The Reporter

The Reporter

Sarah Masters

The Unusual

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News crews descend on the town, and one reporter befriends Lee for inside information. Another corpse is discovered, and Lee wonders what ‘gift’ he’ll receive next from the warped killer. He turns to his friend, Nathan, for support, and their relationship blossoms. However, the killer isn’t happy, and one person has trampled on his last nerve… 

PUBLISHED BY: loveyoudivine Alterotica
ISBN: 978-1-60054-468-2
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Erotica, Vampires / Werewolves, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal
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 Nathan scooted along the sofa and settled himself closer to Lee. He ran the backs of his fingers down his cheek. Lee held his breath, and a tremor raced through him.

“You fancy me, eh? Well that’s just…” Leaning forward, Nathan brushed his lips against Lee’s, his tongue darting out and touching his bottom lip.

Lee resisted the urge to kiss him and sat still, relishing the feelings he inspired in him. His cock throbbed, and his heart rate picked up. The kiss deepened, Nathan’s tongue searching his mouth. Lee relaxed, allowing him to taste and tease his mouth, finishing with butterfly kisses. Nathan pulled back and looked at him, his index finger trailing a path on the exposed skin of his chest. His glass empty, Lee placed it on the side table. Nathan watched his every move, hunger burning in his gaze. It would only take one movement from Lee, one affirmation that Nathan wanted him, and they would be joined in frantic touches, their hot breaths colliding, their bodies merging. The thought of it sent a thrill skewering through Lee; he wanted him so badly he throbbed harder. The urge to have Nathan fill him grew into a need. Neither his ex nor Danny had made him feel like this. If just a kiss inspired these emotions, this rhythmic pulsing in his cock, what would it be like if they went further?

“Lee, if we do this, I’d want you as mine. You know that, right?”

Nathan looked incredibly vulnerable, nothing like the manly Adonis Lee saw him as each day. At that moment, he resembled a young man on his first sexual adventure, unsure of what to do. Perhaps he still had the burden of sour relationships burning in the rubble of his past. Starting a new one might be as big a step for him as it would be for Lee.

“Yep, I know that. Do you think we’d…do you think we stand a chance? I mean, I don’t want the same thing happening like it did with Mar—”

Nathan slipped his hand beneath the opening of Lee’s gown and lightly smoothed his fingers over the skin. Lee lost the will to speak and gasped as Nathan’s thumb caressed the hard nub of his nipple. Their gazes locked, desire leaping between them. Lee took a deep breath and bit his lower lip. Placing his hand on Nathan’s T-shirt, feeling the beat of his heart, he leaned forward and brushed his lips against his once more, his tongue darting briefly.


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