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Acquiring Senni

Acquiring Senni

Arden Hill

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The planet’s population has grow the include K10s, a human K9 hybrid species whose members possess, to varying strengths, the ability to shape shift. K10s are persecuted by sexual perverts and protected by special agents who crack open the sex houses to rescue and rehabilitate their fellow K10s. In, “Acquiring Senni,” two K10 agents, the talented Crai and his aggressive female partner and sometimes lover, Ro, are given a human captive to interrogate. The prisoner is found innocent of any crimes against K10s, but confesses his desire to be dominated and trained like a sex house captive. Crai and Ro, decide to include a new element to their own intense sexual relationship and together dish out plenty of pain for Senni to take. Kinks are delved into, desires are satiated, Senni gets the dynamic he most longs for, and the shape-shifting agents most definitely get Senni.

PUBLISHED BY: loveyoudivine Alterotica
ISBN: 978-1-60054-306-7
CATEGORIES: Multiple Partners, Erotica, Shape-shifter, Science Fiction, Vampires / Werewolves, BDSM
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 “I’m sorry,” Senni says as soon as he is pushed through the door by the agent who Crai sees now is Ro, his sometimes lover when things on their unit get dull, which is to say not as often as Crai would like. Ro’s hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail. Not her best hairstyle, Crai thinks, though it does accentuate her strong neck. He brings his attention back to the task at hand before he delves too deeply into a memory of Ro on top of him, her hair loose and glistening as she brushes it against his skin following the red marks her clawing left on his chest.

“Sorry,” Crai repeats, then questions, “so you know why you are here?”

“They’re always sorry boss,” huffs Ro, “they just don’t confess that what they are sorry for is being caught.”

“I’m glad that I got caught,” Senni asserts.

Ro’s jaw drops so far open that Senni would have been able to see her sharp back teeth had he known to look. Crai is as good at hiding his surprise as he is at hiding his lust. Maybe it is the startling contrast between Senni’s braided dyed white hair and bronzed skin, but Crai finds himself staring. At first, he tells himself he is just interested in deciphering the blue tattoos on Senni’s chest but soon realizes he is focusing far more on the lean muscles under those tattoos. When he catches himself checking out Senni’s package, Crai allows himself to admit that the chained man turns him on. He hadn’t expected that as it’s been so long since he found a man attractive. Between Ro and the spiky haired woman before her, Crai almost thought he’d turned straight.    

“Don’t lie,” Ro barks as she pushes Senni onto his knees.

“Careful agent,” Crai chides, “we want to hear his story. Why don’t you seat him over there so we can talk?”

Ro jerks up on the leash attached to a metal collar around Senni’s neck and pulls Senni onto his feet. “You don’t deserve to walk upright,” Ro spits in his ear. Crai watches the rough intimacy between agent and prisoner and wonders if Ro wants to fuck Senni. He knows his own desire for them both and his cock twitches, hidden under the leather of his uniform. Ro pushes Senni onto a metal chair and backs off letting Crai approach the trembling man. 

“I’m ready to be punished,” Senni says.


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