House of Van

House of Van

B.K. Wright

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CATEGORIES: Multiple Partners, BDSM, Contemporary, Erotica, ManLove
KEYWORDS: gay fiction, gay erotica, sexual, BDSM, multiple partners, anal sex, oral sex, voyeurism

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This was Toby’s first time at one of Van’s parties. He had begged Van to let him come, but Van had always told him that he wasn’t ready yet for one of his parties. Van knew that Toby had never been to a party like the ones he had but if he was so anxious to come, this would be the perfect time for his introduction.
The man giving the blowjob started talking to Toby while he continued to stroke the man’s cock which was now soaked by saliva. Toby could see the man’s cock that was huge compared to his own. “Want to watch? It’s a great way to relieve what you got there.” Toby was embarrassed that the man could see his hard cock in the darkness through his pants. “We’ll probably be here for quite awhile. You’ll like what you see.” Toby wasn’t shy really, but wasn’t used to seeing other guys’ cocks and didn’t really want Van’s friends to see his hard cock. The man returned to sucking the guy’s cock, but the guy getting the blowjob watched as Toby started to leave. “Hey, let me see what’s making your pants bulge so much. Pull your cock out and let me see it.” Toby let his cock out so the man could see. “Damn, that’s a nice cock you’ve got there, nice and hard too, I see.” Both men were now staring at Toby’s cock. Toby’s cock was solid stone now and he struggled to get it back inside his pants. The man giving the blowjob returned to his sucking, making slurping sounds as the man sitting on the stool leaned back and watched Toby fighting with his cock. The guy on the stool could see that Toby was having trouble. “Hey there, looks like you’ve got a hard problem. Need some help with it?” Toby almost ran out of the room but wasn’t fast enough. The man on the stool reached out and wrapped his hand around Toby’s cock and slowly stroked his fingers up and down. Toby was embarrassed. He had never had another man stroke his cock before and wanted to run out of the room. The man was not going to let him leave. “You’ve got a nice sized cock there, pal. Come a little closer so I can take care of you better.” He pulled Toby by his cock over to the stool. “That is a really nice cock,” the man said, as he stroked Toby’s cock. Toby couldn’t take his eyes off the man who was blowing the guy on the stool. “I’m Kevin,” said the man holding Toby’s cock. He pulled Toby’s cock to his mouth and squeezed Toby’s ass inside his jeans. Kevin took Toby’s cock into his mouth and Toby moaned as it slid down Kevin’s throat.
J pulled Toby to his feet and motioned for him to walk in front of him. He held tightly to Toby’s ass as he walked Toby up the stairs. “Is my room ready?” J asked this of Van as Van was entering a room with the young blonde guy. “Yes,” Van said. J led Toby to the end of the hall and around the corner. They entered what looked like a room but when J opened the door, it was dark and damp and appeared to be a cave. “Mm, mm, I have me a hot cock tonight,” J said as he stroked Toby’s cock. Toby wished he wasn’t aroused by the man’s roughness, but he was. J walked in front of Toby and pulled him into this cave-like dwelling. It even felt like a cave to Toby. It was damp and dark and felt squishy to Toby’s feet. The only thing he could see of the man was his eyes. J took off his clothes and pushed Toby down to the ground. “This is nice, isn’t it?” J pulled Toby to him until he was sitting in his lap. “Now bring that juicy fresh meat to J,” he said, as he took Toby’s cock into his mouth, roughly this time, sucking it with urgency.
The newcomers were told to stay where they were while the regulars went with Van into another room. They drew cards, but they were not ordinary cards. Van had marked the cards so that he would draw a rose, and hoped that J did not notice. He had a score to settle with J. J owed him big for stealing his best men, and tonight was payback time. He was not going to get what he usually got, to fuck a virgin. Van knew that the blonde he had been talking to was not a virgin and that the only newcomer who was a virgin was Toby, and Van had wanted Toby for too long to let Big J be his first. Van treated his newbies right and showed them how to please men so that his customers would be treated well when they came to Van’s. The men drew their cards, and so far Van’s plan had worked. Van drew a rose. He watched as the others drew their cards. Van watched as J drew a card with lips. When J saw Van’s card, he was not pleased. He knew that Van wanted Toby, but so did he. He loved the feel of a virgin ass and it had been while. He was due.


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