The Stardust Diaries 2006

The Stardust Diaries 2006

Tarn Swan

extracts from my life with Stardust Twinkles

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Funny, sweet, romantic, thought provoking and endearing… a glimpse into the life of a most unusual couple and their alternative lifestyle. Tarn tells his tales with warmth and humour

PUBLISHED BY: Elizabeth Black
ISBN: 9781445710655
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy, Chick Lit/Hen Lit, Erotica, BDSM
KEYWORDS: M/M. diary, memoirs, domestic discipline, gay romance, spanking, discipline, alternative lifestyle, drag queen, glbt, transgender, transvestite, love,

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5th January 2006: Jezebel

There was a horrible moment last night when it seemed that Twinkles had forsaken me for another. I woke up at half past one to discover I was alone in bed. Moreover, I could hear the faint sound of moaning coming from the vicinity of Lulu's room. Padding across the bedroom floor I opened our door and listened carefully. I knew that moan. It was Twinkles ecstasy moan. Something was giving him extreme pleasure and it sure as hell wasn't me. Pulling on my bathrobe I moved across the landing to Lulu's door, my heart pounding. Surely he wouldn't, he couldn't, not my Twinkles, not with Lulu?
My heart thudded faster still, as I heard Twinks murmur, 'oh God, oh God, Lu, that is so good. Don’t stop, please don't stop, yes, yes, that's gorgeous, shove it in further, darling. Don’t be afraid to be rough.' It was more than flesh and blood could stand and I flung open the door to confront them. They both shrieked with fright and Twinkles shot off the bed so fast he almost overbalanced. He had guilt written all over his face. I took stock of the situation in a flash and demanded to know how long it had been going on under my nose?
They both blushed with shame and admitted it had happened two or three times in recent days when Twinkles had awoken with an urgent need that he hadn't been able to satisfactorily attend to on his own account. He knew that I would callously refuse to attend to it for him.
Lulu pulled the duvet up to his nose and quailed as I told him that if I ever caught him poking anything into Twinkles again I would skin him alive. Then I marched my errant lover back to our room and extracted the implement that Lulu had been pleasuring him with from the top of his plaster cast. Swatting him smartly on the head with it I told him to get back into bed and stay in it or I would demonstrate my displeasure in terms guaranteed to cause him discomfort.
At least the mystery of what had happened to Dominic's bottle cleaning brush after our last babysitting stint was solved. Twinks had naughtily nicked it. It was the perfect instrument for poking into awkward confined places like arm casts to get at otherwise inaccessible itches. We've had a few words about him trying to poke things under his cast to have a sly scratch. It’s a forbidden practice, the risk being that the skin will get broken and infect under the plaster. The hospital fracture care leaflet recommended blowing air from a hairdryer set on cool into the cast to relieve itching. I could appreciate this wasn't as satisfying as having a really good nails to skin scratch, but it was the best that could be offered along with an antihistamine tablet. I took his mind off his itchy arm and relaxed him by pleasuring him in an altogether different way, just so he was clear that there would never be any need to seek anyone else's help but mine in that department…and I didn't need a bottlebrush to do it.
Given the time of year, I'd been expecting the screams of horror to come at some point. Even so, when they finally came this morning, I still almost vacated my skin and ended up snorting most of my cup of breakfast tea down my nose. Twinks always manages to choose the most inopportune times to express his anguish and I'm usually a casualty. I braced myself as his mules galloped him swiftly downstairs and into the kitchen where he dramatically proclaimed that it was even worse than he thought it would be. He’d put on four pounds. FOUR POUNDS! That was heading for half a stone. It was the most he'd ever put on over Christmas. How could I do it to him, how could I allow him to gorge on chocolate and not stop him, what kind of wicked Top was I? I wanted him fat that was it. I wanted someone who was too fat to do anything but sit quietly in front of the telly of an evening.
While he played out his histrionics I made some fresh tea and then told him that some of the extra weight was probably due to his arm cast, which cheered him up. He hadn't taken that into consideration. Lulu chose that moment to walk into the kitchen and tell Twinks that he didn't think the cast could weigh more than a few ounces, as it was fibreglass. He then told Twinks that he was looking a little bit thicker around the waist. In fact he had the start of a fine pair of love handles. Lulu eats even more rubbish than Twinks, but never puts on an ounce. He’s as lean as a bobby bean, which naturally made his remark all the more galling.
Twinkles took revenge by retorting that while he might be a little thicker around the waist at least his hair wasn't looking a whole lot THINNER on top, unlike some he could mention. The catty comment sent Lulu running for the nearest mirror to inspect his head. Lulu's dad is almost bald and poor Lulu has a dread of going the same way. I glared disapproval at Twinkles. He merely grinned and poured himself a mug of tea. Honestly, he and Lu are horrible to each other at times.
As a result of Twinkles' festive excesses and its effect on his figure we are now on a diet. He wanted me to stock up on Heinz weight watcher's frozen meals and tins of soups, but I refused. For one thing they cost a fortune, for another they taste horrible and for a third they contain more calories than ordinary sensible food and they're full of additives. Teddy, I was told, once lost over half a stone by eating nothing but Heinz WW ready meals for a fortnight. I told Twinks that I didn't care, we were not adding to Heinz’s share of the dieters market.


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