Do As I Say

Do As I Say

Penn Halligan

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ISBN: 978-1-60592-097-9
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, BDSM, Erotica, Contemporary, Multiple Partners, Rubenesque
KEYWORDS: erotic romance, BDSM, Rubenesque, Multiple Partners, M/F/M

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 Friday night . . . .

"So, are you ready to play the game my way?"

Mae Southall shook her head, struggling to breathe past the gag in her mouth. This was about control. Mae had lost it. He was in charge. She was helpless and they both knew it. Mae twisted her ankles inward to relieve some of the tension in her legs. They were tied tight to the bedposts, as were her hands. She lay spread-eagled and vulnerable, every naked curve of her body on display. Mae hated being naked, powerless and under someone else's control. No woman, let alone an overweight one like Mae, would be comfortable with this situation. She gave one more futile attempt to pull on the silken ropes to break free. They held fast and she winced at the pain in her wrists.

"You have to learn who the boss is." He leaned in and ran one long finger down between her breasts to her navel before sinking into her cunt and ramming hard.

Mae bucked and moaned under his plunging finger. She should have been screaming for him to stop, but the gag prevented her from doing so, and he'd teased her mercilessly, gotten her so wet with need, anything hard and long felt good. Mae wanted to hate him, to fight him. She gritted her teeth and willed herself not to push up to meet his every thrust.

He laughed. "You're defiant. I like that, baby." A second finger joined the first.

Mae looked into eyes she once thought such a dazzling, pretty blue. How did I get here? Why did I ever allow him to touch me? In her heart Mae knew she was responsible for this. Insatiable hunger had brought her to this point.

He smiled, massaging her clit with the fingers of his other hand. "You have no idea who I am, do you, baby?"

Trying to fight back the familiar rush of pleasure that curled between her legs, Mae bit at her lips and blinked.

His fingers moved harder . . . faster. "I can do as I please and it pleases me to break your spirit. I want you to think only of me and do whatever I say."

Never. But her mind was one thing, her body quite another.

"Won't you, baby?" He removed his hands and dropped his head down to her spread thighs.

Mae screamed against the gag, unable to hold back when his lips fastened on her clit and sucked. She closed her eyes and willed herself not to react, not to come.

He laughed against her flesh. "You can't help it."

He was right. She would come and he would win this round. Again.

"What do you need, baby?" His eyes met hers. Desire, dominance and something else Mae didn't want to believe shone in their depths.

Mae shook her head. Who was he? One minute she'd been at work and the next thing she knew she'd found herself flat on her back, playing his slave.

"I'm you're hottest nightmare." His tongue licked her inner thigh. "And you belong to me, right?"

Again, she shook her head.

"Wrong answer." He bit her flesh.

Mae moaned in pain.

He stood and stared down at her. "You don't know what you want, but by the time I'm through with you, you will."

When he left the room, Mae wasn't sure whether to be relieved or worried. She had no idea where she was. Judging by the lavish furnishings, he'd brought her to some millionaire's house. The home of a friend, he'd said.

"You're in my home, baby." He returned carrying a large metal box the size of a violin case.

Does he know my every thought? Am I that obvious? Mae watched as he unsnapped the lid. Her eyes grew wide when she saw the large rubber dildo. It was attached to a long metal rod housed within the case. Oh my god . . . . A fucking machine.

He pulled out a tube of lube from a compartment within the case and picked up a pillow. He crawled up between her legs and positioned the pillow under her butt, lifting her hips. He then lubed up the thick dildo and maneuvered the head of the mechanical cock so it was positioned at her anus. "Now, once more . . . you belong to me, right?"

Mae gulped. She met his steely gaze. No. She shook her head in defiance.

He shoved the dildo inside her ass without any further preparation.

She shrieked against the gag as that small space was penetrated and filled. No one had ever shoved anything in her ass before. Mae felt like she was being torn apart as the tight muscle gave way to the intrusion. She was been stretched and filled and there was not a damn thing she could do about it. This was forbidden and wrong and yet she trembled in excitement at the thought of being bad.

Rob turned on a switch. The machine began to vibrate. "I'll leave you with my friend here. Give you time to think about the right answer." Before he left her he ramped up the speed.

Her hips bucked and her eyes closed. Mae hated this. Mae loved this. And deep in her heart, Mae knew she would be his.


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