The Major and The Miners, Part 1: A Serpent in Paradise

The Major and The Miners, Part 1: A Serpent in Paradise

Barry Lowe

The Major and The Miners

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It’s the Great Depression and Dr. Damien Bouton takes a company job as GP in the small coastal mining village of Seaspray Bay.  An accident underground brings him in contact with the handsome miner, Josh, and a romance blossoms between the older doctor and the inexperienced young man, much to the chagrin of Josh’s best mate, Danny, who does everything in his power to thwart the two clandestine lovers. But will he go as far as revealing their relationship to the town?

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ISBN: 978-1-60054-524-5
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Erotica, Historical
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He looked away as I examined the scar than ran the length of his calf. It was a vicious thing, but injury was a given when you were a miner. Impulsively, I leaned over, kissing the disfigurement, brushing my lips along its entire length. To feel Joshua’s flesh had an electric effect on my groin. My cock was hard in an instant. Obviously, Joshua was also in a state of arousal because he made an adjustment to his crotch through his underpants.

 “Look at me,” he said in despair at his shattered leg.

“I am, and I’m having a hard time from keeping my hands off you.”

“Don’t then.”

“You’ve done this sort of thing—”

“With Danny,” he said bitterly. “But then you’ve already guessed that. Best friend stuff. Experimenting. And once properly. The day I came out of hospital. I spent a night in a hotel room with a stranger I met in the pub.” He paused. “It was better than I ever could have imagined. I couldn’t wait to get back here to tell Danny.” He stopped, thinking he had revealed too much.

I leaned over, placing my lips against his. He opened his mouth to welcome me. I had worried that he would find kissing another man like this offensive, unnatural. I went in gently, but he threw his arms around me, sucking my tongue into his mouth like a thirsty man discovering an oasis. We tussled for supremacy. I ran my hand across his vest, feeling the hard muscles beneath, but my ultimate destination lay further south. Slowly, I slid my hand beneath the band of his underwear. I felt him tense. Perhaps I was going too fast.

“Please,” he said. He sat up to enable me to remove his vest. He squirmed out of his underpants as I ran my hands over his magnificent body, pinching his nipples, making him moan softly, teasing my fingers down his sandy trail of hair until I brushed the head of his cock. He gasped, his prick slit oozing pre-cum. I knew it would not take much to bring him off, though I was hoping he would be good for more.

It was uncomfortable here in the surgery. I wanted him in my bed, but I dared not break the spell lest he panic. I lowered my head to lick the head of his cock. “Sweet Jesus,” he gasped. I ran my tongue along the shaft down to his balls, lathering them with my spit before licking my way back to the head again. His choked moaning increased when I placed my warm mouth over his cock, sucking it inside. A few slow strokes to get my rhythm and my face was impaled on half its length, licking the underside with my tongue as I pushed my head down. I gulped in air and sank my lips down the entire shaft so that my nose was in his patch. He sat bolt upright on the table as if he’d been struck by lightning. He held my head attempting to pull me off his cock and at the same time, attempting to slam it in deeper. “Oh my God,” he gasped.


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