Cunning Little Vixens

Cunning Little Vixens

Giselle Renarde

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No men in the closet. No men under the beds. It’s lights-out time for Mrs. Edstrom’s daughter Enid, and two lodgers, Suzette and Zofia. But the joke’s on the landlady: the cunning little vixens have a strapping young lad hanging for dear life to the trellis outside their window. The very second their over-protective matron locks the bedroom door, it will be time to hoist him in and have their wicked ways with him. But who can be certain whether Mrs. Edstrom’s is a house for silly schoolgirls or serial killers?

Flighty, funny, and just a little frightening, if Gilbert and Sullivan had written an operetta containing group sex and homicidal overtones, it would be Cunning Little Vixens.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
CATEGORIES: Multiple Partners, Contemporary, Erotica

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EBOOKS BY Giselle Renarde

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“I think you’ve killed him,” Suzette accused.

“Not another one!” moaned Zofia.

“You get the hacksaw, I’ll get the lye,” Enid sighed.

Marvin’s eyes nearly burst from their sockets as he met Suzette’s mocking gaze straight on. She couldn’t help but smile. He was rather adorable, this one. “Don’t tell me you three have skeletons in your closet.”

“Of course not,” Enid taunted. “We bury them in the back garden like any good serial killer.”

“I hardly know what to believe,” the exhausted boy said to Suzette.

“They are a convincing pair,” she agreed.

“Enough chin-wagging with the Virgo,” intruded Enid. “You won’t get anywhere with that silly otter. Anyway, I could put your mouth to much better use.”

A fleeting glance for Suzette, Marvin rolled onto his back with a wide smile for the girls in white nightgowns. At the foot of the beds stood Zofia, arms raised high above her head as Enid reached down to grab her nightclothes by the hem. Rounding up the gossamer fabric, she raised Zofia’s skirt to reveal golden calves, shapely thighs, the rolling hillsides of her bum. The naked body was not an uncommon sight in this bedroom, but the spectacle of one beautiful girl undressing another was sometimes more than Suzette could bear. But, try as she might, she couldn’t pry her eyes from the heavenly vision.

“Shall I continue?” Enid asked, all innocence, having halted the undressing process halfway.

“Yes!” cried everyone in the room.

Revealing a masterpiece under wraps, Enid pulled the white fabric up and over Zofia’s head, sending dark curls cascading down her back, bouncing off her shoulders and teasing the outer limits of her jubilant breasts. Suzette never tired of that body of curves and flesh, though Enid’s trim figure competed for attention. The multitude of freckles and plaited flaxen hair gave the landlady’s daughter the air of an ingénue, but they all knew better.

Enid stood at Marvin’s feet like a fairy as Zofia remained behind, removing that shroud of nightdress to reveal pale and freckled skin. Everything about Enid was pixie-small, save her charm. Such a large personality inside that little body, a huge heart behind those petite breasts. All in all, Enid wasn’t a bad person to be locked in a bedroom with. It certainly made for exciting nightly entertainment.


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