Brass Knuckles

Brass Knuckles

B.K. Wright

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Rick Mason is on a mission, and his mission is the Mafia, the Mafioso, and specifically, the Giaconi Family, one of the most powerful Mafia families to have ever immigrated to the United States. Lucian, the elusive boss of the Giaconi Family, has escaped the authorities for decades. His manipulative means and ruthless ways have allowed him to control any and all he chooses, and the unfortunate souls who dare cross him end up at the bottom of the murky waters of the Muddy Mo; that is, the Mississippi River, and a few have become tasty treats for the hungry alligators that can always be found lurking not far from the city the Giaconi Family calls home; The Big Easy, New Orleans, Louisiana.

When the car of Lucian Giaconi’s son-in-law is pulled from the Mississippi River with no body inside, Rick is determined to find out exactly what happened to the man, and will do whatever it takes to stop the elusive crime boss, “Never Lose Lucian”, once and for all.

Through careful surveillance, Rick discovers that the “weak link” in the Giaconi Family is Lucian’s youngest son, Jeff, who has twice tried and twice failed to leave the family. Rick is determined to get as close to the presumed Underboss as he possibly can.

Rick soon learns that he and Jeff have something in common. They are both gay, and are drawn to each other like moths to a flame. Rick tries to ignore his attraction to Jeff, but wants him too much to not have him.

If Jeff ever discovers that Rick is a federal agent on a mission to bring his family to justice, Rick is certain to be the next tasty treat served to the hungry alligators of the Louisiana Bayou.

PUBLISHED BY: Beau to Beau
CATEGORIES: Mystery/Suspense, Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Erotica, ManLove, Romantic Suspense
KEYWORDS: gay fiction, fiction, mystery, crime, mafia, suspense, gay romance, romance, gay erotica, erotica, male/male

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The two men stood at the edge of the Pauline Street Wharf and watched as the chest made of pure cedar drifted slowly downward into the Mississippi River. “How long you think it’ll take ‘til it’s out in the Gulf?” “About half a day, if it even gets that far.” The two men laughed as they watched the cedar chest disappear from their sight as it was swallowed up by the murky waters of the Mississippi River.

They looked around them. It was just after midnight. They headed back to the warehouse where the Giaconi Cedar Furniture was made. “Lucian will be pleased,” Johnny said. “Yes, yes he will be,” Sammy agreed. Sammy “the snake” Malini and Johnny “JoJo” Galioso had worked for Lucian Giaconi since they were in their teens. They had first worked for the old man, Lucian, Sr., and now they worked for his son, Lucian, Jr. They didn’t think that the son could possibly be more ruthless than the old man, but time had proven them wrong, very wrong.

Sammy and JoJo drove the short distance to the warehouse, parked their dark vehicle in the back, and then walked slowly to the door. Sammy tapped twice with his hand down at his side, the secret code, and the door opened. The security camera allowed Lucian’s son, Jeff, otherwise known as the Underboss, to see that it was them waiting outside. The doors opened, and the two men walked inside. The door closed and locked behind them.

“All done, Jeff.” “It was a success?” “Yes, success,” Sammy informed him. “No one says a word to Cheri. As far as anyone knows, Pierre got drunk and drove his car into the river.” The two men nodded, and then left the building.


Rick Mason had studied the intricacies of organized crime for years, and he knew very well how their cover-ups worked. The idea was to keep as many layers between the head of the family, the boss, and the actual crimes committed as they possibly could. Let the lowest layer do the dirty work, and it kept the focus off of the top. That way, the family’s business was not disturbed, and could continue uninterrupted.

Rick had also watched Jeff as he walked to his car after leaving the warehouse. He had gotten a good look at him and had also gotten an image of him with his digital equipment especially made for night imaging. “Well, that’s a start,” he said aloud.

He put his equipment away for the night, and studied the photo of Jeff Giaconi. “Hm, black hair, dark eyes, about 5’10”, 5’11”, nice build, well toned, very nice ass,” he thought. Jeff fit the description of the man that Rick dreamed of meeting someday.

Rick made a quick call to his boss describing what he had seen and sadly, what he hadn’t seen, and then went to bed.


Rick kept his eyes on the warehouse. He hadn’t seen Sammy or JoJo arrive yet. Rick waited all day for something to happen. Finally, when it was almost dark, he said aloud, “Okay, here’s my break.” He watched as Jeff Giaconi got into his car, alone, and pulled out of the parking lot. Rick had seen the old man leave a few hours ago. “Now’s my chance,” he said, and locked up his belongings and headed out to follow the youngest son of Lucian.

Rick had Jeff on his car’s specialized radar, and the signal indicated that he was heading toward the hotel. “Good, he’s coming straight to me,” he said. Rick remained in his car and continued to watch Jeff’s car on his radar. Then he watched as Jeff’s vehicle pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. “What is he doing here?” Rick began to feel nervous. He hoped they weren’t on to him. “They don’t own this place, do they? If they do, it’s bugged for sure.”

Rick drove quickly back to the hotel and mingled in the lobby. Jeff went into the restaurant of the hotel and was seated, alone. Rick watched as the waitress removed the extra place setting from Jeff’s table. “He’s alone tonight. That’s good.” Jeff’s back was to Rick, so as far as Jeff knew, Rick could have come in from outside the hotel just as he had.

Rick quickly went up to his room and changed into khaki pants and a polo shirt. He messed his hair a little so that it would appear as if he had come in from outside, and then splashed on some cologne. “There. I look like any other tourist.”

Rick walked into the restaurant and tried to appear lost, like a tourist might be. He walked up to Jeff, who was looking down at his menu. “Excuse me, sir?” Jeff looked up at Rick, and Rick almost melted. Jeff had the sweetest looking face Rick had ever seen. It looked pained somewhat, as if he were in anguish. But why wouldn’t he be? Rick wanted to hold him, kiss him, pet him, take him somewhere away from his family and never let him go. “Get a grip, Rick,” he told himself. “Yes?” Jeff said. “I think I’m lost,” lied Rick. “Oh, well, I’ve lived here all my life. Sit down. I can help you find anything.”


The entire city was packed with players and tourists, and they were all crowding onto the floating casinos. If Rick didn’t know who was really running the show down here in the Big Easy, he would have been impressed. To the untrained eye, this was an impressive sight. The drinks flowed freely, the money supply was never ending, and the hostesses were practically naked. The high rollers were easy to spot. “A little too obvious,” Rick thought. They wore the same black suits, the same dark glasses, and had the same bodyguards they had had at the funeral. Rick did notice that the various groups, or families, seemed to keep to themselves.


The shower felt good. Rick was not accustomed to the heat and humidity that held this city captive. He tilted his head up and let the water hit his face. He let the water push his hair back, and he closed his eyes as the water continued to hit his face. He was so relaxed now that he thought he could fall asleep standing up in the shower.

Suddenly and without warning, Rick felt his body being held and backed up to the back wall of the shower. His eyes flew open and he started to speak. “Wha…?” “Shh. Don’t talk. Just listen.”


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