An Officer and an Italian

An Officer and an Italian

Dakota Trace

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Sergio Rambaudi is enchanted when he’s pulled over by the feisty K-9 police offer, Rachel Arnsworth. Getting close to Rachel is proving to be a challenge for the Italian. When cookies and flowers aren’t working he’s willing to try anything, including find a nude beach to get his chance to woo Rachel.

While Rachel finds the transplanted Italian very sexy, she’s leery of having a relationship with a man who will be as possessive and domineering as her father. When her father’s girl-friend shows up and tells Rachel, she’s leaving Rachel’s dad, her life becomes even more complicated. When Smerelda, her dad’s girl-friend becomes Sergio’s staunchest supporter, Rachel knows she’s in trouble. How is a girl to resist a sexy Italian bent on seduction when even Rambo, her partner finds him irresistible?

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“Rachel, this is my older brother Nicolai.”

“Hi ya, Nicky. I’m the woman your brother keeps trying to date.”

Rachel’s outlandish greeting brought a smile to other man’s face. He laughed and shook his head.

“Yes, I know. Rachel Arnsworth, the lady police officer my little brother had to rescue?”

“That’s right. Your brother was very kind to stay with me. He didn’t have to.”

“I told you Dolcezza I couldn’t leave you there. Shall we?” He motioned for Rachel and Rambo to follow Nicolai up the walk.

“So this is what you wanted me to see? And how many times do I have to tell you, I am not your honey!”

“You’re going to be.”

His tone was so smug she wanted to smack him.

“What makes you think that?” She came to a stop as Nicolai reached over the top of the eight foot privacy fence and unlocked it. Only a man of his or Sergio’s height could accomplish such a feat.

“Because you said so.” He was calm and very savvy as they waited for Nicolai to unlock the gate. In the distance, Rachel could hear the surge of the waves and then she smelled the pleasant scent of the ocean.

“And when did I say that?” Rachel demanded as Rambo assumed the ‘at ease’ position while they waited.

“You said if I could find you a nude beach, you’d agree to date me.”

“So?” Rachel followed him through the opened gate. In the distance she could see the waves lapping at the sand and people. Next to the fence was a hand carved plaque, Le spiaggia de nudo de Rambaudi. Vestiario facoltativo, in Italian. Under it in English, Rambaudi’s Nude Beach. Clothing optional. Rachel’s jaw dropped! Next to her Rambo whined softly. He loved to play in the water but like any well-trained police dog, he wouldn’t act until ordered to. She gulped then swallowed roughly as she looked at the people and then the sign again.

“Sergio?” she asked uncertainly.

“Welcome to the Rambaudi’s Nude Beach,” Nicolai told her before dropping his beach towel and jogging towards the people.

She closed her eyes quickly rather than look at his brother’s well-shaped buttocks as he ran easily towards the waves. She could hear them yelling out in greeting just before he dove into the water. She swallowed again before jerking her eyes up to Sergio’s smiling face.

Her eyes couldn’t have gotten any wider as he unbuttoned his shirt. Her mouth watered as he bared his broad chest. He was dark from obviously sunbathing in the nude. As he unbuttoned his chinos and lowered the zipper, she could see the flash of white from his snug boxer briefs. Then the chinos dropped onto the warm sand. Under the cotton of his boxers, she could see the outline of his cock.

A whimper was building in the back of her throat and it was all she could do to stop it from escaping. He’s huge and he’s not even hard yet! Before her astonished eyes, he began to grow. She looked up and met his heated stare.

“Come Rachel. Let’s go swimming,” he coaxed.

She looked around her at the nude people who were lying out on beach towels and splashing in the waves. She returned his stare and slowly reached for the zipper on her uniform pants. She smiled at him mischievously and then answered him.

“Sic’em Rambo!” she commanded her dog.


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