Texas Surrender

Texas Surrender

Claire Thompson

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JD Reed can never resist a challenge, and Avery Dalton is no exception. Determined to seduce and claim the tattooed, tough cowboy, JD teases and taunts his prey until he goes too far. In a battle of wills that turns physical, the sexual tension seething just below the surface explodes like a Texas tornado that sweeps them both off their feet.


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CATEGORIES: ManLove, BDSM, Contemporary, Erotica, Romantic Fiction, Western/Cowboys
KEYWORDS: m/m, manlove, erotica, erotic romance, gay, glbt, claire thompson, BDSM, Dom, sub

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“JD, you up there, honey? Avery’s ready to show you around.”

JD took the stairs two at a time, buttoning his denim work shirt as he went. LuAnn was standing in the front hall, looking small and older than her fifty-eight years. She gestured toward the front door. “Avery’s outside.”

Out on the porch, Avery slouched, his face partially obscured by the cowboy hat tilted low over his forehead. He had one foot up against the porch railing, the very picture of a cowboy in repose.

He straightened up when JD approached, disapproval radiating from him like a shimmering mirage. With a grunt, he turned and moved down the porch stairs, looking back with a scowl. “You comin’?”

No hello, no welcome, no nothing. JD shrugged. He enjoyed a challenge, and this guy was going to be one, no question about it.

They walked down the gently sloping hill from the house to the stable and pens, Avery slightly ahead of JD, who made no effort to catch up. Avery was wearing a black T-shirt that hugged his broad shoulders and strained at his bulging biceps. JD liked watching Avery’s ass move, and his cock stirred at a fantasy of pushing the cowboy down right there on the dirt road and taking him like a stallion takes a mare.

JD followed him into the main pen, letting the gate latch click shut behind him. “How many horses we got on the ranch these days?” he asked, mainly to make conversation as they walked into the barn.

With a slight toss of his head, Avery answered, “We have fourteen horses right now. The General is our breeding stallion. We have four mares, two geldings, two fillies and three yearlings. Plus Smokey, here.” He gestured toward Macy’s stall and the colt greedily sucking its mother’s teat.

Avery turned toward the pair, his features softening into a gentle smile that made him look suddenly very young. “How old are you?” JD asked without thinking.

The scowl returned as Avery faced him, though it didn’t diminish how good looking the cowboy was. He had dark eyes set in a tanned, angular face with prominent cheekbones and several days dark stubble over a firm jaw. His nose was snub, which made him look younger than perhaps he was, and his hair was black and straight, cut short. He wasn’t tall, maybe only five foot, nine, but every inch of that appeared to be solid muscle.

“I’m old enough to know better,” Avery snapped.

“Yeah? And just what do you know?” JD rejoined.

“I know I’ve got a ranch to run, and no time to stand around chit-chattin’. So I’ll just ask you straight out—you have much experience working around horses?”

JD shrugged. “Some, I guess. I spent a bunch of summers here when I was a teenager. I rode a lot. I helped out some. I’m sure I can learn quick. I mean, how hard can it be?”

Avery shook his head, not replying. He walked past two horses to the last stall, in which stood a regal looking animal, with large bones, a well defined neck and a beautiful coat of pure white, her mane silver in the slanting sunlight.

“Kassie’s in heat,” Avery said. “I’m going to mate her and the General today, if she’ll cooperate.” JD looked at the mare, who was pawing anxiously at the dirt, her tail flicking and eyes rolling.

“She looks agitated.”

“Yeah. Normally she’s sweet as can be. Till the PMS gets her.”

“PMS? Horses get that?”

“Pouty Mare Syndrome.”

JD laughed. “So what’s the procedure? You just put ‘em in a pen and let nature take its course?”

“Sometimes we do, but not Kassie. She’s a kicker. She ‘bout killed the General the last time he tried to mount her. The union was, uh, not successful.”

“So you’re gonna tie her down? Force her to submit?” JD said the words lightly, but he was watching Avery carefully for any reaction to the purposefully provocative words.

Avery angled his body away. “Something like that,” he replied, his voice devoid of emotion. He entered Kassie’s stall, approaching her slowly, his voice soothing and calm. He stroked her mane with one hand, while slipping the halter over her nose with the other.

Gently, he led the skittish mare out of the stall. “You can muck her stall while she’s in the mating pen. You do know how to much a stall, don’t you? Everything you need’s in the tack room.” He gestured toward the side building that was attached to the stable and, without waiting for a reply, walked out, leading Kassie behind him.

JD knew this was his first test. He headed toward the tack room, where he retrieved a pitchfork, a stable broom, a shovel and a wheelbarrow. He found some work gloves and put them on.

He could see by the patterns in the bedding that Kassie was restless—it was mostly pushed to the walls, the center nearly bare of straw. Working quickly, he scooped out the soiled bedding and manure, pushing the clean straw to one side. The wheelbarrow was nearly full by the time he was done.

Wheeling it to the manure pile, he saw Avery leading a bay stallion from the stable on the other side of the mating pen. He was a beautiful animal, with a coat of dark mahogany, his mane and tail black.

Kassie was standing by the fence, and upon closer inspection, JD saw she was tethered there, her back legs hobbled with rope. She was pawing the dirt with her front paws, turning back to gaze balefully at the General as he was led into the pen.

JD hurried back inside, eager to finish the stall before the action started. Retrieving fresh straw from the loft, he scattered it on the clay floor, blending it with what clean bedding remained.

He glanced at the wheelbarrow, telling himself he’d hose it down and put away the cleaning equipment later. He strode toward the mating pen, moving to stand beside Avery who was leaning against the outside of fence.

“Hey,” JD said, coming to stand beside him.

Avery grunted a greeting without turning to look at him. He was focused on the horses. The General was sniffing at Kassie’s tail. She tossed her silver mane and whinnied as she pulled against her restraints.

All at once the bay reared up on his hind legs, his huge, erect cock pointing like a divining rod toward the tethered mare. Falling against her, he maneuvered himself to enter her while she jerked and shimmied beneath him in a futile effort to dislodge him.

Leaning his long, powerfully-muscled neck over hers, he bit down, and Kassie stilled. Both men watched the stallion’s thrusting movements. JD glanced sidelong at Avery, wondering what it would be like to bind his ankles to the fence like Kassie’s, pulling the rope up between his legs and using it like a bridle to rein him in while he fucked him standing up.

JD moved closer to Avery, so close their shoulders were touching. Avery didn’t move away. JD could feel the electricity shooting between them like a lightning storm. If he’d dared, he would have pulled Avery close then and there and yanked down his jeans.

Instead, his eyes fixed on the mating animals, he said softly, “Imagine it, Avery. Imagine being tied down like that and taken against your will. What’s that like, do you ever wonder? What it would feel like to be bound, helpless in your restraints while someone used you for his pleasure?”

He knew he was going over the line with a man he barely knew, but his gut told him Avery would respond, based on his reaction to the pain comment the night before. JD’s cock was itching for attention and the image of Avery, kneeling right there and then to service him, only made it harder. JD couldn’t help the smile that curled onto his lips when he glanced down at Avery’s crotch, which left no question as to the effect his questions had had upon him.



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