The Jitters

The Jitters

Fabian Black

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Two amusing and gently romantic M/M stories.

In 'Cat Flap' Trevor is busy, busy, busy, but he lives to regret neglecting his lover.

'The Jitters' sees Luke and Trevor setting up house together, but what should be a happy time is marred by Luke's propensity to meddle. A mug of coffee brings things to a head in more ways than one.


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CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Romantic Comedy
KEYWORDS: gay romance, gay fiction, manlove, M/M, spanking, discipline, humour, romance, fun, short story,

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There was a tense silence while Trev surveyed the damage. And then they rowed, something they’d been doing a lot of lately.

“For God’s sake, Luke! This is a real doozy even for you. What the fuck were you doing in here anyway?”

So Luke explained how he’d nearly killed himself putting the new flat pack desk together, and how once it was erected he decided to have a celebratory cup of coffee. Only the coffee got spilled and spoiled the carpet, and things just…Luke shrugged and gave one of the embarrassed, but sweet little smiles that Trev usually adored.

Trevor wasn’t in an adoring frame of mind. “Who in their right mind puts a live electrical gadget down on a wet carpet and then leaves it unattended? You act like a bloody brainless teenager sometimes. It drives me up the wall.”

“Thanks and fuck you too, you grumpy bastard. I just wanted to surprise you.”

“Normal people surprise their partners with flowers or chocolates, not by setting fire to the fucking house. I suppose I should be grateful that I don’t own a bunny rabbit. I’d come home to find it boiling in a pan, as a surprise.”

“There’s no need to be like that. I’m sorry, okay, I’m sorry. How many more times do I have to say it? I’ll pay the excess and make good any damage not covered by the insurance.”

“That isn’t the point. I told you to leave the fuck alone.”

“I thought you’d be pleased to have your computer desk set up. You always moan about how you hate assembling flat packs. I was trying to do something nice for you. I thought it would make you happy to come home and find your study all set up.”

“You were interfering, like you always do. You always have to take over. I told you that I’d sort my own things out. This was supposed to be my room, my space.”
“Your space, your room, your things!” Luke flushed angrily, “I thought the whole fucking point of buying a house together was so it would be our space where we could be together. You’ve been a miserable, nitpicking bastard ever since we signed the deeds and moved in. I’m beginning to think you regret the whole thing.”

Trevor said nothing, which said everything to Luke.

“Fine, have all the space you want.” He strode out of the room, heading for the bedroom where he shoved his bare feet into trainers and gathered up his car keys and wallet from the messy dresser.”


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