The Brothers Dim

The Brothers Dim

Kris Klein

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Mark, at thirty-three, is over the whole finding-sex-online thing-until he comes up with a posting that turns into the ultimate lure for finding straight men that can be talked into some gay sex. An ad on Craigslist nets him a slew of replies, particularly in two prospective young bunkmates, Kyle and Chuck-who, at twenty-one and nineteen respectively, have a lot more in common than Mark could ever realize. Planning them for back-to-back head sessions (Mark shares with NO ONE), when Kyle arrives late and Chuck shows up only minutes later, Mark concocts a last-minute scheme to try and work a sizzling threesome with the two straight guys-with himself as the star-and his sexual appetite is only made more ravenous when he learns that, quite by accident, he's now standing in his bedroom with a pair of brothers. The only question now is, just how far can he get these boys to go…not only with another guy, as advertised…

But good God, maybe even with each other?

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, m/m sex, coercion, anal sex, and incest.

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CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica

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On shaky legs I left Kyle on my bed, naked and still hard, as I dressed and left my bedroom, closing the door to a crack behind me. The doorbell sounded again as I made my way down the dark hallway to the front door, kind of hoping, when I peeked through the peephole, to see some truly ugly dude who looked nothing like the photo Chuck had emailed me.

Fuck! I thought to myself, after a peek. He was, like, fifty times hotter than the photo he’d sent me. Even cuter than Kyle, with thick dark hair and an innocent, totally corruptible look in his eyes. He wore a plain black tee-shirt and black jeans, and was twisting his car keys in his hands, already nervous.

I yanked the door open before he could bolt, determined somehow to make this potential disaster work.

“Chuck?” I said, upon seeing him.

“Yeah–you Mark?” he asked, pointing with his keys.

“Sure–come on in, buddy.” I held the door and Chuck entered my apartment. He was a little shorter than me–maybe five-foot-ten–and so fucking hot, his eyes a searing bluish-green I hadn’t picked up on in his camera-phone photo. He was all masculine, no doubt–but there was still very much the boy in him, especially in his nervousness. It was like being face to face with an adorable, dark-haired twink for his first time–a twink you knew would take direction well, if you put it the right way. His body was very lean, yet also very well-developed; he evidently ran, or worked out, because–while still on the thin side–his arms and chest still strained at the confines of his black t-shirt, his body more muscular and v-shaped than Kyle’s.

“I–I’m kinda nervous,” the nineteen-year-old beauty said to me, as we shook hands.

“Me too, man.” And indeed–with him–I was. “We’ll be cool; do what feels good. I got a lot of exploring I wanna do with a guy–kissing, tonguing his ass, maybe even getting fucked–but let’s agree to do what feels good, and at the very least I’ll give you some head you’ll hopefully get off on. No pressure.”

This seemed to help, and he smiled a little. My heart cracked–God, he was beautiful; Duane would shit his pants six ways to Sunday if he knew I had these two boys–especially Chuck–in my house all to myself.

“You–you said you had a photo of you and your girl?” Chuck asked, pocketing his car keys.

“Oh, yeah–it’s in my room, on the wall above my dresser. First, do you got your driver’s license, man? You look seriously young.”

Chuck smiled again, this time wider and more at east, as he pulled a brown leather wallet from his back pocket, opening it. “Yeah, I know–nobody believes I’m nineteen.”

He produced his Arizona state driver’s license from the wallet’s viewer window, much as Kyle had, and handed it to me. I scanned for the date of birth, even more aroused when I saw he was only nineteen years old by less than two months…

Then my face froze, eyes going wide. I would have gasped, but somehow managed to maintain my head, for Chuck’s sake; after all, the guy was edgy enough as it is.

I glanced up from the license to him, forcing a smile. “Nice pic, man,” I managed to say.

“Thanks. As you can see, I only recently turned nineteen.”

“Yep. Oh, yeah–newly-nineteen, right.” His birthdate wasn’t what I was looking at now, though. My eyes were, instead, glued to the other end of the small driver’s license, where Chuck’s personal information was listed.

He had the same unusual last name, and Chandler street address, as Kyle.

I smiled weakly as I handed the license back to Chuck.

Jesus Christ. These weren’t just a couple of dim-witted straight boys.

They were brothers.


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