Secrets Revealed

Secrets Revealed

Sarah Masters

The Marked One

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 Part Two of The Marked One series. Upon arrival in France with his new man, Zeb, Jerry encounters the bizarre villagers in Castle Karbidon and wonders if he’s stumbled into Narnia. When he agrees to attending a party, nothing prepares him for what he is about to endure. The ballroom morphs into a forest glade, and a frightening guest arrives. Dark forces are at work, and Jerry is left in the glade with Lord Karbidon, who has ulterior motives and a nasty plan up his sleeve. 

PUBLISHED BY: loveyoudivine Alterotica
ISBN: 978-1-60054-443-9
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Fantasy
KEYWORDS: loveyoudivine, loveyoudivine alterorica, his and his kisses, Sarah Masters, m/m, kindle, ebook, gay, paranormal, dark fantasy, erotica, love, romance, sex

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 I followed Zeb down a long corridor and up some narrow stone steps to our suite, my stomach in knots. Something wasn’t quite right, but I didn’t know what. I shoved the uneasiness away and concentrated on gearing myself up for the coming party. At the chamber door, Zeb opened it and allowed me to enter first. Now, I realised that being in a castle wouldn’t be like any other place I’d visited, but the splendour still shocked me into removing my boots. Zeb did the same.

A regal living room—one not used for comfort, I’d bet—boasted Queen Anne chairs and a hard-looking chaise lounge placed along three edges of a red, black, and cream Oriental rug. A highly polished coffee table stood in its centre, the light from a chandelier reflecting off the surface. Velvet drapes, the same colour as those in the room we’d used in the Queen’s Arms, hung to the floor, closed, keeping the night out. Zeb shut the door and stood by my side.

“Hardly makes you want to slob out, does it?” he asked.

“I laughed. “So long as the bed is more comfortable than this furniture looks, we’ll be all right.”

“Come on, I’ll show you.”

I followed Zeb through a door on the right to a bedroom bigger than the whole ground floor of my home with Pete. A four-poster bed larger than a king-size dominated the far wall, the headboard carved wood, the coverlet grey fur. Decorative pillows of many colours lay scattered upon it, inviting me to dive on it and fall into a heavy sleep. To the left stood a sideboard that matched the carvings of the bed, gold candlesticks at each end, the red candles long and slim. The window above it spanned the wall’s width, and blue silk drapes, the pleats immaculate, were open, admitting moonlight. Beside the door, also to my left, stood a huge wardrobe, and I smiled at the thought of Narnia being beyond its back.

This castle, so royal…it appeared Francois was a king of sorts. What did he do to pay for the upkeep of this place? I’ll admit Zeb’s tale had sounded fantastical, and even though I believed him, seeing it first-hand still left me amazed. Nothing could have prepared me for this, even though Zeb had tried very hard to ensure I knew what I’d be letting myself in for by moving to France with him. A moment of doubt crept in. Could I live here? What if one of the villagers or castle dwellers didn’t like me and did a number on my mind?

“This is more like it,” Zeb said, running forward and leaping onto the bed.

I shirked my worries away and followed suit, landing beside him and knocking my head against his. “Ouch!”

“Ditto!” Zeb wrestled me beneath him and kissed my head.

He stared down at me, and the room, my fears, the questions in my mind, all disappeared. Only he and I existed, and my stomach rolled in anticipation of what would follow, what always followed when he looked at me like that. God, I loved him. Needed him.


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