A Younger Man

A Younger Man

Shannon Pearce

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A Beau to Beau Romance short story
Sensual and Sexual, with Passion, Pleasure, and Longing


David had hoped one day to fall in love, and to fall in love forever. He had never thought that this “forever love” could be found in a younger man. David avoided younger men for the most part, except for maybe a casual sexual fling.

When David meets Chris, an obviously much younger man, he can’t take his eyes off of him, and certainly wouldn’t mind having him in his bed. David is flattered by the obvious infatuation that Chris has for him, but certainly doesn’t consider him a possible lifetime partner. Something happens one day that changes the way David looks at this younger man who has been watching him. This younger man couldn’t possibly be the one, could he?

PUBLISHED BY: Beau to Beau
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Contemporary, Erotica, ManLove
KEYWORDS: gay fiction, fiction, gay love, love, gay romance, romance, gay erotica, erotica, male/male, male love

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David had always loved the simpler way of life. He didn’t need a lot of money to be happy. He did hope one day to find someone to love and share his life with. He had met a few guys over the years, but at age thirty-nine he wondered if he would actually find someone who fit the description of a lifetime companion. That changed one summer day.

It was the summer that David moved to the area, and bought his first house. It was large and spacious and even though other homes might have been nicer, it was all his and he was proud of it. It had a pool, a deck with a hot tub, and a full walk-out basement with wet bar.

A couple of weeks after he had settled in, some friends at work decided to throw him a house-warming party. Everyone showed up, mostly to take advantage of his pool, but David was more than happy to share. He was well liked and had made many friends at work and in the community. He was very generous. David had told his friends to bring anyone who wanted to come to see his house, and he decided to make a day of it with a barbecue, swimming, and plenty of booze.


David had just gone inside and was fixing himself a drink after standing over the grill for a little too long, but loving it, when he turned to look out at his friends having fun, and he first saw Chris. Chris had one of the most handsome faces, and prettiest faces, that David had ever seen, and it took him a moment to focus on this man who he was pretty sure he did not know.

David asked, “Can I pour you a drink?” “No, I just came in to use the bathroom,” he said, and David motioned to the bathroom around the corner. David took a big gulp of his drink as he watched the cute little butt round the corner.

“I’m Chris,” he said, when he came back out. “Is there anything I can do to help you? You’ve been working hard all day.”

David tried not to stare, but the young man was so damn cute. “No, I’m fine, but thanks.” David fought the urge to pat him on the head. He looked that young.

Chris just smiled. “Sure you don’t want a drink?” David asked again. “I’m sure,” he said.


As he walked away, David couldn't help but stare at him. He was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and nylon shorts. They were loose fitting, but they still hugged and emphasized his cute little butt and strong thighs. His cute little butt filled out the shorts, and his beautiful cheeks moved sensuously as he walked. David could see the outlines of the straps on the jock he was wearing as the material pressed against his firm little butt. David took a deep breath, sighed, and poured himself another drink.

David went back outside and over to the pool. He stood mesmerized by the sight of Chris while he swam laps. Chris got out of the pool at the far end and walked over to David. His body was still wet and glistening in the sun. The water clung to him, and David watched the drops run down his smooth skin. The young man’s nipples jutted up so cute that David wanted to suck them off of his body. His stomach muscles were tight, and David could see the line of black hair that started at his navel and ran downward.


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