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Young, naïve and enticing, Kevin is driven by curiosity in alternate lifestyles and finds himself smitten by hunky Doug—and more, is willing to be taken by him. But what Kevin doesn’t know is Doug has only seduced Kevin to provide a virgin for the satanic “rejuvenation” ritual of a coven mastered by the rich and hugely endowed Donatien.

Still driven by his attraction to Doug, Kevin schemes time and again, in a spiraling vortex down toward despair, to pull Doug from the clutches of the coven and to escape Donatien’s obsession with possessing him. Will both Kevin and Doug be sucked into hell on earth, or will they eventually find a way out of the whirlpool together?

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CATEGORIES: ManLove, BDSM, Contemporary, Erotica

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Don was turned to me now and had managed to get me to make eye contact with him, and I was lost in those violet eyes. As he murmured reassuring flattery to me, his hand went to my basket and traced my lengthening and thickening cock through the thin fabric of my pants and briefs.

I could feel Doug trembling beside me and wondered wildly why he wasn’t doing anything. I could tell that he wanted me by the way his pants were tenting at his crotch. I moved my hand toward his basket, but he quickly grabbed it with his hand and held my hand immobile between us. My other arm was trapped behind Don’s back. Between them, they had me pinned to this spot.

Don’s hand snaked up under my shirt tail, and he tested and prodded my belly, abs, and pecs and squeezed my nipples gently. I began to breathe heavily and tried, in vain, to writhe away from his searching fingers. His hand slid down across my belly and continued under the waistband of my pants and found my dick and balls. Meanwhile, his other hand had slipped behind me and down my spine, and a long finger was snaking its way down below my waistband, between the crack of my butt cheeks, and rested very near to my asshole. I shuddered and gave a little moan.

He broke eye contact and his lips went to the side of my neck, where my carotid artery was pumping blood through my body at a rapid rate. I felt sharp teeth scrape against my vein, but he hesitated there just a few seconds. He gave me a sucky kiss there and then lifted his head and made eye contact with me again.

Staring deeply into my eyes, he started quizzing me in a low voice, just as Doug inexplicably had done a week before. Was I virgin to the touch of men? Never been touched by another man or touched another man before just now, let alone been kissed anywhere on the body, sucked off or given suck, or fucked? Was I quite sure?

My halting and bewildered answers seemed to satisfy him, and suddenly he had pulled his hands away from me and was reaching for the drink he had put on the floor next to the sofa before he sat down. He took a long swig from the drink, and then, turning to me, he held my face between his hands and forced my lips open with his and went into a long, deep kiss. His violet eyes held mine enthralled, as his tongue pushed deeper into my mouth.

But it wasn’t just his tongue. He had transferred a couple of capsules to my mouth with his, and he was forcing them down my throat with his tongue. I gagged, but I swallowed them. There was nothing else I could do. They immediately started to have an effect on me. I was blacking out, as I had the sensation of both Don and Doug rising from the sofa and Doug hauling me over his shoulder like I was a sack of seed.


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