Slaves to Love - One -  Lucius and Callistus

Slaves to Love - One - Lucius and Callistus

J.P. Bowie

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Raised in the city of Capua, renowned for its gladiator training grounds—Lucius, a young patrician, is unprepared for the obsessive desire that almost overwhelms him when he first sees Callistus, a captive Gaul condemned to a life, and probable death, in the arena. Unsuccessful in his attempt to buy Callistus and save him from a premature death, Lucius instead follows his career, attending all of his bouts in the arena, including one with Spartacus, the rebel slave. Spartacus incites Callistus and his fellow gladiators to rebel and form an unbeatable army, almost bringing the Roman legions to their knees.

Although torn between his love for Callistus and loyalty to his friends and family, Lucius determines that before one, or both of them might die, he must find Callistus, confess his feelings, and spend at least one night in the arms of the man he loves.

CATEGORIES: ManLove, Action/Adventure, Erotica, Historical, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: man love, erotica, historical, gladiators



COPYRIGHT J.P. Bowie/2010

For what seemed an eternity, after the door had been slammed shut behind him, we simply stood looking at one another, not moving, not speaking. My breath caught in my chest as I took in the magnificent sight before me. They had obviously allowed him to bathe, and wear a change of clothing. His hair shone in the sunlight that filtered through the grimy window behind me, falling about his wide shoulders in golden waves. I wanted to reach out and touch it, and my hand actually left my side as though it had a life of its own. Catching myself in time, I pulled it back, and clenched my fist.
There is a heat that starts in the pit of a man’s stomach and spreads through his loins seemingly of its own accord. It is called desire, and staring at Callistus, taking in the total splendor of his masculine beauty, I felt that heat. It seeped into my blood causing my heart to hammer in my chest so loudly I could swear he could hear it as clearly as I.
Dear Juno, Mistress of all the gods. I sent up a silent prayer to her. Please stop this body of mine from trembling and disclosing just how much his mere presence affects my senses.
"Are you afraid of me?" His voice was deep, but not rough, and though his accent was pronounced, he had obviously been taught Latin at some time in his life. In the confines of that small room, he seemed even taller than I remembered. A full head taller than myself. His powerful body, so used to intimidate and command, was almost overwhelming in its presence.
I shook my head, swallowing hard. "No, I am not afraid."
A smile lifted the corner of his mouth. "Good. I am Callistus."
"I know. I am named Lucius Tullius. Do you know why I am here?" I asked him, meeting his azure stare.
He grinned at me. "To talk me into being a good gladiator, and to stop giving Lentullus trouble."
Now it was my turn to smile. "Somehow, I don’t think you could be ‘talked into’ anything you did not want to do. But that’s not the only reason I am here."
"I wanted to meet you, to thank you for the honor you paid me in the arena the other day. That is something I will remember for the rest of my life."
He stared at me in silence, just a hint of a small smile lifting the corner of his mouth.
"But, of more importance to your present condition," I continued, "to tell you that I have extracted from Lentullus a promise that he will listen to your complaints in a fair-minded fashion. He intends to try to find compromise with you, if you in turn will speak with Spartacus, and make an end to the disquiet he has instilled in the men."
"Spartacus does not listen to me."
"You are friends, are you not?"
"He is our leader."
"Callistus..." I faltered for a moment, wanting to keep the sound of his name on my lips. "Callistus, you cannot have a leader here. Lentullus sees that as insurrection, and he will not let it go unpunished."
His broad shoulders lifted in a shrug of indifference. "He cannot punish us forever, Lucius. It is not profitable."
"Exactly. I suggested to him that he returns everything to the status quo, as quickly as possible. This he will do if Spartacus agrees to curtail any more talk of riots. In return, he will improve the conditions here, and listen to your complaints. I understand a young man was severely beaten""
"Yes. Quintillus. He was tied down, and beaten by cowards."
I shuddered as I gazed at the intensity in his eyes. "Lentullus says he will make reparation," I told him. "Perhaps if you can assure him that the men will be more cooperative in future, he will make better the overall conditions here."
He looked at me without speaking for so long that I grew nervous. "Callistus?"
"Tell me," he said, his deep voice calm and serious. "Do you approve of slavery, Lucius?"
I was taken aback by his question. "Approve of it?"
"Yes, approve of it. Do you feel that one man should be in bondage to another? That his freedom should be taken away, simply because he is of another country, or another belief?"
"I am ashamed to say that I have never given it much thought," I replied, feeling uncomfortable under his steady gaze. "Slavery is a part of our economy. It is essential"
"It is wrong."
"Wait," I said, bridling. "Your people make slaves of those they capture."
"True, but that still does not make it right."
"So, you disapprove of it?"
"Yes, and I will never agree to compromise with someone who keeps me, and my fellow man, under the yoke. All men should be free, Lucius. Free to follow their own destiny, free to love whom they choose."
He had moved closer to me as he spoke, and so enthralled was I by him, I did not move away. His big hands reached for me, one encircling my throat, the other grasping the hair on the back of my head, and for a moment I thought he meant to break my neck. I closed my eyes, unable to utter a sound, then I felt his lips on mine, warm and soft, and sweet, just as I knew they would be. My knees gave way, but he caught me in his arms, crushing me to him, holding me in a powerful embrace from which I never wanted to escape.
My lips parted under the pressure of his kiss, my body burned with desire as his tongue slid between my teeth, filling my mouth with its moist warmth. I clung to him, my arms about his neck, losing myself in his kiss, returning it with a hunger that until then, I did not know was a part of me. It seemed as if time stood still, that he and I were the only two people in existence, and that in the sweet intensity of his kiss, there was held a promise of so much more. I pressed my body against the hard wall of his torso, reveling in the feel of the solid, warm flesh beneath the thin fabric of his tunic. His skin smelled of the soap he had recently used, but underneath I could detect his scent, his maleness, and my head reeled from the intoxication he imbued me with.
This is my dream become reality, I exulted, hardly able to believe that the man I had longed to be alone with for so long was here, holding me in his embrace, kissing me with a fervor that matched my own. Then, all too soon, it was over. His hands slipped to my waist and he released me from his embrace. I staggered back, weak now, without his arms to support me.
His smile was enigmatic. "You see, Lucius," he said quietly, "what might have been, were I not a slave?" He turned to go, then paused by the door. "I will speak with Spartacus."


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