Understanding the Past

Understanding the Past

T.A. Chase

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Heinrich and Mason have been building a fragile relationship for the past six months, ever since Heinrich saved Mason from being killed by a mob of humans.

Mason is learning how to trust Heinrich, but knowing that it was Heinrich’s father who created him and all of the other shifters causes moments of doubt for Mason. He struggles to open his heart and soul to Heinrich.

Heinrich thinks Mason was created just for him. His pain and weakness lessens the more time he spends with the snow leopard shifter, but he also understands that he can not hold Mason to him. Mason must choose to stay for their love to grow.

The past has a way of surprising people. Heinrich and Mason aren’t ready for the past to appear, but they must find a way to understand it before they can accept their combined future.

PUBLISHED BY: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-295-6
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Mystery/Suspense, Paranormal
KEYWORDS: shapeshifter, manlove, m/m

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"Do we have to let him stay here?" Heinrich didn’t want to see Paul anymore. The man would be a constant reminder of how foolish Heinrich had been. Believing the guard was his friend and being blind-sided by the harsh reality hurt him.

Both Mason and Zev nodded. The current building in him because of the stress eased as Mason gripped his hand.

"I’m afraid we do. Something tells me if we don’t let him stay, his fellow Marshals will come in and take you, whether we want them to or not." Zev reached out and squeezed his shoulder. "Mason won’t leave your side. We aren’t going to let them, or your father, take you."

He shoved his free hand through his hair and sighed. "Maybe it would be better if I let Paul take me somewhere else."

Mason growled and Zev was shaking his head before Heinrich even finished his sentence.

"No! We aren’t letting them separate us." Mason tugged Heinrich tight to his side. "I don’t trust the Marshals any further than I can throw any of them. They see shifters as unnatural creations. The minute you leave here, they would move in and wipe out the people seeking refuge here."

Heinrich looked up into Mason’s eyes, seeing all of the feline shifter’s anger, fear, and some emotion that Heinrich didn’t dare call love. It was too soon to love each other, especially with the past looming over them, threatening everything.

"I think at the moment, they’re more interested in using me as bait to grab Von Mertz. Zev, you could lead the others out into the hills. Remember the caves are up there and we readied them several months ago. Once the others have left, I’ll convince Paul it’s better for me to be somewhere else. Von Mertz isn’t going to come for me here. It’s too isolated. He’d stick out in Haven like a sore thumb. As much as the townspeople fear me, they would let me know if a stranger sounds up."

"You’re the heart of this ranch. You are the reason those people have come here. If you leave, they’ll think you abandoned them, like so many others have in their lives." Mason smoothed his hand over Heinrich’s hip.

Sighing, Heinrich leaned against him for a moment. "Okay. I’ll do things your way for awhile, but when it looks like they’ll be safer without me, then I’m leaving and neither of you can stop me."

"When did you become so fierce?" Mason eyed him with surprise.

"The doctor has always been protective of those who live on the ranch." Zev held out his hand. "If it comes to that, I’ll pack your bags for you."

"I’ll be going with you, no matter where they take you." Mason buried his face in Heinrich’s hair. "You’re not getting away from me that easily."

"I wouldn’t dream of it." He inched back and reached up to cradle Mason’s cheek in his hand.

Their soft kiss held promise and determination. Their relationship might still be fragile and unsure, but they were dedicated to keep building on what foundation they had.


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