William Maltese

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Internationally best-selling author William Maltese, known for his been-there, done-that expertise in bringing exotic locales into the bedrooms of his readers, does it yet again, in SNAKES, a tale of that super-dangerous side to Australia - not ballyhooed in any of the country's enticing tourist brochures - that includes indigenous deadly plants, animals, insects, marine life, and reptiles, that can and do out-kill any of their counterparts on the world's remaining six continents.
PUBLISHED BY: ManLove Romance Press
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: gay erotic romance, slash, M/M



COPYRIGHT William Maltese/2007
Prologue Ian Mylor Placed the last inch of his very impressive dick into the slot provided by Leith Talbot's asshole and grunted appreciation for the well-remembered tightness found there. If anything could convince him that his sex, the previous evening, with Gerald Sims wasn't quite as extraordinary as he'd come to imagine it had been, it was re-familiarization with Leith's experienced and talented man-pussy. "Oh, sweet Jesus, so good!" Ian congratulated on having found this way to steer himself clear of his helpless-to-counteract initial inclination to head on off to sample even more of the sweet sex Gerald might offer. The last thing Ian needed, at this moment in his life, was involvement with Gerald, whom Ian suspected was trouble, pure and simple. More often than not, Ian had come to look upon Gerald as competition in their mutually shared field of expertise. Ian had commented upon it more than once - a couple of times to Gerald's face. Not only was Gerald often mysteriously on the scene wherever and whenever Ian set up shop, but he had the infuriating habit of being forever involved in research projects suspiciously parallel to Ian's: seaweed palytoxins on Maui, stone-fish palytoxins on Jamaica, tiger-snake proteins in Australia. If Gerald had, likewise, been competition for the few available research grants in those areas, Ian would have really resented Gerald's focusing in on Ian's territory. As it was, while on the subject, Ian couldn't help but be a little jealous that Gerald's seemingly inexhaustible funds, from three trust funds, left him immune from the money-grubbing and back-stabbing politicking required of most of his peers, Ian included. As much as Ian had always tried to stay out of the rat race that attended most scientific research, it was hard for him to do since he, unlike Gerald, wasn't independently wealthy. After the sex with Gerald, Ian having somehow been lulled into thinking himself a fool in having resisted for so long Gerald's advances during all of the times they'd seemed thrown together by circumstance and chance, he'd soon enough regained his senses and decided the one time was the last time. Luckily, Leith was more than willing to help Ian on the road to complete withdrawal-from-Gerald Sims. "Oh, no one fucks me quite like you do, buddy!" Leith said and provided a roll and slight uplift of his hips, which screwed his asshole even more securely over Ian's missionary-position dick up his butthole. "And to think that the majority of the world thinks scientists, like you and I, are so busy with our vials and Bunsen burners that we haven't a clue about the more down-and-dirty aspects of life. Wouldn't they have epiphanies if they could see us now?" "I do love your ass," Ian admitted and wasted no time in slowly pulling his dick out of it until only bulbous corona was squeezed by Leith's rubber-band tight sphincter. Leith's hands clamped Ian's ass and exerted the downward pressure that saw Ian's dick returned to the rectal slot, all of the way to Ian's balls which, although already experiencing the compaction of their containing scrotum, still managed to slap Leith's backbone. Leith's uplifted legs, parenthesizing Ian's mid-section, provided an additional squeeze as Leith literally rocked himself from side to side while stuck tightly on Ian's impressive phallic poker. Had there been a mirror in the room, the two would have been able to see the decidedly sexual and sensual picture they presented; Ian's stark platinum blondness was in aesthetically pleasing contrast to Leith's strawberry blond. Leith's paler skin, more inclined to sunburned pinkness than Ian's toasted golden brown, was no less attractive beneath the sweaty sheen that covered both young men, despite the air-conditioning on full-blast. The absence of a mirror was because they didn't fuck in either's bedroom but in Leith's lab space at the Facility, after an area had been quickly and noisily cleared on Leith's desk for him to fall back on it, after shedding his clothes; Ian, equally naked, had crawled on top. While there was added excitement in knowing that one of their fellow scientists, as unable to sleep as these two and deciding to do late-night research, as these two, might barge in unexpectedly and see these two rutting like Australian dingoes, it was hardly likely there would be any such intrusion without at least a warning knock on the door, followed by a pause for permission to enter. Each member of this select group of researchers had his or her own reason for being where he or she was. Not ever wanting their own work interrupted, they were usually very respectful of each other's privacy. Ian could only image what Gerald would say if he were to stumble in and see Ian's cock inserted full-depth up Leith's rectum, Leith squirming to take on even more, Leith's palms open and pressed hard against Ian's nipples, Ian's man-paps having gone tack-like in response to the continuing pleasure conjured by the friction of Ian's cock up Leith's tight butt. For that matter, what would Ian have thought and said if he'd walked in on Gerald fucking Leith's tight ass? Ian tried to tell himself that he would have cared less. Why should it be otherwise? It hardly mattered that Gerald and Ian had finally done the deed, after Gerald had made so many advances, shown up conveniently (inconveniently?) in so many places over the years, Ian having resisted and resisted, and finally thrown caution to the wind. One heated and heavy bout of sucking and fucking did not make for anything other than one heavy bout of sucking and fucking. The truth was, Gerald, after all of his effort, had finally gotten exactly what he'd wanted from Ian - sex - and had probably now lost all interest; there was always more fun in the pursuit than in repeat performances. Likewise, having resisted for so bloody long, only having finally succumbed to temptation - just because, oh... hell... let's get this over and done and out of our system so we can both move on - Ian figured he should be thinking far less of his time with Gerald than he was presently thinking about, even as Ian's thick dick screwed not Gerald but another man's asshole. More determined than ever that he didn't want another go at Gerald, or vice versa, Ian tried his best to concentrate on the fuck in progress which, after all, had been initiated by him, albeit with Leith's willing cooperation, in all effort to prove that sex was sex was sex; sex with Gerald was no better - maybe even worse - than sex with someone else. "Ohhhh, buddy, skewer this boy's butt!" Leith requested and Ian did his best to oblige by commencing a slow-and-easy series of lengthy in-and-out strokes that pulled his dick almost out to its tip before re-inserting it, each time, all of the way back to where his pubic hair, encircling the base of his dick, entwined with the hair parenthesizing the moued and cock-plugged opening of Leith's butt. However, when Leith's fingers tented Ian's nipples, fingertips actually pressing in tightly and hard-pinching the hard centers, Ian couldn't help but remember how it had been when Gerald had done pretty much the same thing, the resulting pleasure in the Gerald instance - impossible! - even better for Ian than the exquisite pleasure conjured for him by Leith, here and now. When Leith commenced a pronounced twisting of the nipple nubs, in accompaniment to the vise-like finger-squeezes, even more pain-pleasure flooded through Ian's body, and Ian couldn't imagine - so why did he? - Gerald doing it even better. Leith's asshole commenced a rippling effect along the entire length of Ian's stuck penis. "Jesus, fuck!" Ian complimented. "Have you been learning a few new tricks since I last fucked you?" Leith and Ian went back a long ways, as colleagues and as fuck partners. In fact, Ian was so chummy with Leith and Leith's sister, Riala, who lived in not-too-far-as-the-crow-files Keerborg, that it had been rumored at the Faculty that Ian was fucking both siblings. "I have to keep coming up with new tricks to keep bringing you back for repeats," Leith said; once again, his butt performed its masturbatory ripple. "By the way, is it true that you finally gave in to Gerald Sims's entreaties to sit your ass down over his big dick, and vice-versa?" "What has that bastard been saying?" Ian hated guys who were so quick to kiss and tell. Gerald could at least have waited until all the cum he'd shot up Ian's ass had gone cold, there, or leaked its way to freedom. Leith laughed. "Sims didn't say anything, but you sure as hell just did, didn't you, buddy? Lucky you. Do you know how many people, including me, would kangaroo-hop into that guy's bed in an Aussie minute?" "Cut the bullshit!" Ian provided an angled butt-fuck poke by his dick that rammed his hard penis into Leith's prostate and followed with a long slide of cock shaft against anal gland. "Ohhhhhhh," was the sound Leith managed in accompaniment. "If I tell you he really... really... likes you, would you do that again, please?" Ian did it again, without Leith saying anything, and enjoyed tremendously the collision of his cock and Leith's prostate possibly as much as Leith did. "Gerald Sims is just one more rich shit in a world filled with rich shits," Ian decided. "You think so?" Leith said. "I don't know the people you run around with, buddy, but I can't think of another really rich, really good-looking, really big-dicked, really hot-to-trot-with-a-certain-someone rich shit in my immediate circle of friends." "I'd rather fuck around with you any day," Ian said and thought he meant it. "You just say that because I'm safe," Leith said. He fisted his dick and stroked it while Ian commenced a heartier fuck of Leith's asshole. Pre-cum oozed the mouth of Leith's cock, and his fingers claimed it to smear it along the thick length of his hand-pumped pecker. "You know, as well as I do, that you and I are destined to remain just good friends. Gerald Sims, on the other hand, is liable to want a helluva lot more from you than I do. Find that scary, do you?" "Don't be so fucking asinine!" Ian insisted. "We'll see." Leith sounded very satisfied with himself; Ian wasn't amused. The two concentrated just on fucking, at least for the next few seconds, finally falling into the highly satisfying mutual rhythm that coincided dick in and out of butt with fist up and down hard dick. "My sister would like you to slip by for a slip of your dick up her pussy," Leith said breathlessly; he gigged like a mischievous little boy who'd just said his first dirty word. "Nice thing for a brother to say." "What is it with girls, like my sister and our cohort silly-Sally, who seem to think that the hole between their legs is the perfect cure for gayness?" "Please don't insult your sister by mentioning her and Sally in one and the same breath." "Sally still thinks she's going to get you, me, and your fuck-buddy Gerald Sims into bed with her, maybe all at once. Though no way does she get my prick anywhere near that cannibalistic cunt of hers, and you insist it's unlikely she'll ever be poked by your big pecker, any time soon, do you think Gerald will give her pussy a try?" "Who gives as flying fuck where Gerald Sims puts his big dick?" "Not I," Leith said. "All I presently care about is your dick buried up my ass. I can't imagine Gerald's cock doing for me nearly as much as yours is doing for me, right here and now." "You're a far better fuck than Gerald Sims, and always have been," Ian said. No doubt that sex with Leith was non-stop pleasurably good, ever since they'd first hit the hay at a toxicology conference in Rome, several years back. Better, though, than sex with Gerald? What was the point in Ian trying to compare apples and oranges? Leith was a boy. Gerald was a man. Why keep thinking of sex with Gerald at all, since Ian had no intention of ever repeating it? Leith had been right in suggesting that Gerald wouldn't likely be satisfied, in the long run, just with sex, likely wanting more. What more? How much more? It made Ian's head swirl just thinking about it. Or, did the giddiness he felt have nothing to do with his thoughts of sex with Gerald and everything to do with having managed a so-long and so-smooth fuck of Leith's asshole? "You've fucked me to near blasting, buddy," Leith said. "Should I perform some more of my newly learned tricks of the trade, via my experienced asshole, to bring you on up to join me?" "I'm already with you, you stupid shit," Ian admitted. Right on cue, Ian commenced an even quicker and rabbity-like fucking cadence. The sounds of Ian's belly whacking Leith's ass were machine-gun like. "You're sweet dick is on my trigger mechanism," Leith said, his ass bouncing over Ian's dick as his hand kept stroking his own cock. "Ready... aim... fucking, fucking... fire!" Ian poked his dick in deep, left it there as the first of his spermal bullets left his balls, traveled the length of his dick, and basted Leith's asshole with thick cream. Simultaneously, Leith's dick erupted a thick shot of cream that went comet-like and high enough to hit Ian's overhanging belly and stay put - in a gelatinous blob without the slightest evidence of drip. "Jesus, fuck!" Ian said by way of heralding his second discharge of spermal cream. "Feed me!" Leith said, low and guttural. His second discharge shot as far as his chin, where his tongue licked for it but didn't quite manage the distance required to claim it. Later, of course, Ian would shudder at how easily such a fuck - one of but many he and Leith had shared - might so easily have exploded the congenital defect in Leith's heart.

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