Fire and Moon

Fire and Moon

Anastasia Rabiyah

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Anastasia Rabiyah's Fire and Moon is a short story of forbidden love. Sarah's lover has been banished to the flames of Hell. Her yearly attempt to recoup the man she loves brings fleeting hope and one night of passion and closeness. With the help of the right blend of magic, will she be able to return her cursed lover to life?

PUBLISHED BY: Purple Sword Publications
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Erotica, Paranormal, Free Romance Books
KEYWORDS: halloween, erotic romance, romance, paranormal, demon, magic

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EBOOKS BY Anastasia Rabiyah

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In her father’s tongue, Sarah sang to the moon, begging for the return of what had been taken from her so long ago. Years could not make her forget the pain, though her father told her she would. She set out the talismans and herbs, trying something new this night. Rosemary instead of sage. She lit the small pyre in the hearth, knowing it would rage if she tended it well. “Love is like that,” she said to herself. “If nurtured, it grows stronger.” She set a second handful of kindling beneath the logs. “Father was wrong about us, Kaftos. He was wrong about so many things. Nothing can stop my love for you.”

Lifting a small blade, she drew it across her palm, across so many scars there cut into her skin over the years. This spell was the only one she ever cast, the only reason she tried to use the magic in her blood at all. Each year she changed a small part of the ritual, hopeful that it would be the last time she need cast it. Pain seared through her. Sarah refused to flinch or cry out. His pain outweighed this small sacrifice. She did this year after year for him.

“I call you to me from the depths of Hell. I call you, Kaftos, if your heart remains true to mine. Come forth this one night when the spirits of the dead are allowed to visit the living. Appear here with me and let me hold you once more.” Her words done, she held her hand over the flames and let three drops of blood cry down into the wood.

She held her breath, always afraid nothing would happen. It was possible Kaftos had forsaken her and given up his hope, or perhaps another mage more powerful than her father had been, had snared the fire demon into a web of servitude.

The fire caught on the log and blazed, swallowing up her meager offering. Higher it reached, until a trail of acrid smoke stained the front of the fireplace, marking it black with soot. She watched and waited, anxious.



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