Dark Forest Nights

Dark Forest Nights

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The moment I saw him pleasuring himself - alone in the dark forest - curiosity overrode my common sense. I watched mesmerized. Wanted him to catch me spying on him in hopes he would invite me to join him.

Luckily for me, he did.

Catching a man masturbating takes on a whole different meaning when that man is a werewolf. What’s a lonely, sex-starved housewife to do when she catches him in the act?

Join him, of course.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
CATEGORIES: Paranormal, Contemporary, Erotica

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Off to the side, in a decidedly lazy recline against a tree, was a man. By itself, this normally wouldn’t have given me much reason to pause. The fact that he was naked as nature intended stopped me in my tracks.

No. That’s not quite true.

What stopped me in my tracks and made my eyes go round in surprise was not just that the man was naked–which he quite was, no mistaking that–but the fact that he was also pleasuring himself.

From my vantage point I had a perfect view of his erect cock as he slowly slid a meaty fist over its length. The head was swollen and dusky, the skin velvety in its tautness. The shaft itself was impressive in thickness, blue veins even evident from my distance. His balls were heavy, hanging low and undoubtedly weighed down by cum which sought release.

The up down motion of his hand was hypnotic and soothing. Each time he neared the head, I could see a gentle squeeze applied and his cock jumped in response. The sack beneath this lovely rigidity moved in rhythm with his pumping.

Licking my lips, I finally managed to drag my eyes away from the self-pleasure to realize that he had a fine layer of fur covering his legs, abdomen and chest. The hair on his head was so enmeshed with this fur that it was hard to distinguish it separately.

Blaming the growing twilight for limited vision, I again focused on more important matters. If I listened carefully, I could hear soft grunts coming from my exhibitionist. That was how I thought of him: an exhibitionist naked and exposed to the elements, heedless of my presence.

There was a small amount of fluid leaking from the slit at the head of his cock, making it shine. He ignored it and continued stroking his rigidity, the head now purple from the blood rushing there to answer his call. Light colored eyes gazed intently down upon himself as if this response was foreign and he was unsure of what to expect next.

I don’t know how long I stayed there and watched him. At times I thought he might be close to finishing, his hips bucking in response to erotic need, only to see him slow the rhythm. Finally, by the time my own pussy was moist in response to his display, I heard his breathing quicken.

His pumping became frantic, almost violent, as he stroked harder and faster. His hips jerked and the grunts grew louder. Within moments, I saw his balls twinge and his entire body tense. My heart thumped loudly while the first load of his cum jetted from out of his firm cock, coating the grass several feet in front of him with his spend. There was another and then again another release and with each discharge, he released low moans of pleasure.

Closing my eyes briefly, I tried to slow my breathing. I was as charged by his display as I had been in the moments I waited for my first lover to enter my unexplored channel almost twenty years ago. My heart raced. Blood boiled in my veins. The thrill of anticipation caused me to hold my breath. My head swam from dizziness. But most of all, most important of all, my pussy throbbed.


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