Celtic Bonds

Celtic Bonds

Terri Pray

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History was her passion, but Susan White never expected to find herself thrust back through time, with a Torc in her hands, and end up face to face with a real, live Druid.

Yet, here she was. A year after the death of Boudicca, in the arms of a man who couldn't be real. Druids, magic, fae? Time Travel?

A bad dream with his kiss, his touch, the only thread of hope she had to cling to - except this was a man who didn't take no for an answer and was all too well prepared to show her what happened to a woman in his time who didn't know, or accept, her place in his world...

PUBLISHED BY: Pink Petal Books
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Historical, Paranormal
KEYWORDS: historical, history, time travel, archeology, Celts, Druid, Celtic, Britian, Ancient Britian



COPYRIGHT Terri Pray/2008
Her head pounded. The lightning, she could remember the lightning. Pain, her body ached and she didn’t want to move, even though it meant getting soaked to the skin. Moving meant more pain. Not something she was ready to deal with just yet. She didn’t even know how badly she was hurt and that was something she needed to be careful about. If she had injured herself and tried to move too quickly, before she knew the extent of the injuries then she would only cause herself more damage.

Something touched her and rolled her onto her back.

One of the others from the dig must have found her. Good. If the lightening had left her injured then at least there was help at hand. Had she passed out? It was possible with the strike of lightening that had wracked through her body. She hadn’t noticed if any of the others were still around. Her hands clenched. She still held the torc?

Yes, she could feel it in her grip. Warm, hard, and metal. She hadn’t lost it. Good. That was one good thing. She’d been through enough already and losing the torc would be unbearable. She blinked, trying to focus on the person who held her.

Her vision was blurred at first. It took a few breaths before she could focus on the man who held her. Her gaze narrowed. This wasn’t anyone she knew. She’d never even seen him before. So she did what any woman would have done in that situation.

She screamed.

He growled at her and put his hand over her mouth, snapping something at her.

Susan frowned. Whatever he was saying she didn’t understand him. It didn’t sound like any language she’d heard – no, not quite true, there was something lyrical with the way he spoke. Like she should have known what he was saying.

His hand tightened across her mouth, his words sharp. She didn’t understand the words, but she knew the meaning. Stop screaming. She didn’t have to be able to understand each word in order to know what he wanted of her. She nodded, hoping he’d understand she didn’t plan on screaming.

He lifted his hand away from her face, giving her a chance to look clearly at him.

Deep brown eyes, long red brown hair that tangled with each tug of the wind. Rugged beauty. Yes, that was one way of describing him. Strong features. Angry, the look in his eyes spoke of anger. What had she done that was so wrong? The scream? Any woman would scream waking up to a strange man holding her. It was a normal, human reaction.

He sat up, letting go of her slowly, his gaze narrowed as he looked over her. Her breath caught in the back of her thought. His gaze so brazen that it left a path of fire across her flesh, her nipples crinkling beneath her shirt, her body aching for something more than a single look. Something she didn’t have the words to describe right now.

No, stop that. Falling for a man like this would be stupid. Not to mention dangerous. She didn’t know who he was. He could be a rapist for all she knew, or a thief working the edges of the dig, searching for something he could sell off.

That made sense. Why else would he be angry that she’d screamed? Her hands clenched tightly on the torc she held. She wasn’t about to give it up to some sort of thief. No, this was her prize. Her find. She wasn’t going to let him take it. Not if she could help it.

Her body tingled with his touch, a heat flared into life that she knew all too well and slammed down as quickly as it appeared. She didn’t need to deal with a case of the hornies here and now. Not even when they were caused by the touch of a brute of a man whose name she didn’t even know and who’d silenced her with the pressure of his hand over her mouth.

He tugged on her arm, pulled her to her feet. His words still made no sense to her, despite the nagging feeling in the back of her mind that told her she should understand, that she knew some of what he was saying.

“Who are you?”

He frowned, confusion flickering across his face.

“I asked who you are?” Why didn’t he understand? Because he doesn’t speak English. Fine, so what did he speak? Welsh? Was that Welsh or Gaelic? Some of the words sounded almost like that, but it wasn’t quite – damnit, she should know this. Why hadn’t she stayed in that class for another semester? “My name is Susan. Do you understand what I’m trying to say here? Susan.” She jabbed one finger against her chest, trying to get her point across.

He frowned.

“Susan,” she tried again pointing to herself. “It’s my name, Susan.”

A glimmer of understanding flickered across his eyes. “Govan.”

Odd name, but she could get used to it. Especially when he made it sound so damn sexy. “Good to meet you, Govan.”

Sexy? How the hell can he be sexy? I’ve only just met him? Shock, it has to be shock from whatever’s happened.

He muttered something, then his gaze narrowed on the torc she held. He growled and reached for it, trying to take it from her.

“No! Get your hands off it!” She snatched it back, holding it close. “This is mine.” Well, so it wasn’t exactly hers, but she’d found it and she wasn’t going to let some stranger snatch it from her. “I found it, and…”

He growled and reached for it again, his jaw set, gaze hardening. His words sharp as he grasped the torc and pulled on it. Fine, if this was the way he wanted it she’d show him how determined she was. Without another thought, she growled back at him, tugging on the torc. He wanted a fight for it, he’d get it.


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