Dreams and Desires

Dreams and Desires

Paul Blades

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“Dr. Kelly Jameson wasn’t the kind of person to believe in dreams. Her life was devoted to science.”

To Kelly’s surprise, however, one night her erotic dreams of a tall, handsome, Latin lover became all too real. Drawn from another dimension, Raijamoon, who adopts for purposes of convenience the name Ramon, has traveled across the dimensional divide by following the psychic emanations of Kelly’s lustful dreams. His mission: to track down and force to return a ‘renegade’, known in this world as Jonathan Blackthorne, who had ‘jumped’ to this universe and sworn never to return. Seduced by the sensual wonderland he found here, has built a nefarious empire based on his power to enthrall human females.

Kelly, an independent, well educated, 21st century, young woman, must struggle with her lust and, ultimately, her love for her “dream man” as he uses her body and mind to sustain his presence in our world and converts her friends and coworkers to aid and serve him in his quest.

The novel follows Kelly’s passionate but conflicted journey as Ramon’s “familiar” and Blackthorne’s rise to power while detailing Ramón’s preparations for his dramatic, ultimate confrontation with the “renegade”.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
WORD COUNT: 195294
CATEGORIES: Paranormal, BDSM, Erotica, Multiple Partners, Romantic Fiction

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They say that even the longest, most involved dreams take only a second to flash across our minds. Kelly wasn’t sure how long she had been sleeping when the dream began, but she felt sure that she had long ago descended deeply into somnolence. She was standing nude in a huge, grassy field. It was bright and sunny with large, fluffy, white clouds fleeing across the deep blue sky as if pushed by strong winds. But no breeze caressed her naked form. The air around her was still and heavy. Across the field, which was strewn with a wonderful array of bright, colorful wildflowers, she saw the man approaching. He wasn’t walking, more like floating, and his body was enwrapped with a swirling fog.

He was coming closer and closer. He was also nude, and the fog that surrounded him had sprinkled him with its droplets, making his smooth, hairless chest shine and glisten in the sun. He had long, black hair that touched his shoulders and flared back behind him as he approached. Kelly felt her passion begin to rise as he neared her. He was no more than twenty feet away from her when she saw his lips begin to move. His right hand extended from his body, palm up, like he was inviting her to take it. Kelly’s mind filled with the urge to flee. But her body wanted to stay, wanted to reach out and accept the strong, compelling hand in her own. His eyes, though, belied his gesture of amity. They were dark and foreboding. As her hand, seemingly of its own will, extended towards him, she felt her own eyes locked into them, felt his gaze piercing her brow, entering into her mind.

Suddenly, the man was upon her. The misty shroud still enveloped him. She was trying to tell her dream-self to back away, to withdraw her hand. Some part of her consciousness struggled to bring herself out from this entrancing night fancy. The dreams had never gone this far before and she knew that some barrier was about to be crossed, that whatever happened now, somehow things would not ever be the same. But, it was too late. She wanted to stop, to break the mesmerizing gaze of the man’s sharp, fierce eyes. But her body would not obey her. She was lost.

The dream Kelly slowly reached her right hand into the swirling mist. When her disobedient fingers made contact with those of the man, she felt a flow of energy pass into her. Her mind reeled with the pleasurable sensations that were sent through her body. The man waited, his hand now grasping hers. She saw that his lips were forming her name, calling out slowly in a deep, inviting voice, “Kelly…Kelly…Kelly….” He seemed to want something. And then she realized that he wanted her to pull him to her. That he needed her efforts to cross the misty barrier that separated them. Again, her rational self said, “No! No! No! Don’t do it! Don’t!” But she felt her arm drawing back, bringing the man towards her.

Kelly gasped as the man’s body emerged from the swirling field of mist that surrounded him. He was inches away from her now, his naked body fully visible at long last. His smooth chest was well developed, his stomach taut and firm. Heat radiated from his torso like a plinth. His arms and thighs were thickly muscled, his face clean shaven and strong. She looked down as he moved to press his body next to hers and saw that his long, thick manhood was erect. For a moment, a fearsome regret passed though her mind. What had she done? But then the man leaned forwards. He placed his large, strong hands on either side of her head and pressed his lips onto hers. Her lips parted and she felt his hot tongue enter her mouth.

A wave of lust passed through the excited young woman as she felt the tongue explore her mouth, dance against hers, sending hot passion into her very soul. She sucked and played with the hot invader eagerly. Something was passing between them, something more than mere lust. She felt as if her mind was being probed by the strong hands on her head. Something was wrong! This was more than a kiss! The strong, broad shouldered man was exploring her, drawing her essence from her and filling her with his will.

Suddenly, she was no longer standing, but was on her back with the dream man lying beside her. Keeping one hand on the side of her head, his hot tongue in her mouth, he drifted the other down along her neck, across her heaving chest and captured first one breast and then the other, massaging them, caressing them, causing another wave of passion to pass through her.

When the hand dropped to her belly, it brushed over the wiry bush that surrounded her sex and then slid a thick finger down the already wet slit between her nether lips. Kelly moaned. She spread her legs invitingly. Her hands were on the man’s body, exploring the firm flesh, receiving an exciting flow of energy wherever they went. Their lips had separated and the man had pulled his head back. His eyes bored into hers. It seemed as if she couldn’t look away, not even blink, as the brown pools, cold and hard, drew her in.

The man shifted himself so that he was between her outstretched legs. He took hold of his hard shaft and presented it to her fevered, distended nether lips. She felt a moment’s panic when the fat, round head pushed aside her labia and delved between them. But the sensation of his entering her was overwhelming. The hard rod of flesh eased its way forwards, making the interior flesh part seemingly of its own accord, inviting his penetration. Slowly he pressed deeper into her. She felt herself being filled. She groaned with passion, her hands gripping the large man’s shoulders. When he had sunk his manhood fully into her, his pelvis bone meeting hers, he slowly began to withdraw, dragging across the tender flesh of her sheath, running the top of his cock along her hard, electrified pleasure bud.

The sensation of the man’s languorous stroke drove Kelly wild. She wrapped her arms around his back, slid her legs down his hard, flexed thighs. Their lips rejoined and the impassioned young woman’s body shuddered with delight. He began to rock back and forth within her, increasing his pace almost imperceptibly, until he was gliding in and out of her lush canal at an almost frenzied pace. Kelly rocked her hips back at him, meeting each thrust of his with a powerful push. She could feel her blood getting hotter and hotter. Her whole body tingled with the foreshadowing of her impending climax. And then it hit her. She felt her pussy throb and spasm. Her body shook and her back arched. “Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!” she moaned into the stranger’s mouth. There were no thoughts in her mind but the appreciation of the waves of ecstasy that flowed through her. And when her pulses of pleasure began to ebb, she felt her passion begin to rise again as the man, not missing a stroke, continued his relentless plowing of her burning sex.

It was when her body began to shudder and quake with her second, wrenching orgasm, her mind protesting at the almost painful pleasure, that she felt the man’s body stiffen. A low, strained sound emanated from his throat. His thrusts became hard, his hips colliding with hers, presaging his climax.

Suddenly, it was as if a veil had been lifted from her eyes. She was not in a dream. She was in her own bed, not in some flowery field. This was real! How could that be? A strange, unknown man was fucking her. Panicked, she tried to beat at the man’s body, her hands balled into little fists. She tried to free her mouth from the man’s ardent kiss. She writhed and rocked her body in futile protest. And then he came. She felt the throbbing and jerking of his cock deep within her. The sensation of his fluids jetting into her womb sent her into another mind numbing orgasm. She grabbed his shoulders with her soft, frail hands and pulled his body towards hers. Her legs wrapped around him, drawing his cock deeper into her pulsing crevasse. Each contraction of her pussy’s muscles sent a wave of excruciating pleasure throughout her flesh.


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