Vampiric Desire

Vampiric Desire

Sarah Masters

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Cole, a vampire, has travelled through the years to escape his guilt that he turned his best friend—and to escape that friend, who insists on following him and killing innocent people in an attempt to draw Cole out of hiding. Cole’s detective lover, Lawrence, is on a case in search of a serial killer, knowing who he is but unable to find him. Cole stays locked in Lawrence’s basement for his own safety, but things are about to change…

The killer ups his game, and to be able to live without fear, Cole makes a dangerous decision, hoping he can defeat the killer before the killer defeats him.

PUBLISHED BY: loveyoudivine Alterotica
ISBN: 978-1-60054-433-0
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Mystery/Suspense, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Vampires / Werewolves
KEYWORDS: loveyoudivine, loveyoudivine alterorica, his and his kisses, Sarah Masters, m/m, gay, vampire, paranormal, erotic, action, revenge, cop, police, love

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“Ah…Cole,” he whispers, his voice hoarse, the sound giving permission for butterflies to take flight in my belly. “Love you so much…”

His hands trace my nape, moving over my shoulders to my chin, and he puts pressure there, lifting my face so the suction on his cock disappears. I release him, look up, our gazes meeting, my mouth feeling hollow. He cups my cheeks and kneels before me, rests his forehead against mine. His minty breath fans my face, and he closes his eyes, crushing my cheek to his chest. Lawrence’s heartbeat pounds in my ear, a quick throb I could drown in, a sound I wish I could hear always when he is away. I embrace him, and him me, our hands smoothing one another’s backs, a pause to reflect, him telling me in his unique way that today has been difficult, that he is glad to be home. With me.
He raises my chin again, presses his lips to mine, and all the hours of waiting and thinking disappear, swirling away as though he has never been gone. Our tongues and hands explore, breaths quickening, tiny whimpers catching in my throat, tears stinging my eyes. This all-encompassing love we share amazes me, and I want to climb inside him, be with him forever, become one with him, our souls merging.

Lawrence breaks the kiss—I’m left wanting, needing—then he gently presses me to the bed. The chain tinkles, and this time I welcome the manacle burning my wrist, its presence evidence of our ranking. I lie along the length of the bed, and he stands, stares down at me, his gaze taking in my wiry frame, my sinewy legs. He breathes deeply and exhales with eyes closed then opens them, fixing his stare on my face. Millions of invisible words clutter the air between us, words we can’t express—the words we need are stronger, more heartfelt that any in existence. My throat swells, and I want to tell him…tell him he is my life, that I am nothing without him, but I remain silent. Silent until he commands that I speak. Pliant until he commands that I move. At his mercy for the rest of his life.


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