, and she rarely has time to sit still. This often sounds much more glamorous than the reality of sleeping in tents, having no running water, and putting up with the unwanted attention of every undergraduate intern that shows up at her sites. Not to mention that Richard, her former friend turned stuffed-shirt boss, can’t seem to act like a normal human being around her. Despite the fact that she hops from one exotic location to another, her romantic prospects are as dismal as Anya’s. In Costa Rica, the only things she has to smile about are the hot bartender at the tourist trap tiki bar and the surprise gift she sent to Anya.

The arrival of Vanessa’s unexpected package throws Anya’s world into a tailspin. When she answers the door, she finds herself drooling over Derrick, the dreamy Mail Express deliveryman. He makes even the cheesy polyester uniform look good. The parcel he hands her is wrapped in brown paper and stamped with African postage. With Vanessa’s penchant for sending odd, creepy souvenirs, Anya is immediately wary of the contents. She manages to make a fool of herself in front of Derrick before retreating to seclusion. Inside the package is a wooden jewelry box and a note of mysterious warning written in Vanessa's handwriting. Good things come to those who wait—patience is a virtue! Twelve small containers sit in the jewelry box, each of them labeled with a month and date. The one marked January 18 contains a gold necklace with a large garnet pendant--pretty, but obviously not expensive.

When Anya dons the necklace, she is whisked away to a Bedouin encampment in her sleep. She wakes up in a strange bed, completely naked, and completely alone. Her loneliness doesn’t last long. The winter cold is exchanged for the sultry heat of an exotic world she never would have imagined except in her wildest dreams. Is it all a dream, or has Anya found the excitement of passion that she so desires?


PUBLISHED BY: Purple Sword Publications
ISBN: 978-1-936165-36-0
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Erotica, Fantasy, Paranormal, Interracial
KEYWORDS: fantasy, erotic, erotica

EBOOKS BY Purple Sword Publications

EBOOKS BY Lila Pearce

COPYRIGHT Lila Pearce/2010

Anya sat cross-legged on the ground, staring at the necklace. It had to be the necklace that brought her to this strange place. What was Vanessa thinking? She'd been sitting here, listening to the goats bleating for what seemed like hours now. Outside the billowing walls of the tent, life went on, assumedly as normal, or whatever passed for normal in a wasteland encampment. She still hadn't screwed up the courage to leave the tent. She told herself it was the lack of clothing.

Laughter from just outside the entrance finally broke Anya's concentration on the necklace. She scrambled to the edge of the curtain that served as an interior wall as a man in loose-fitting black robes flipped aside the entrance. For a few moments, he stood blocking the doorway as he finished the conversation he was having with a person outside. The other voice was as dry and graveled as the ground. The man who entered cut a dark silhouette against the backdrop of the afternoon sun, obscuring his facial features from Anya's view. A red-and-white-checkered cloth covered his head, secured by a double strand of black rope. He had to duck to clear the lower dips in the tent's ceiling. Long, graceful strides carried him to where she hid. Her breath caught in her throat as she turned to stand stock still against the shifting wall. She barely heard his approaching footsteps through the frantic beating of her heart. As he moved closer, he started to hum a lilting melody. What would she say when he asked how she got there? Or what she was doing there? His voice rumbled deep in his throat as he started to half sing the lulling song. Anya clutched the rough blanket tighter around her naked body and squeezed her eyes shut tight.

The humming stopped.

She felt his presence standing in front of her for several long moments before she dared chance a look.

Two round eyes, so brown they looked black in the dim light, scanned her from head to toe. There was no anger, no irritation, and no confusion in them. If anything, Anya would have said he looked amused. She stared into the man's face, unable to tear her gaze away. Light stubble dusted his square jaw, giving him shadows beneath high cheekbones. His skin was the color of milk chocolate left in the sun and glistened with a sheen of sweat and fine sand. Her heart began racing in earnest when he gave her a lopsided grin.

"Ma hadha?" The question sounded friendly enough.

She shook her head and shrugged, hoping he understood that she didn't.

"What is this? You are no Bedu," he said.

Her question came out as a breathless whisper. "Bedu?"

"Person of the desert," he answered. Giving her another appreciative head-to-toe glance, he reached out to run his fingers down her arm. A trail of goosebumps followed his fingers. "No. Your skin is far too pale."

Anya's skin felt on fire where he touched her. "Who are you? Is this a dream?"

The man threw back his head and laughed, revealing a flash of white teeth behind his full lips. "My name is Muammar, and if the laws of hospitality did not forbid it, I would ask you the same," he explained. "If you are a dream, then it is the most beautiful one I have ever had." He stretched a hand toward her hair.

Ducking under his arm and stepping past him, she evaded his grasp. She could only imagine what the night, and possibly time travel, had done to the state of her curls. Chances were it hadn't improved the mess.

He erupted in hearty laughter, the sound like rich velvet in her ears. His whole torso shook as he closed the distance between them. "How is it that you come into my home without clothes and now become so modest?"

Anya backed up until her heels hit the edge of the mattress she woke up on. "I—I, well…" She wondered what she should say. This had to be a dream. "I don't know," she finished lamely. She dropped her eyes to the ground rather than look him in the face any longer. "Now, now," Muammar said, tipping her chin upward with long, tan fingers. "It is of no importance to me how you came here, simply that you are here." He leaned forward, bringing his lips to touch lightly against hers. His breath smelled of coffee and cinnamon. Strong hands cradled her face.

The pounding of her heart drowned out the sound of the voice in her head as his hands found their way into her hair. Ignoring the warning scream in her head, she parted her lips to his gentle kiss, instantly rewarded with the feel of his tongue dancing across her mouth. What the hell? A dream was a dream. Imaginary sex was the safest she could have, and lately, the only kind she'd been having. Letting the blanket fall out of one hand, she reached up to touch the black ropes that held his head covering in place.

Muammar removed the checkered cloth with a quick jerk, letting it fall to the desert floor in a fluttering spiral. Anya ran her fingers through his close-cropped black curls and trailed them down his face, feeling the scratch of his new beard against her palm. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off the ground until her head stood slightly above his.

Anya gasped as his strong embrace forced the air from her lungs, and she threw her arms around his neck. The woolen blanket fell away to reveal her naked body to the warm air. She didn't have time to feel self-conscious before she felt him, hard against her leg. Breaking the kiss, she pulled her face away and stared down into his eyes. Desire burned bright as coals as he looked back at her, unblinking, and she knew whatever suspicions she had for the current situation were lost. Dream or reality, there was no question about it; he wanted her, and that was enough.

"My most beautiful dream," he whispered into her ear, his breath hot on her bare skin.


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