Forbidden Passion

Forbidden Passion

Dee Dawning

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Mitheas, the king’s grandson falls in love with the lavender colored Falan princess, the vivacious Adalina. Unfortunately, for them, they are inhabitants of the loveless planet Gala, a planet that has not only outlawed love, it has also banished marriage, even SEX!

The unlikely couple are lovers—lovers on a planet where the act of sexual intercourse has been against the law for four hundred cycles (six hundred earth years). Knowingly breaking the law they arrange surreptitious liaisons wherever they can, whenever the can. Will these two be able to change their future, and the future of the ones that come after them?


Manic Readers Review
Forbidden Passion
by Dee Dawning

What do you do when you’re in love? Not only in love but with a lavender skinned alieness AND you live on a planet where marriage, sex and LOVE itself has been banned for almost 600 Earth years! How long will Adalina and Mitheas be able to actually keep their love a secret?

I LOVED this story! It has a very unique preface and has a defiant Romeo and Juliet twist. Ms. Dawning gives the reader a fast paced BUT meaty erotic romp. Great visual writing and descriptive to.! If you are looking for a light, easy and spicy read you will not be let down! Ms. Dawning has a very unique sense of humor to her writing. Not a slap you in the face HA-HA but a kind of quirky one that will make you giggle. Not to be missed is our captured couple explaining their relationship to a very perplexed D’ana. This tale is definitely a wise choice for a fun steamy read when you’re too pressed for time to curl up with a long book. I would definitely recommend checking out Ms. Dawning’s unique writing!

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CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Erotica, Fantasy, Romantic Comedy, Science Fiction
KEYWORDS: sex, erotic, erotic romance, hea, romance, love, science fiction, fantasy, humor, zany

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Freshly bathed and still dripping wet, Adalina came around the corner of a stand of trees, planning to run and jump into the waiting arms of her lover. Instead, three helmeted soldiers, with loaded spear-guns, were standing around him. She started to run to him when someone grabbed her from behind.

Adalina stomped on his foot and broke away but another soldier grabbed her before she advanced three paces. Swinging her fisted right hand and connecting with her new assailant, she broke free once more only to be corralled by the original attacker, who had recovered. He grabbed, and held both of her arms behind her and pushed her towards the other soldiers and Mitheas.

The leader spoke, “A Fala and a pretty one. Prince Mitheas, you know better than that. Co-mingling with Falas out of season is forbidden. Your grandfather, the king, will be sorely disappointed.”
“As I am sorely disappointed in you, Cap’n Magis. Sneaking around and following me.”

“The law is clear and applies to everyone. Even royalty. However, because of your status, I will grant you and your tramp Fala a favor. I will not mention in my report that you were seen fucking the Fala.”

“Do as you will. I’ve got nothing to be ashamed about. I will proudly proclaim my love for Ada to grandpa, and that we have made love.”

“Humpf!” Cap’n Magis turned to his men and said: “Take the wench to the castle and place her in detention.”

“Yes Cap’n,” answered the sergeant.

They placed a pole behind Adalina’s back and between the crook of her elbows and bound her hands. Wide eyed Ada stared imploringly at Mitheas. He noticed tears had welled up in her eyes. They tied a rope around her waist, strung it to the large six-legged boonsan, and led her off.

“Don’t worry, my love. Everything will be fine. I’ll see to it,” yelled Mitheas.

She turned, and forced herself to smile. Now Mitheas was worried. He whispered to the Cap’n. “I will personally hold you responsible should anything befall her. You hear!”

Cap’n Magis, concern now revealed in his eyes said, “Oh sergeant!” The sergeant turned to the Cap’n. “One more thing. Make sure that you and your men keep their hands off the sexy Fala whore.”

The Sergeant bowed his head and said, “As you wish, sir”

“What about my clothes?” yelled Adalina, not liking the long stares she was getting from the soldiers.

“What clothes? I see no garments.”

“They’re scattered about.” Mitheas said.

The sergeant asked his commander, “Should I gather her clothing?”

“Nay. I want Lor D’ana to see the Fala harlot the way we found her.”


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