Nix Winter

Immortal Fire

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 There are three main characters, it's a love triangle, where they could all end up in a trio.  They are Captain Faith Denen, Yee the Leche, Nathaniel Lath Rizen Vin Rayn, Duke of the Emerald Coast, Lord of Trimern, Crown Prince of Elestrian.  The world is a far future world, where landfall was made on a distant planet and technology not retained... so that the people are living much closer to the level of Europe in the 1700's.  The culture is split between High Town and Low Town.  Nathaniel is the heir to the throne. Faith is the captain of a merchant ship with a disreputable family history.  In Timeless, Faith and Nathaniel are trying to escape the palace and Faith comes into possession of some very ancient magic that will make him the ultimate protector of his prince.  It'll make him immortal, but every immortal life starts somewhere.


PUBLISHED BY: loveyoudivine Alterotica
ISBN: 978-1-60054-401-9
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Science Fiction
KEYWORDS: yaoi, fantasy, steampunk, gay, trio, menage, political Intrigue, love, romance, sex, paranormal, m/m, elf, passion, sailing ship, goddess, immortal, nix w

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 Dreams don't come out of nothing. Fine dark honey brown hair fanned across his face. Cream colored sheet drapped across his chest, and he stretched across his bed, as relaxed and uncomplicated as pooling moonlight. He rolled, shimmering cloth slipping over his hip, pooling behind him. Moonlight took over the silk's role, caressing pale skin, slender body. A bookish prince, charismatic as a shadow in the day light, in the night, in his dreams, he was something more.

 Black marble columns, moonlight, and he ran down the hall, long linen shirt tails fluttering behind him, curling around him as he spun. Eyes searched for his pursuer, for the darkness that left just a very slight noir fog at the base of the columns. The evil was nothing more than shadow, a whisper that he couldn't identify.


Strong arms went around him. Warmth came through the thin linen, hard body against his back, comfort around his body. Nathaniel closed his eyes and took a deep breath. With his eyes closed, the man holding him was easy to visualize. Tall, blond, powerful arms, vivid green eyes, and Nathaniel wanted to turn, to look at the man who appeared in his dreams all the time, but he knew if it did the man would disappear. “When will I find you,” Nathaniel asked. “Will I know you when I find you?”


The man leaned against him, a hand running up his belly, under the sheer linen night shirt. “I need you, my Prince. I am empty without you.”


Very sudden, without preamble or excuse, he imagined himself deep inside the other man, penetrating. The blond was under him, arching back against him, offering himself. Mounting the power of the other man, hearing the moans as he moved within him. “I need you! Where are you?”


He wasn't sure when he opened his eyes. The blink that followed felt just as surprising. The blond gone, in his place was a beauty with violet eyes, long swirling black hair. Nathaniel shivered, trembling in the arms of this more familiar man. Ears rose to points amid dark swirls of black silk. “Yee.”


“Nathaniel,” the foreign prince whispered. “Your dreams interest me, but you need wake up now, my love. We cannot fail in our plans.”


Nathaniel woke, eyes snapping open as he sat up. Panting, he fisted his sheets, trying to force calm. There would be peace. The war had to end. No matter what he had to do.



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