Fortune's Child

Fortune's Child

Josephine Adams

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A childhood friendship is severed when a girl's socialite mother decides she doesn't want her daughter hobnobbing with the local janitor's son.

The girl is taken from public school and thrust into private schools for the rest of her academic life. As a result, she spends her life seeking independence from her mother's wealthy lifestyle.

And the janitor's son? He determines to overcome his feeling of worthlessness and vows never again to be in a position where someone else can influence his sense of self worth.

The two go their separate ways: he into business on the east coast, she into theater on the west coast. Only a determined Fate can bring them back together.

PUBLISHED BY: Wild Horse Press
ISBN: 1442132000
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Chick Lit/Hen Lit, Contemporary
KEYWORDS: wall street, actress, play production, romance, drama, josephine adams

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Jason Mathews hesitated at the entrance of the M&P building, listening to the mingled street noises of racing taxi engines, screeching tires, and honking. Sounds of Manhattan. Footsteps and muted conversations of passersby provided a closer, softer counterpoint. Sunlight, what there was of it on such a wintry day, was mostly blocked by skyscrapers, creating long shadows across the sidewalk. Inhaling the acrid exhaust-filled air, Jason wrinkled his nose at the hint of garbage wafting in from downtown. He took a deep breath, coughing at the sudden burning in the back of his throat, and entered somber bronzed doors.

Inside the sepulchral lobby sat a uniformed guard behind a raised desk studying three TV monitors. Big and black, he looked more like a professional wrestler than a guard. Jason walked towards him, conscious of his leather-soled footsteps echoing off the marbled walls.

The guard turned to follow Jason's approach across the granite floor. "Yes?"

"Melrose and Pounder?"

"You're not a client." A deep-voiced statement.

"Nope. I'm nothing yet; soon to be a gopher."

The big face wrinkled into a questioning expression. "Gopher?"

"Yeah. I've been offered a job as an account executive, but first I'll have to endure the break-in period. 'Hey, Mathews, go for this.' 'Jason, go for that.' You know, a go-for."

The guard grinned. "Mathews, you aren't stuffy enough to work up there."

"That's what the break-in period is for."

The man stood up and came around from behind the desk. He held out a hand. Maybe the desk wasn't raised after all, since he stood at least six-six. "Johnny T. Brunner."

Jason shook the huge hand. "Not the Johnny T. Brunner? The linebacker for the Jets?"

His face split into a wide smile. "Ex. Old age and a couple of younger kids showed up to beat me out of my position. So, at thirty-four, I have a new career -- ferocious security guard." He grimaced and growled an NFL-linebacker's greeting to an opposing quarterback, then relaxed and laughed pleasantly.

Jason shook his head. "You got me psyched. This skinny six-footer would lie down and protect the ball before trying to run past you."


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