Wild Lickins

Wild Lickins

Amber Skyze

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Sam has secretly loved Ethan for as long as he could remember but Ethan can’t see beyond his love for their jointly owned ice cream shop—Wild Lickins. To escape his unrequited desire, Sam takes off for an overdue vacation. Coral Reef, an all male resort, promises a week of sex, sun and relaxation. It’s the perfect combination to help Sam clear his mind. What it doesn’t prepare Sam for is Jim.

Can a stranger help Sam forget about his feelings for Ethan? Or is there more to the distraction than meets the eye?

PUBLISHED BY: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-277-2
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Multiple Partners, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: gay romance, GBLT, ice cream shop, contemporary,

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EBOOKS BY Amber Skyze

COPYRIGHT Amber Skyze/2010

They rode for a good half hour before coming to a stop near an open expanse of land. From this view, they could see down over the resort. The white sands, the rolling waves, the dazzling colors-it was all spectacular. After they dismounted, Jim wrapped an arm around Sam’s shoulders.

"Incredible isn’t it?"

"It is. I’m in awe."

"I love it up here. Not that I don’t love it down there, because what’s not to love? But up here, we’re really alone. The only sounds are some exotic birds in the distance and maybe an animal or two rustling in the bushes. Aside from that it’s relatively quiet."

Sam agreed. He hadn’t heard any sounds other than their horses. A butterfly fluttered in front of them.

"Come on. I want to show you something."Sam allowed Jim to take his hand and lead him off the beaten path. They left the horses behind secured to a tree.

"Where are we going?"Sam asked curiously. The thick brush scraped at his legs as Jim dragged him further from the trail.

"Not far. You’re going to love it! I swear."

Jim’s enthusiasm was hard to ignore. Sam didn’t believe he’d lead him astray. Whatever it was, Jim definitely loved the idea of sharing it with him. They walked out of the dense brush and into an open area. Sam did a double take when he saw the waterfall. The water cascaded a hundred feet into a freshwater pool.

"Wow! Is it safe to swim?"Sam didn’t wait for a response. He shed his clothes, ready to jump in and explore this wonderful discovery.

"I don’t think it matters if I say no. You’re ready to go."Jim laughed, pointing to Sam’s naked body.

"First one in is a…"Sam dove into the water. He came up refreshed and splashed cool water at Jim. "It’s not as warm as the ocean, but it feels good after being in the hot sun. Come on! What are you waiting for?"

Jim shucked off his clothes and did a cannonball into the water. "Oooh, it is a bit colder."He swam over to Sam. "Maybe you can warm me up?"

Sam’s dick rose at the thought of fucking him. He’d like another go at that tight ass. He also wouldn’t mind feeling Jim’s warm mouth wrapped around his cock again, expertly working magic with that tongue. Oh, this vacation was worth every dime he spent! His only regret was that Ethan wasn’t sharing this breathtaking view with him, instead of Jim.

"Do I need to distract you again?"Jim asked, rubbing his penis.


"Your thoughts are on your friend back home. You’re missing him again."

"Yes,"Sam confessed. "How could you tell?"

"Your eyes. They get this faraway look, one that says you can’t hear a word I’m saying."



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