Brothers Without Borders

Brothers Without Borders

Leiland Dale

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For Avery Grey, life wasn't easy. He was smaller than most guys and nerdy, a real prize winner. And, as if this wasn't enough, he was gay and in love with the one person he knew it was wrong to desire. Rather than deal with the heartbreak, he chose to dedicate himself to medical school.

Hunter Grey, the tough guy athlete tried to focus on everything other than the one person who caused the ache inside his heart. For years, he had managed to keep his secret locked up inside him. Although some of his teammates didn't know he was gay, this was the least of his worries. His biggest secret haunted him and had him waking up in the middle of the night soaked to the bone in sweat. The guilt and disgust within him tore him apart each day.

When secrets are exposed, how will an unconventional love between brothers change the lives of these two men? Can their bond and love for each other survive and flourish, or will it ultimately rip them apart?

PUBLISHED BY: Silver Publishing
ISBN: 9780986981821
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Contemporary, Erotica, ManLove
KEYWORDS: gay, m/m, siblings, contemporary, erotic romance

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Avery Grey sat on the bench with the midday sun beating down on him. He looked around at the players on the field as they ran back and forth between the posts. Whenever there was a game at the university, the bleachers would always be crowded. Today was no exception. Clutching his backpack, Avery’s eyes followed one player in particular. The six foot four tanned muscular hunk wearing the number four gold and green jersey.
His breath hitched each time he watched the player bend over, the pants stretching taut over his butt cheeks. Avery watched as number four jumped up, his hand reared back as he threw the ball. Avery could imagine the muscles rippling under the jersey almost like waves on the ocean. When he was 16, he had once seen every line of the player’s nude body. The guilt and shame that came over him as he recalled the vision didn’t do anything to dispel the aching hard-on in his jeans.
Avery watched as the final play ended with the win for the green and gold. The bleachers erupted in a chorus of shouts of triumph, the sound deafening. Number four pulled off his helmet, turned and smiled at him before disappearing among the goodhearted camaraderie of the team. Avery got up from his bench close to the sidelines and pulled his t-shirt from his jeans, allowing it to hang out to hide the erection he was sporting as the players approached.
“Hey man! Ready to go?”
Avery looked up as number four slung his arm over Avery’s shoulders and pulled him close. He took a deep breath and sighed. The smell of sweat on the hunk always made his knees weak. Avery smiled. “Yeah. Let’s go.”
He quickly looked away and waved at the rest of the guys as they walked off. Avery had to remember that the hunk in the number four green and gold jersey was off limits. That hunk, was his straight brother.
* * * *
Hunter pulled his brother close and hugged him. His brother’s sweet scent assailed his senses and his cock instantly reacted. Thank God he was wearing his protective gear under his pants; otherwise, it would have been very hard to hide the hard-on he was sporting. Even though it was a natural reaction to the adrenaline rush of the game, Hunter knew the underlying reason.
“Ok, let’s get the hell out of here.” Hunter stepped away from his brother as they passed his teammates, giving them a friendly slap on the back.
Blythe, one of his teammates, called out from behind him. “Hey Grey! We have a party going on tonight to celebrate. Are you coming?”
Hunter stopped and turned around. “No man. I can’t. I have to study and I’ve got a shift at the hospital in the morning.”
Lately he wanted to spend more and more time with his brother. Hunter knew it was dangerous to be this close to his brother and not have him find out how he felt about him. He hadn’t told anyone he was gay, not even his brother.
“Well, make sure you give me a call sometime.” Blythe slapped him on the back and walked away.
“Are you sure you don’t want to go?” Avery whispered next to him on the way to the car. “You don’t have to protect me you know. I’m a big boy.”
No shit. “Yes, I’m sure. And it’s got nothing to do with protecting you. I know you can look after yourself.” Why am I kidding myself? Hunter’s cock was as hard as a rod of steel at the sound of his brother’s voice.
Hunter unlocked the car and opened the door, throwing his gear in the back seat. He got in, shut the door, and pulled out of the parking lot.

They sat next to each other in silence on the drive to the dorms. Hunter looked over to his brother and thought about their childhood.
Even though he couldn’t remember much of it, Hunter remembered his father died not long after his brother was born. His mother did odd jobs and didn’t make lots of money. Even though they struggled to make it through each day, his mother always found a way to make sure they had what they needed. Hunter promised himself, one day he’d earn enough money to support his mother and look after her.
Hunter knew he was gay just before he turned sixteen. They didn’t have much money and ended up moving to a smaller place where he and his brother shared a bedroom. So the thought of coming out of the closet was never an option for him. Many nights Hunter would lie on his bed and look over at the sleeping form of his brother shivering under the covers from the cold.
Hunter would get up and take his blanket over to his brother’s bed. He would cover Avery with his blanket and get under the covers with him. It was during those nights, holding his brother close in his arms, that he knew he felt something more for his brother other than the love for a sibling. It scared him and disgusted him to even think those thoughts. It was even more disturbing waking up next to his brother in the morning with his hard cock nestled between his brothers cheeks. Hunter always made sure to wake up before his brother and rush to the bathroom to jack off. He’d lose it each time with the image of his brother on his knees in front of him, sucking him off.
Hunter groaned and closed his eyes for a split second before turning his attention back to the road.
Avery was looking over at him. “What’s wrong?”
Hunter could feel the heat rising up his neck and onto his face. “Nothing,” Hunter answered without taking his eyes from the road.
A few moments later Hunter pulled the car into his parking space in front of the dorm. He got out of the car and opened the back door, grabbing his gear from the back seat before closing the door again and setting the car alarm.
“Do you still have some studying to do?” Hunter looked at Avery over the hood of the car and started walking towards the entrance.
“Yeah, I’m doing okay.”
“When are you working at the hospital again?” Hunter glanced at his brother as they started up the stairs.
“Tomorrow morning. We’re on the same shift but on different rotations.” Avery stopped and turned to look at him when they reached the second floor. “You’re in the ER right?”
“Yeah, it’s bound to be crazy.” Hunter gave a soft chuckle. “Well, I’m going to head up and take a shower then hit the books. If you need any help, let me know.”
“You’re more likely to run to me for help remember.” Avery threw his head back and laughed.
“Yeah, that’s true.” Hunter hugged Avery and pulled away. “See you later.”
Hunter watched Avery as he walked away from him, down the hall to his room. His eyes darted down to watch Avery’s ass in the tight jeans which molded his butt cheeks to perfection. When he reached his room door, Avery turned around and caught him staring. Hunter felt the heat rush into his cheeks and quickly looked away and headed up the stairs to his own room on the third floor.
As he walked down the corridor, Hunter remembered that most of the students had already left for the holidays. Avery and he were trying to finish their last year early so they decided to stay and get ahead. Many of his friends wondered how Avery, two years his junior, could be in the same year of study as him. Hunter smiled. Avery was very intelligent and advanced rather quickly during his first year, thereby cutting through most of his first two years of studies. With Avery locked up in his dorm room most of the times stuck in the books or in the library, Hunter remembered barely seeing much of him during the first year.
Hunter walked into his dorm room and finally relaxed. A double bed sat in the corner of the room with a study desk against the opposite wall. A built-in closet lined the wall to the left of the door. His third floor dorm was a single room but Avery’s room was a double. All first and second floor double rooms housed two students each.
A few times, Hunter contemplated requesting permission for his brother to share his room but he knew that would just bring up too many questions. It would also have been harder for him to hide his attraction to his brother. Hunter always felt a bit guilty when he walked in his room. It was a reminder that, even though Avery was extremely intelligent, he was also much smaller and couldn’t get the bigger sports scholarship that allowed him to afford a room of his own.
Hunter dropped his helmet on the bed and started to remove his clothes, peeling the pants down his legs and throwing it on the floor at the end of the bed. Quickly, he removed the rest of his clothes and walked over to the closet. Hunter opened a drawer and pulled out shorts and grabbed the towel from the hook hanging behind the door. He wrapped the towel around his waist as he headed for the showers.
The showers were empty and the only sound was the shouting and chatter from the floor below echoing through the empty corridor. Leaning into one of the shower stalls, Hunter turned on the water, and set it to the perfect temperature. He turned back around and dropped the towel on the bench. Pulling the shower curtain aside, Hunter stepped into the shower and closed the curtain behind him. He leaned forward and rested his arms on the cold shower tiles as the warm water hit his back and shoulders, running down in rivulets over his butt cheeks. Even though it had been over twenty minutes since seeing Avery, Hunter was still sporting a hard-on.
Ignoring his straining erection, Hunter took the soap from the dish against the wall and started running it over his body. He gasped out loud when his hand brushed over his nipples. He could feel his erection pulsing as it stood to attention. Hunter lathered up his hand with soap and moved it further down his body. His fingers encircled his erection, barely closing around it. On the first up stroke, Hunter hissed. It felt so good.
Hunter had played around with a few guys and had some fun in the past, but he had never had sex. Because of the size of his erect cock, no one was willing to try. He could understand their hesitation and never wanted to hurt any of them. The most they’d ever do is jack off. Even a blow job was out of the question. Hunter wished things were different, that he could at least know how it felt to be inside someone. Hunter closed his eyes as an image of Avery appeared in his mind. He saw Avery lying on a bed naked, stretched out with his legs spread wide apart.
Hunter moved his hand over his shaft and used the pre-cum oozing from the slit to slick up his erection. Faster and faster he moved his hand. Hunter heard his brother call his name and saw himself kneeling down on the bed between Avery’s spread legs.
“Fuck me.”
Hunter groaned out loud. The erotic images kept playing through his mind. He could see Avery pulling back his legs and exposing his puckered hole. Hunter could almost feel the ring of muscle constricting around his hard shaft as he slid into Avery. Hunter cried out and threw his head back as stream after stream of cum painted the tiles while sobs of guilt shook his body.
He stood under the shower, letting the water wash away the remnants of his release from his body. Turning off the water, Hunter stepped out of the shower, quickly dried off, and slipped into his shorts. With the towel draped over his shoulder, he headed back to his room.
Each time Hunter was aroused, it was always a result of him brother. The guilt of it all had him sobbing as tears ran down his face.
Why couldn’t I be normal!? While in bed, Hunter closed his eyes and fell asleep thinking of holding Avery in his arms.


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