Beautiful C*cksucker II - Such a Good Boy

Beautiful C*cksucker II - Such a Good Boy

Barbara Sheridan

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 or too many years, career obligations and cultural expectations cost Mikisaburo Nabeshima the possibility of love.

Now older, wiser, and infinitely more alone, personal business takes Miki back to New York where another chance encounter with another handsome policeman rouses suppressed desires.

PUBLISHED BY: Noble Romance Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60592-049-8
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, BDSM, Interracial, ManLove

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EBOOKS BY Barbara Sheridan

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 Nabeshima looked up, and despite the tension and anger filling Dave, the sheer handsomeness of the older man immobilized him. His thick, black hair was cut a bit long and streaked in places with silver, smooth skin stretched taut over high cheekbones, deep set dark brown eyes mesmerized, and his lips were more kissable than Dave wanted to admit.

“Well?” Dave forced himself to speak to keep his mind off the blood trying to rush down to his dick.

“I’m afraid I haven’t come here to extradite Flynn. To be honest, I have no irrefutable proof he’s the man we’ve been looking for, but I have a feeling he is.” Nabeshima paused and stood, his body brushing against Dave’s. “I want you to help me get the evidence and apprehend him.”

Dave took a deep breath. “It just so happens that I’m on an unexpected administrative leave for the next two weeks. What do you want me to do?”

“Kiss me.”


Nabeshima grabbed the front of Dave’s navy uniform jacket and tugged him closer. The older man’s lips devoured his an instant later and shit if Dave didn’t find himself kissing back. He gripped Nabeshima’s shoulders, feeling the toned body beneath the layers of clothing. He let Nabeshima take the lead and probe his mouth with his hot, obviously experienced tongue.

Shit. He hadn’t been kissed like that in he didn’t know how long and his body responded despite the dulling effects of the alcohol he’d consumed that evening. But what the fuck? If he was going to be into this he was going all the way. He peeled off Nabeshima’s fine wool suit coat then made quick work of his shirt buttons, breaking their kiss only long enough to loosen the other man’s tie.

“This is crazy,” he said hoarsely.

“Positively insane,” Nabeshima replied as he pulled at Dave’s clothing.

Once they were both naked to the waist, Dave pulled Nabeshima in for another long, hard kiss. Lips locked, they made their way to the sofa, Nabeshima pressing Dave back and moving his masterful kisses from Dave’s hungry mouth to his throat then down to his hair-covered chest.

Nabeshima ran his palm over the front of Dave’s pants and coaxed his dick to harden further. Dave groaned and arched his hips. Nabeshima pulled his boner free and licked it from base to tip.

Dave sucked in his breath. “Shit. I feel like one of those slutty stereotypes in the books my partner is always reading.”

Nabeshima pulled his mouth away and looked up. “We can stop.”

Dave reached for his hand. “I didn’t say I wanted you to do that.”

Flashing a dead-sexy grin, Nabeshima stood and removed his own pants and briefs. Dave felt a surge of blood to his cock. Nabeshima was toned and lean, with perfect abs and a fine, long dick that stood straight out and beckoned to be sucked.

Nabeshima climbed back onto the sofa and lay atop Dave, maneuvering so their erections pressed together. He kissed Dave again, slower, deeper and Dave‘s head swam as much from the alcohol as from a weird rush of insane perfection. This was crazy. He didn’t do older guys and he sure as hell didn’t do one night stands but here he was and he had no plans to stop.

Breaking the kiss, Nabeshima sat up and straddled Dave’s thighs, his thin, strong fingers wrapping around Dave’s stiff cock, stroking firmly, slowly, coaxing glistening fat droplets of precum to the tip. He leaned down and licked the precum away.

“Oh shit yes,” Dave groaned. He instinctively thrust upward as Nabeshima’s lips slid over the swollen head and took him in as far as he could.

Shit. Maybe he shouldn’t have bypassed the other older guys who’d made eyes at him in the past because there sure as fuck was something to be said for experience. Without missing a beat, Nabeshima slid from the sofa to the floor, pulling Dave’s hip so he had no choice but to sit up. Massaging Nabeshima’s toned shoulders, Dave closed his eyes and lost himself in the pleasure of what had to be the best blow job he’d ever gotten.

He squirmed as Nabeshima sucked him deep and hard and squeezed and stroked his balls until they were ready to burst. And burst they did, wracking his entire body with an unreal jolt and making every spasm of his dick more intense than he could imagine. “Suck it. Suck it hard.”

The cum was hot and slick and tasted faintly of good beer. Miki pulled back, wiped his lower lip with the back of his hand then settled back on his heels to look at David Kirkland. But it wasn’t Kirkland’s lust he saw in those deep brown eyes and it wasn’t Kirkland’s voice echoing in his head like a sad ghost of things past.

Things which had been lost.


That’s it, baby. Drink it all down, you beautiful cocksucker.

Though his own erection was nearly aching with its need for release, Miki got up and began pulling his clothes on.

“The time got away from me. I need to leave. I’ll phone you tomorrow.”


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