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Fresh from a "shocking" sexual adventure in Switch, Mandy and Bruce head to South America for another trek into the amorously unknown. When a friend of Mandy's late aunt brings news of an Incan artifact suited for Mandy's shop, the duo travel to Rapa Nui to claim it. What they find instead could endanger not only the priceless item, but their lives. Amichu is the third in an exciting series of sexy adventures by the writing team of Brio and Belegon.

"Amichu" was first published as part of Phaze Books' Samba line of HeatSheets.

PUBLISHED BY: Purple Prosaic
ISBN: PP-018
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Erotica, Paranormal
KEYWORDS: erotica, ArtiFactual, Easter Island, maoi, Rapa Nui, Peru, paranormal, romance, Inca, murder, archaeology

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 Bruce woke to bright sunshine on his face and, before remembering he was tethered to Mandy, rolled over. The clamp pinched as it slipped off his nipple, pulling a few hairs out in the process. His yelp woke Mandy, who sat up and disconnected the other end of the nipple clamps from her own bare chest.

"Is it too early to say, 'I told you so'?"

"Hey, it was worth a try, Man. It was the first good thunderstorm we've had since that crazy mattress picnic night. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Don't you want to repeat the whole body swap experience? I sure as hell do. And, y'know, if we can consistently duplicate the conditions and patent a process, we'll be rich. Filthy lucre to feed our filthy appetites!" Bruce attempted the Belushi eyebrow wiggle, with comical results, and Mandy laughed as she swatted him with a pillow.

"And, what if we couldn't get switched back again? What then? Much as I adored fucking you senseless, I'd rather be the female me."

"Yeah, and I prefer being your sexy, insatiable stud attorney—but there was so much we didn't even get a chance to try! We could spend many a thunderstorm exploring one another from the other side."

"Look at it this way—most couples don't even get one such opportunity. We're way ahead of the game." Mandy stood, stretched, and turned toward the bathroom. "Scrub my back?" she called over her shoulder.

"Woof! Or," he grinned, "should I say 'woofa'?"

"Come into my chambers, counselor. I'll give you that verdict after you've presented your case." With a wink, Mandy sauntered toward the shower.

Bruce admired her retreat. "Yes, Your Honor! Although my closing arguments aren't nearly as impressive as yours. I'll certainly do my best, though, to persuade you to drop the charges…um…soap."

"Oh, what a nice sidebar!" she giggled as she turned on and adjusted the water. "Though we still have to pack, we do have quite a few hours before we need to be at the airport—even with an international flight—so you can take your sweet time arguing before this bench."

Grabbing two handfuls of ass, Bruce pushed Mandy into the shower and followed. "I knew there was a good reason I chose this career. Your Honor, your docket excites me to no end…and your chambers? Well, they make me wish you'd bang my gavel! Now, if you don't mind, please allow me demonstrate what a skilled orator I am."

They stood together under the shower spray, embracing and acclimating to the hot water for a few moments before Bruce nudged Mandy toward the wall opposite the shower spigot. He lifted one of her legs and placed her foot on the tub's ledge. "Lean back against the wall, Man, and close your eyes. After all, I've heard that justice is blind."


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