Casey's Luck

Casey's Luck

Maggi Coleman

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When Casey Rowan finds her best friend Donald Broughton murdered and his wife Tessa unconscious, she embarks on a search for their attacker. The Devon police aren’t happy, particularly the man in charge of the investigation, DCI Roderick Carlisle.

A woman’s magazine editor, Casey uses her experience to pursue leads. She uncovers a puzzling list of artworks—and discovers she didn’t know the Broughtons as well as she thought. Desire to clear Donald’s name and find his killer drives Casey on, even when a lead takes her into the corrupt London art world. And into danger. Carlisle, caught up in the investigation, cannot protect her. His pleas for her to give up fall on deaf ears. And despite finding him extremely desirable, Casey won’t listen. The murderer must be stopped, and what she needs now is luck.

PUBLISHED BY: Wild Child Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-935013-68-6
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
KEYWORDS: mystery, suspense, romantic suspense, sweet romance

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 It was still very cold. Strong winds whipped the clouds into great drifts across a violet blue backdrop. She tied her scarf, her mind traveling back to the blue skies of Florida Keys. It struck her again how carefree she'd been, wandering around barefoot, the sun beating down on her head and the raw, salty smell of bait emanating from the fishermen along the wharf.

First to arrive at the Richmond cafe, she chose a table overlooking the river and the diners at the tables on the foreshore. It always amused her how the English seemed determined to eat alfresco, despite the weather. The cafe was in a picturesque, late 17th Century Georgian building. In happier times, she'd enjoyed its ambiance, but today she felt unmoved. Some of the joy had gone from her life with Don's death.

She saw Carlisle come through the door, pulling off his dark gray overcoat. More than one female head turned to follow him as he walked towards her.

"Miss Rowan." He took a seat. "May I call you Casey?"

"Of course."


"Rod," she repeated. "Are the police looking into the possibility that the murderer might be one of Tessa's clients?"

"We haven't discounted it." He leaned back in the chair.

There came a pause she refused to fill.

He leaned forward and placed his arms on the table. "Casey, I understand your impatience. The processes of the law can sometimes move slower than you might expect."

"Meanwhile the killer is free to strike again? It doesn't seem right."

"Mrs. Broughton is safe for the moment."

"What are the chances it was Tessa the killer was after?" She halted, the words drying up in her mouth. Even though she'd considered it, to say it made it real, and that was too hard to face.

"Too early to say," he replied gently, reading the panic in her eyes.

She swallowed. "Have you uncovered any evidence at the cottage?"

He seemed to choose his words with care. "If we had, I probably wouldn't tell you about it."


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