G.I. Jamie

G.I. Jamie

Eve Cassidy

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She's hot, she's sexy and she can kick some ass!

Jamie is in the middle of becoming a trained soldier in the Marine Corps when she literally bumps into a man that sparks her fire. With her focus lost she does what any red-blooded American woman would and takes matters into her own hand…literally.

When that's not enough she throws caution to the wind and takes a second chance encounter with a hot, sexy stranger for all that she can.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Contemporary, Erotica

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COPYRIGHT Eve Cassidy/2009

"Tell me Jamie, what did you think about when you thought of me?"

Jamie squeezed his biceps and shifted her head to the left to give him better access to her neck. His lips on her skin were all she could think about as rational thought fled her. "This. You touching me."

"Just touching?" God it was as if the man could see into her mind. Hell no she hadn't thought of just touching. She'd fantasized about this man bending her over and pushing into her from behind, taking her in every way possible.

"Maybe a little more," she teased.

"I bet you'd tell me if I pushed you." Dom grabbed her hands from his biceps and wrapped them behind her, placing her in a position of submission in front of him. The simmering desire inside her leapt to a full blaze as moisture flooded her sex and wet her panties. "You look and act like a hell cat but your eyes told a different story just then."

Jamie whimpered at his words. Most men simply accepted her aggressiveness without a second thought as to what might be behind it. Yet in a few minutes Dom had already seen beyond it. Scary, and a place she wasn't quite ready to go to.

"I-I don't know what you mean." Despite the lie and the trembling of her legs, she managed a straight face and a fairly steady whisper.

"Is that so?" Dom released her arms and took a step back forcing her to brace herself on the wall behind her. Immediately her body mourned the loss of his heat and longed to touch him again. "What do you want then Jamie? Tell me."

"We don't even know each other."

"Why make things complicated?"

Jamie rolled her eyes. "Such a guy response."

"Are you going to lie and tell me you disagree?" She sighed. No she wasn't. Dom stepped toward her again. "Tell me what you want."

The command in his voice tore at her resistance. Hell, who was she kidding? She didn't have any issues with this. Her body burned hotter and brighter than before and the only relief in sight was the man standing in front of her.

"This is such a bad idea. We could both get kicked out of here if we're caught."

"I'm willing to take that chance."


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