The Menage Menagerie

The Menage Menagerie

J.L. Dillard

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How far will a wife go to please her husband? How far will a husband go to please his wife? How far is too far when a dangerous liaisons could lead to more than a simple no-strings-attached rendezvous?

Dana Rutherford is sexy, confident and beautiful, not to mention one of Atlanta’s very own real housewives. The sky is the limit when it comes to pleasing her husband and she has no set boundaries.

Jonathan Rutherford is handsome, brilliant and wants what most men desire, an intimate tryst with his wife and another woman.

Crystina Helmsley is stunningly attractive, intelligent with charismatic sex appeal and the star of every man’s fantasy, only she plays for the opposing team. Her dynamite smile opens the door for an evening of unadulterated pleasure.

At first glance, Dana is driven by fear when she meets Crystina and the idea of a ménage comes under close scrutiny and she doubts her decision to allow another woman in her bedroom. Only after her fears are laid to rest, does she fully commit to satisfying her husband’s erotic fantasy and giving him the ultimate ménage with the woman he has longed for secretly.

Is this a case of jealous wife meets potential lover? Not at all, and Dana soon finds she enjoys the evening more than she ever intended.

This title contains graphic and/or explicit language with m/f sex, f/f sex and anal sex.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
CATEGORIES: Multiple Partners, Contemporary, Erotica, Romantic Fiction

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EBOOKS BY J.L. Dillard

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“I don’t know where you got this pineapple from, but it’s really good.”

“Crystina brought the fruit bouquet,” Dana said and pushed away from the table. Slowly, she sauntered toward him immediately licking the dribbled juice from his chin and lips until it was all gone. Her actions seemed so natural and she knew her spontaneity confused him. Dana seized the moment, her tongue slipping through his parted lips to deepen their kiss. The kiss lingered as Jonathan’s hands slid down her back until they came to rest on her backside. He pulled her closer to him and she explored his mouth with fervor wildness. In a reflexive motion, she pushed him against the wall and lifted his shirt, her wet tongue teasing his nipples before she ravished him madly, sucking on one nipple while pinching the other with her fore and middle fingers. Her intent was to drive him mad, and his groans confirmed, she accomplished her feat.

“Dana … baby,” Jonathan groaned, gripping the wall. His legs grew limp, his knees buckling. He closed his eyes, his hands and fingers entwined in her hair. The more she touched him, the more aroused he became. He loved and hated she wore this dress tonight and gripped at her body, unable to reach the nipples he so wanted to claim. Suddenly, he lifted her from the floor and pressed her against the wall, kissing her deeply, his tongue twirling in her mouth, possessing every centimeter.

“I want you to fuck me,” Dana whispered. She opened her eyes and saw Crystina watching, perhaps enjoying the display unfolding in front of her. She licked her lips and beckoned for her to join them and she did. Crystina touched Jonathan’s back and he lowered his wife to the floor, allowing the women to become acquainted with one another. Dana stared into Crystina’s oval shaped eyes and slowly traced her lips with her fingertips before brushing against them softly.

Jonathan smiled, watching as they explored one another with hands, lips and tongues, their kisses sensual, passionate. He had never seen anything so beautiful, so erotic, his wife’s tongue being devoured by another woman. Astonished by the breathtaking image, he grabbed his throbbing dick and pushed against his wife’s ass. He pulled her into his chest, caressing her breasts while kissing her neck, leaving room for Crystina to continue her exploration.

“Jonathan,” Dana cried, feeling his dick press against her. She leaned back, inviting his tongue into her open mouth. While he kissed her, Crystina’s hand moved under her dress, sending ripples of sensation through her the minute she touched her bare skin. “Yes, touch me.”

Struggling for control, Jonathan pushed into his wife’s body and felt Crystina lift Dana into the air. He held his wife snugly under her thighs, while Crystina explored under her dress, her lips and tongue gliding up bare skin until she reached Dana’s ample breasts. Dana didn’t know to whom to turn, feeling as both drew maps of paradise on her body with their fingers and lips.

Crystina inched closer, Jonathan holding her fiery gaze. She leaned forward and he kissed her. It was sweet, gentle, and then without warning, she felt the tip of his tongue against hers as he plunged into her open mouth with urgency and hunger. He was a great kisser, sucking her tongue like a lollipop.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Dana proposed.


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