All Tied Up

All Tied Up

Alexis Duvall

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Anna Dumont has had it with loser boyfriends. So when her best friend Todd challenges her to go to the Crystal Palace, a place known for it's erotic escapades, she accepts. Never having had an orgasm before, Anna is about to experience many "firsts" in her life... and she's also going to experience David Lewis, who's green eyes make her weak in the knees.

* WARNING: This story contains female/female and female/male sex scenes, and light bondage

PUBLISHED BY: Wild Horse Press
ISBN: 1450549608
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, BDSM, Erotica, Multiple Partners
KEYWORDS: bondage, female/female sex, menage, sexual exploration

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EBOOKS BY Alexis Duvall

COPYRIGHT Alexis Duvall/2010

I’m not sure how I ended up in this predicament, and yet here I am – blindfolded and tied to a bed. If only I hadn’t let Todd talk me into this! As best friends went, he was the greatest… until now.
“You need to get out more, try new things,” he’d said. “I bet you’ve never let anyone tie you down.”
Being completely naïve, I’d asked, “What do you mean?”
“I mean that you’ve never let anyone tie you to a bed, stripped naked, laying open to them.”
I’d blushed the color of a strawberry and gaped at him. After a moment, he’d reached over and snapped my jaw shut.
“You’re catching flies,” he’d teased.
“You mean you want me to let someone tie up and have sex with me?” I’d asked in shock.
I mean sure, I’d heard of people doing that, but I’d certainly never tried it! I wasn’t exactly sexually experienced. I’d been with exactly three guys and all of them had been out the door the moment I’d given it up. I was starting to think there was something wrong with me.
“Don’t be such a prude,” he’d said with a roll of his brown eyes. “I think you’d actually enjoy it.”
“But… I don’t know anyone into that!”
He’d given me a wicked grin then. “You don’t have to. There’s a place in town, the Crystal Palace. They specialize in just such things.”
“And how do you know of this place?”
He’d shrugged. “I heard about it at work.”
“Todd, you work in a bar. Just because you hear about something at work, doesn’t mean you should have your best friend go out and try it.”
Against my better judgment, I’d allowed him to talk me into it. So now I found myself in the Crystal Palace, devoid of clothing, blindfolded with a black satin cloth, and tied to the bed. My hands were over my head, tied at the wrists to the headboard. My legs had been spread apart, my knees slightly bent, exposing my freshly trimmed pussy. A soft rope had been strung under the mattress and was tied to my ankles, holding me in place.
A moment later, I heard the door click open and softly close.
“Hello,” I called out.
I could hear soft footsteps across the carpeted floor; felt the bed tilt as someone kneeled beside my body. Something soft trailed over my nipples, causing them to immediately pebble. I sucked in a breath, turned on instantly. Maybe I should have tried this sooner, I thought.
The soft object trailed between my breasts and up to my face. As it drifted over my lips, I knew what it was – a rose. My lips parted, my breasts seemed to thrust upward of their own accord, wanting to be touched again, a want that wasn’t going to be met, not at that moment.


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