Gentlemen’s Bride

Gentlemen’s Bride

Carol McKenzie

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 Raddigan and Ben who have a hot relationship going, consider getting a mail order bride to live with them on the sprawling ranch. If each man had a woman wouldn’t the two women fight? One woman would aid their need for the womanly part of sex.


        Nellie Bingham, a mail order bride, rides in on the train from Boston and attracts the men.  She has fled the east coast, fearing none other than the evil Culley Wheelin.


Culley seeks revenge because of the gambling debt and also because she shot him in the foot one time. She's soon saved from danger and taken in by Raddigan and Ben at the ranch. The three-way relationship heats up after she begins working for them. The two cowboys court her. Will Culley Wheelin break up their lover’s triangle by kidnapping her or by doing something incomprehensible?  Or will Raddigan and Ben save her from this evil man?

PUBLISHED BY: loveyoudivine Alterotica
ISBN: 978-1-60054-134-6
CATEGORIES: Multiple Partners, Erotica, Western/Cowboys, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: menage, m/m/f

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COPYRIGHT Carol McKenzie/2007


“It's not my place to ask.” Ben scratched his nose with the sleeve of his blue shirt. “It gets a might lonely way out here in the middle of God's country and I thought...well...” A thoughtful pause followed. “Forget that I asked.”

A second hesitation followed, and he said, “Maggie was a virgin when we met and still was untouched when I rode out of town. I was twenty-one at the time. I didn't want no fight with her ma and pa. They hated my guts.”

Ben nodded and his mouth dropped open. “What’d she look like?” He picked up a match stick, put it between his lips and rolled it, listening.

“There’s no other words to describe her, now that I look back, except beautiful.” He got up, crossed the dirt floor and stopped at the hearth. He picked up a tin box, opened the lid and drew out a cabinet card picture. He brought it back to the table and showed it to Ben. “Here she is.”

Ben took the picture and nodded. “Nice.”

“This picture here doesn't show her face real clear, but her eyes, oh God, they shined like sapphires in the sunshine. I've kept this likeness of her with me all these years. Her lips curved soft and full, like she was about to kiss you.” He held his hands at his chest. “She had beautiful, large breasts that could make a man hot in bed. I didn’t see her naked or nothin,’ but still I cared about her.”

“Why the hell didn't you marry her?”

“I guess I had the same problem you had at one time...wanderlust, I think they call it.” A few seconds passed. “What I wouldn't give for a good woman right now.”

“Me too.”

He straightened and winced again. “This damned back. I turned the wrong way or something.” He took the picture back to the tin and put the top in it.

Ben removed the match stick from his lips and said, “You need a rub down like a doctor gives.”

“You think so?” He nodded as though he liked the idea. “It sounds good.”

He imagined Ben's hands rubbing the bulge at the apex of his thighs, fingering his balls. He visualized and experienced the resulting arousal he'd experience. Fluttering sensations moved through him and he felt his balls tightening.

Raddigan cleared his throat. “Sure.”

He admired Raddigan’s dark head of hair, high cheekbones and aristocratic line of his jaw and nose. He liked his taut ass and hard chest and longed to run his hands over his body. What would it be like to lean forward and brush his lips with his own?

“This damned back aches like hell. I picked up a pile of logs wrong or something. It hurts in the upper part and a little in my lower back, right here,” he said and pointed to an area near his kidneys.

The table seemed too small and uncomfortable to lie down on. “Maybe I should do it on the bed?” He tossed the matchstick into the kindling wood near the hearth.

“That sounds good.”

Ben carried the lamp to the bedside table and put it on the dark stained wood top while Raddigan stood beside it. It seemed evident that his back pained him more than a little. Wanting to give him relief, Ben said, “Here, let me get you out of this.”

Vowing to take good care of him, he unbuttoned Raddigan's shirt and undershirt and cast them aside. His eyes momentarily stayed on his chest and a few sprigs of dark chest hair on his breast bone area. “And these.” He took his trousers and underwear down his strong hair-dappled legs. He stood before Ben nude, his cock semi-hard. “Lay down,” he said, trying to not gaze upon his state. His thickened member rose high to under his navel and beckoned Ben in an obscene way.

It seemed Raddigan noticed his embarrassment. “Don't pay any attention to my arousal. It gets hard at the slightest mention of something sexual. Actually, anything can make it do this. A touch even. Maybe sometimes even the wind causes it. It gets hard especially because we're way out here all winter with no relief in sight.”

Ben jerked his gaze off his crotch, wondering if Raddigan considered a back rub a sexual action. “I'm not paying attention. Mine gets that way. In fact, it's hard now, too.”

Raddigan slowly got down onto his front side and let out achy moan after his head sunk in the pillow.

Ben saw his partner’s strong back and buttocks and felt the hot, swelling in his groin. His own muscles weakened. “Just relax,” he said, not knowing what he'd do next. He needed to apply heat to his back. “Just a second.” He looked around cabin, developing a plan to ease his pain. The liquor bottle stood on the table, washed dishes occupied the cupboard and two shirts hung on a wooden peg.

Tense, he warmed some towels on the hearth while he undressed. Soon, holding the hot towels, he climbed onto the bed. His knees depressed the feather mattress beside Raddigan. He put the warm towels on his back. “Is this where it hurts?”

“Yeah.” Raddigan's voice was quiet. “Rub it there now. Ahh yes.”

He closed his eyes for a moment so he could better manage his lust. “Okay.” Body and needs, don't betray me now. “I'll take care of ya.”


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