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Refund Policy

Because of the nature of the product we do not offer refunds. We will replace damaged files. If this is not possible, we will issue credit.


Shipping Policy

Ebooks are made available for download immediately after your payment is processed and are always available in "My Library."

Sexual Content Rating

1 Extinguisher   

1 Fire Extinguisher      Any sex that happens is either behind closed doors or all in your mind. This one is safe for your grandma and you to read together.

2 Extinguishers 2 Extinguishers    2 Fire Extinguishers      You can keep your sweater on, but the fire in this one will start to warm your toes.

3 Extinguishers 3 Extinguishers 3 Extinguishers     3 Fire Extinguishers    You might need a squirt or two from the extinguisher, but don’t worry, you can still read this one on the train without blushing.

4 Extinguishers 4 Extinguishers 4 Extinguishers 4 Flames   4 Fire Extinguishers    The room is definitely growing warmer. Along with a fan or two at the ready, you might want to have the fire extinguisher handy for explicit sex and romance.

5 Extinguishers 5 Extinguishers 5 Extinguishers 5 Extinguishers   5 Extinguishers           5 Fire Extinguishers   If you don’t want to read about burning Manlove, Womanlove, multiple partners or BDSM, stay away! But if you’re ready for bone melting sex and no-holds-barred passion, read on!


How do I get answers?

Please read the FAQs. The Customer FAQ is here: http://1romanceebooks.com/faq/info_105.html  The FAQ for Authors, Publishers and Marketing Partners are here: http://1romanceebooks.com/partners/info_7.html

If you cannot find your answer, please email customerservice a@t 1RomanceEbooks.com   or partnersupport aatt 1RomanceEbooks.com or use our Live Chat feature in the upper left of the page.

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