Sandra Fowke

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They made the Blood Dance Club sizzle with their game of rivalry and passion.

A young boy is accused of murdering several families including his own and Alexandria is on the case. She's going to need all her skills to prove the boys innocence, lucky for her she has a contact in the FPA who owes her a favor.

Blaise insists that the case has been solved and the boy is guilty. Alex is inclined to side with the boy's desperate aunt and uncle who insist he is not the monster they're looking for.

Can these two stop arguing long enough to dig deeper into a closed case? Can they keep their hands off each other long enough to try?

They're in for another trip into the underbelly of Radcliffe and another hot steamy encounter that may either bring them closer or tear them apart.

Warnings: This title contains light bdsm, high level sex and language.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
CATEGORIES: Paranormal, BDSM, Erotica, Romantic Fiction, Vampires / Werewolves

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EBOOKS BY Sandra Fowke

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“Upholding the law is my job, Miss Woodrow.” His voice had taken on a more authoritative tone.

She kept backing up and he kept getting closer. Damn how did he keep doing that? Her heart was beating so fast that she was sure he could see it through her flimsy white blouse. He was looking at her as she was sure a lion watched it’s quivering prey. His eyes were dark and she felt her breath catch when he captured his bottom lip between his teeth and swept his gaze down her body. Alex could feel his eyes like searing fingers on her flesh. He wanted her. Her back hit the wall and she could feel more silky dust under her fingertips.

With her last ounce of control, Alex lifted her chin. “No, I don’t have a licence, but I only use the thing on houses that I know are empty. Look, we don’t have time for this either give me back my handheld or cuff me.”

Blaise’s grin just got wider. “We found that cuffs don’t work so well against the paranormal.” He leaned closer so his mouth was hovering over the juncture of her throat and shoulder. “Disappointed?”

Alex laughed breathlessly and despite her common sense calling her mean names she crossed her leg around his. He was so strong, so close, so warm. “A little.”

“Bad girl…” He breathed the words against her throat and she was lost. “How about another game?” He finally pressed his lips against her jaw and she could feel his smile when she moaned.

“What kind of game?”

“Hmm…” The sound hummed against her cheek till he pulled back enough to look into her face. “If you were a pie what kind would you be?”

“That’s a stupid game.”

Blaise looked affronted. He threw her handheld onto a nearby chair and grabbed both her hands before she could reach for it. Pulling her arms up above her head and holding them against the wall, he lowered his mouth and captured her lips.

Holding both her wrists in one hand he lowered the other to caress her side. Pulling back a mere inch he spoke. “Not apple pie.” He flicked open the first button of her blouse and dipped his lips to kiss her again then back. “No, not blackberry pie.”

Her breath came in gasping pulls and she could feel her nipples hardening against her lacy red bra. He kissed her again, this time sucking her bottom lip between his teeth.

On her next breath she spoke without thinking. “And you’ve already had the cherry pie.”

He groaned and she felt it shudder through his larger body as he pressed himself against her, sandwiching her firmly between him and the wall. “I still have dreams about cherry pie.”


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