Taxed to Death

Taxed to Death

Debra Purdy Kong

Alex Bellamy Mysteries

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 Revenue Canada auditor, Alex Bellamy, has always dreamed of adventure. During a field audit, he discovers evidence of fraud and learns that someone inside Revenue Canada could be involved. He persuades his colleague, Andy Gowan, to help him investigate, but Andy is murdered and Alex is forced to turn to Jillian Scott, a lady he’s never met and who has her own frightening reasons for refusing to cooperate.

Forced to accompany Alex on his mission, Jillian vows not to help Alex, but as she begins to understand his motive, she also sees a more attractive side to him. Unable to resist Jillian’s gorgeous light green eyes, Alex struggles with his own attraction, yet the need to find the killer comes first, or so he keeps telling himself. Soon, Jillian’s fears and Alex’s search for a killer embroil them in a bizarre and disturbing nightmare not everyone will survive.

PUBLISHED BY: Bristlecone Pine Press
ISBN: 978-1-6072200-2-2
CATEGORIES: Mystery/Suspense, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
KEYWORDS: mystery, Canada, accounting, white collar crime

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 “Alex?” Jillian didn’t want to think about Les anymore. “You never told me if you have a girlfriend.” She ran her hand over the bed’s white satin quilt.

“Romance isn’t my strong suit. God knows I’ve tried.”

“Keep trying,” she murmured.



“Could you put the green dress on, please?”

Jillian opened the suitcase and removed a carefully folded garment. Dark green silk slipped through her hands. The dress was gorgeous, but she’d never purchased something this sensuous. No guts for it, or had Alex assumed this and bought the dress to embarrass her?

When her blue jeans were off, Jillian took a large sip of Scotch, then removed her cardigan and blouse. Alex emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a small towel and Jillian covered herself with the dress. After four days of living with a modest, fairly reserved guy, she was shocked by his appearance. Of course, they’d never had to share a bedroom before.

“Do you want to use the shower?” He put his glasses on, then gazed at the dress.

“I don’t know. Is any hot water left?”

“I took a cold shower.” He rubbed his hair with a hand towel. “One of many lately.”

Jillian tried to suppress a smile. “Oh?”

“Can’t let certain distractions get in the way.”

The gold cross dangling down his chest flickered as he strolled to the suitcase. His legs and chest were more muscular than she’d imagined. Grabbing her makeup bag off the bed, Jillian hurried towards the bathroom.

“My God! What a becoming outfit!”

Alex grinned at the green and yellow striped knee socks Jillian could shoot herself for not removing. She’d spent her whole life removing the wrong clothes first. The habit had become her largest humiliation when a lover would lunge at her semi-clad body before she’d removed the last sock.

“Given the size of that towel,” Jillian raised an eyebrow, “are you sure you feel qualified to judge me?”

He laughed as he turned away. “Don’t be long, okay?”

“I wish you wouldn’t keep rushing me everywhere.” She stepped into the bathroom and shut the door.

Ten minutes later she reappeared wearing a dress that clung to her body like a second skin.

“You look wonderful,” Alex said in a voice caught between awe and disbelief.


She stared at his dinner jacket and black trousers. He looked pretty damn desirable himself. “I don’t know how I’ll explain these last few days to my parents.”

“Make something up.” He ran a comb through his hair. “God knows I will.”


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