The Master Series Book 5: Devil’s Revelation

The Master Series Book 5: Devil’s Revelation

Sarah Masters

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With the death of Julian’s father weighing heavy on his mind, Vincent vows to sift through his feelings and force himself to live a guilt-free life. An invitation to Lord Drover’s ball unsettles Vincent, but he attends with Julian, realizing one of Julian’s well-kept secrets.

The Christmas season is well under way, and the two spend it with those who they see as their family—Gordy, the captain of Le Frai De Demon, and his wife and brood. Their guests give them a very special gift and, at last, Vincent sheds the past and looks forward to a brighter future.

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ISBN: 978-1-60054-425-5
CATEGORIES: ManLove, BDSM, Historical
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Snow crunched under their boots, and the tree grew heavy. Vincent hefted it into a more comfortable position. “I wish I could be more like you, but I cannot.”

“Have you tried?”

They stepped out into the garden. A bird swooped low and disappeared into a hedge beside the house. One of the mares snickered in the stable over the way, reminding Vincent of Jacobs employing someone to slaughter his other two horses. Hardness gripped his heart, and he narrowed his eyes.

“Yes. I just did, and I rather think Jacobs’ death will no longer be on my mind.” Beside the back door now, he lowered the pine and rested it against the house. “But your father’s is.” He paused and stared at the slush on the path, made so earlier by his boots and snow melting and dripping from the eaves. “Though I do not suspect it bothers you.”

Julian turned the door handle and kicked his boots against the doorstep. Inside, he took them off and placed them beside the door. Shirking off his coat, he hung it over the back of a chair and pulled off his gloves, placing them on the hearth. He sat at the table, both legs resting on another chair.

“Are you staying out there?” he asked, his lips forming a wry grin.

Vincent walked inside and removed his winter clothing. With the closed door keeping out the chill, he moved to the fire and warmed his hands. Julian looked so relaxed, so…unaffected. Vincent turned and stared at the fire, unable to face seeing his lover when he asked the next question.

“Did you kill your father?”

Dear God, this could be what forces a wedge between us. That I voiced my thoughts may well have Julian thinking I do not trust him, but it is a risk I have had to take. I cannot…stand not knowing any longer.

“Would it make a difference if I said I did?” Julian’s rich tones lingered, enveloped Vincent.
“Then why the need to know the devil’s revelation?”

Julian’s chair scraped the tiles, and his hands snaked around Vincent’s waist, his torso and cheek against his back.

Vincent closed his eyes and rested his hands upon his lover’s. “I do not know. I just…I would just feel better knowing one way or the other. That way I can protect you if—”

“If it is proved that I did it?” Julian released him and moved to stand before him. “And how would it be proved? The doctor found nothing untoward, and my father has been in the ground these past weeks… Nothing will come of it. Nothing.” His gaze searched Vincent’s face.

Those beautiful eyes…

“You must have hated him,” Vincent said.

“I did.” Julian cupped Vincent’s cheek, rubbed it with his thumb pad.


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