Between the Lines

Between the Lines

Jasmine Aherne

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Attorney Victoria Langston loves her job, but realizes she's missing something in her life. She just doesn't know what it is yet.

Author Aaron Cooper is pleasantly surprised when he meets Tory. The moment he sets eyes on her, he knows he wants her.

The two begin a whirlwind relationship, but where can it possibly go? She lives in New York and he lives in England. As the two get to know one another better, they discover that their feelings run deeper than either wants to admit. Will Tory and Aaron be willing to forget their pasts and give each other a chance? Or will old relationships get in the way of something wonderful?

PUBLISHED BY: Wild Horse Press
ISBN: 1442189177
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Chick Lit/Hen Lit, Contemporary
KEYWORDS: Jasmine Aherne, New York City, Lawyer, Writer, Contemporary Romance

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EBOOKS BY Jasmine Aherne

COPYRIGHT Jasmine Aherne/2009
“I appreciate that, Mr. Foster, but I’ve written to you five times advising you of this new date.” Stressed, attorney Victoria Langston rubbed her temples as she listened to her client whine about her expectations of him. She’d put up with a lot from him in the last few weeks, but this? This made a new low. “Let me get this straight,” she said, very slowly. “I take the time to type a letter, address and mail it, but it’s too much effort for you to open and read it? Mr. Foster, you are due in court tomorrow. Not showing will make things extraordinarily bad for you.” He whined about it being her fault for not notifying him properly. Tory wished she could pull him up through the phone line and stomp on his head. And other parts of his anatomy that might feel significantly more pain. “I’m afraid the courts are unlikely to see it that way since I have written to you several times to inform you, not to mention left you five telephone voice mails.” She held the phone away from her ear as he blathered on at length, and at a significant volume. Finally he agreed to show up, acting for all the world as if he had just done her a very large favor. “Moron,” she muttered under her breath. It was a good thing her hourly rate was high. There’s no way I would represent someone like him without big bucks at stake. The task done, she hung up, and her gaze strayed across her desk to the snack pack of Oreos she bought for just such stressful occasions. A bit of chocolate often did her a lot of good. She snagged the packet and leaned back in her chair, taking her time opening it, savoring the first whiff of chocolate as it filled the air immediately around her. She slid one cookie from the pack, licking her lips in anticipation. Slipping out of the smart, black and white wedge heels she wore, Tory put her feet up on her desk, taking a moment to admire the shiny purple polish on her toenails. The phone rang. Biting back a curse, Tory tossed the cookies back on to her desk and snatched up the receiver. Why hadn’t she thought to take it off the hook, just for a few minutes? “Tory Langston,” she all but snapped into the handset’s small speaker. The office secretary, Sara, suppressed a chuckle. “Well, aren’t you in a good mood today?” Tory had a feeling the might need some aspirin. Sara had spoken with that someone’s here to see you tone. “What is it?” “Herman White is here to see you.” Tory groaned. Another of Mr. Foster’s ilk. “Show him in,” she sighed, and disconnected. She spent – or, rather, wasted – the next hour showing Herman the letters she’d sent him detailing what he needed to do regarding a case about an accident he’d had in his car. She’d written to him five times. Each time, he’d called into the office and asked her to explain the letter in simpler language. Each time, she’d write him a new letter, in increasingly simple terms. She wasn’t sure she could make it any simpler without having to give up and buy him a dictionary. In all honesty, she was surprised he’d survived this long. It was almost as bad as a woman who’d come into her office wanting to sue the wind because a freak gust had made a car door close on her hand. Herman left, and Tory sat up in her chair, thanking whatever higher power had made him decide to leave earlier than usual. The cookies forgotten for now, she rummaged in her handbag and plucked out a small hand mirror and a tube of raspberry flavored lip gloss. The mirror displayed a tired looking woman. It irked Tory as she smoothed gloss over her lips. Tiredness could never be a stranger to those who worked in the law profession. It hadn’t helped that the conversation she’d had with her on and off boyfriend last week would likely be the last time she ever spoke to him, because “people don’t settle down in New York, Tory. It’s a place to have fun. And I don’t think we’re having that right now.” Tory drew in a deep breath, considered more aspirin, and rejected it. She had the feeling Karl would have had the same response wherever they’d lived. But she couldn’t deny that a small part of her celebrated the break. The relationship had been withering, like a thirsty plant not watered often enough. A frank study in the mirror told her she wasn’t in need of anything but perhaps a short holiday, and a lie-in or two. Her blue eyes were still bright and alert, and her long, caramel brown hair, recently washed, curved gently around her heart-shaped face. Another thing to feel good about was her recent splurge on the new suit she wore. It was Armani. So what if it had come from a discount store? It felt silky and soft, and the pinstripe made her feel important. Snapping the mirror away, she felt better.

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