Leader of the Pack

Leader of the Pack

Leighann Phoenix

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Running for her life, hiding as a waitress in a sleazy bar, Aislinn never dreamed she would meet her soul mate. Compelled to save her, Cullen finds himself inexorably drawn to this mysterious woman. Aislinn believed her life couldn’t get any stranger than it already was, until she happened across Cullen. As Aislinn discovers her lost past and Cullen works to protect his pack, they find themselves stronger together then they ever were apart. Now they just have to convince the pack elders that the alpha werewolf in the pack should be mated to a supposedly human girl. Warnings: This title contains graphic language, nonconsensual, f/f and group sex.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
WORD COUNT: 185545
CATEGORIES: Paranormal, Erotica, Fantasy, Multiple Partners, Romantic Fiction

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Aislinn approached the new guy who sat down at the bar near the wall. He was impressive. His presence caused most of the other patrons to make more than enough room for him, resulting in an unnatural amount of space at that end of the bar. Aislinn was perfectly happy to have a short lull in the number of people she had to deal with.

The man was pretty big, even sitting on the stool. He had black hair, brown-black eyes, and tanned skin. He looked hard muscled even under the black leather duster he was wearing. But the strangest thing was this ageless appearance to him. At first look she might have said he was in his late twenties/early thirties. Then, at second glance, he looked almost 100. Whether that was normal for him or due to the fact that he just had the worst day of his life was up for grabs. “What can I get you?”

The guy looked up at her as if he only just realized that he was in a bar. Aislinn waited and when he didn’t respond she asked again. “What can I get you?”

Cullen stared appraisingly at the girl speaking to him. She had an odd scent. It was hard to make out between the rancid smell of the bar, the smoke from the people around him soaking into everything, and some awful perfume she seemed to have bathed in. But there was something to it that caught his attention. She was attractive, but she wasn’t remarkable in any way. She had brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and medium build. She wasn’t his type. I would probably break her, he thought and grinned at himself. Besides she wasn’t what he was here for. The last thing he wanted was a woman tonight. No matter how intriguing her scent was…


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