Ride The Man Down

Ride The Man Down

William Maltese

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The Ridgemonts are wealthy and influential New Mexico Territory landowners. Their status purportedly is purchased by seemingly inexhaustible capital provided by their reputed Deadmen Hills' gold mine. It's only human nature that others want to share in their bounty. That these others have to die has less to do with keeping the "mine" location a secret than with concealing other mysteries bequeathed by the long-lived and elusive native-American shaman Calenza. Secrets even the Ridgemonts can likely never fully comprehend.

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CATEGORIES: ManLove, Mystery/Suspense, Western/Cowboys
KEYWORDS: gay erotic romance, slash, M/M

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"Damn, but I love your funky young cowboy ass," Brendon Ridgemont said to Eduardo Rivera.

The two teenagers were stark naked. Eduardo's head rested on his forearms that rested atop a fence railing. Brendon squatted behind; his tongue provided another long and leisurely lap from the rear hang of Eduardo's hairy scrotum to the small of the young Latino's back.

Nearby, just to one side of a large boulder, two horses, reins dragging the ground, munched what none-too-succulent scrub was immediately available.

"And I love your big cowboy cock, too." Brendon's right hand reached around and took hold of Eduardo's impressively stiff dick to provide a couple of quick but firm up-and-down strokes. "Or, are you tired of hearing how much your body turns me on?"

"Since I so love your studly body, it's always nice to hear that mine is loved in return," Eduardo said. His ass provided a small circular movement that rubbed its firm cheeks against Brendon's face. All the while, Brendon's tongue flicked, like a frog catching flies, and left dabs of accumulated shiny spit at the puckered entrance of Eduardo's tight-tight little asshole.

"Actually, I love more of you than just your sexy body, though, don't I?" Brendon said.

"Do you?"

"Love your radiant personality. Love the way you kiss. Love the way you hug. Love the way you laugh. Love the way you cry. Love the way you smile. Love the way you sigh, especially when I'm eating out your ass, good and proper, like now." He provided a punctuating long and lengthy lick. "Love the way you grunt and groan, especially when I've my cock buried so deeply inside of you that my cockhead feels your heartbeat. I'm just full of love and lust and hot spunk every damned time I'm anywhere near you."

"The same back to you, buddy," Eduardo responded in kind. His ass provided another rotation. In pendulum motion, his scrotum slapped the inside of one thigh and then the other. His nuts were so large, and swung with such momentum, that whacking sounds were audible.

"I do so love to fuck your ass," Brendon said and came to his feet. A step forward placed his stick of a dick vertically within the bun-like embrace of Latino asscheeks. "Love it so much that I can't keep my cock from it much longer. Not here; not now. Like, if I don't fuck it soon, I'll go stark raving mad. My father or Galin will have to take me out and shoot me, because I'll be no good to anyone, or for anything, having all of this love and lust and hot spunk cooped up inside of me with no place to go. We wouldn't want that to happen, now, would we, cowboy?"

"Batty Brendon we'd have to call you, before pulling the trigger to put you out of your misery, now, wouldn't we?" Eduardo asked. His ass thrust back and hard-pinned the back of Brendon's big stiff dick between Latino buttocks and gringo hard belly. An oozing of clear sticky pre-cum beaded Brendon's cockmouth, ruptured, and drooled. "Stories to be told of poor Brendon Ridgemont, one day gone loco because one hot Friday afternoon, his cock never made it up his lover's tight-tight asshole?"

"Everyone knows that you make me crazy," Brendon said. "Crazy for you. Crazy for your asshole. Crazy for your dick. Crazy for your sweet kisses. Hell, even our daddies know, don't they? My daddy once just as smitten by yours who was just as good looking, just as desirable, and just as good a fuck in his day, as you are in yours."

"Try if you can, once again, to picture those two fucking up a storm," Eduardo said. He shook his head in his own disbelief and ground his ass tighter against Brendon's belly.

"I'd rather not, if you don't mind. It hasn't been all that long since I ate lunch."

"Think we'll really have children one day wondering how you and I ever managed to get it on, and kept it on, for hours on end?"

"Sure we will, even if neither of us remain as keen as our fathers for our dicks to slot pussy long enough to do some baby-making. All this need-heirs mantra continues to be the burrs beneath our daddies' saddles, not ours, right? Still, we'll give them what they want and, after that ... hey ... you and I know theywon't give flying fucks whether or not we put our hard dicks in our wives ever again."

"I heard a helluva lot less about empire-building when dad was gambling so much. Hell, everyone - as you well know - thought for sure he was going to lose the ranch in a poker game. At the time, I actually sometimes hoped that he would lose it, too, so I'd never have to worry about getting married and plugging some cunt for a baby."

Brendon provided Eduardo's erection with several additional sensuous pumps to stop his best friend and cowboy lover from talking nonsense. "There's been a Rivera Ranchero, headed by a Rivera honcho, for longer than there's been a Ridgemont spread," he reminded.

"Nothing lasts forever," Eduardo said. "No matter how good anything ever is, even a good fuck, it's eventually over and done - no matter how long anyone or everyone might want to prolong it."

"You better let me screw some sense into you, cowboy," Brendon said. "Your daddy hears that kind of talk coming out of your sweet cock-sucking mouth, and there's going to be shit hitting the fence post - if not his fist hitting your face."

"Feel free to try your best to fuck me into thinking otherwise," Eduardo said. "I'd be deeply grateful if, in fact, you can manage to do just that. Life would be so much easier, or at least seem so, at least for me, if I could better accept that one day, probably sooner than later, my presently perfect sex life with you is going to be tainted by something other than just your cock up my ass, my cock up your ass, and all the variations we manage so well in between."

"All you'll have to do is shut your eyes while screwing pussy and imagine you're deep-sixing my asshole with that big dick of yours," Brendon said. "Visions of me riding you to another climax will certainly be what get me off inside any bride of mine enough times to get her pregnant. If we're lucky, we can do all that necessary seeding in the first few tries. After that, it'll be just you and me back to fucking and sucking up a storm with each other."

"You really think so?"

"Would I lie to you?"

"Maybe you would, if you actually thought that was how it's going to work out, even if it isn't."

"That's how it's going to be, cowboy, so quit worrying about it. Once our wives are knocked up, courtesy of some minimal fucking by us, they'll have so much to do they won't even want us pestering them in bed, or out. Until then, let's stop worrying about what's coming tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that, and get down to what's coming, very soon, this very day; namely, the shooting of our hot and creamy cum from our hard, fucking dicks."

"Just, maybe, I can manage that," Eduardo said. His lower body swung slightly forward to let Brendon's dickhead drop along Latino asscrack from top almost to butt pucker. Despite the weight of Brendon's heavy dick, it was too stiff to manage the extra inch of fall necessary to align its bulbous head on the target area. Brendon's left hand provided the extra bit of necessary downward pressure. His pre-cum wet cockcorona nudged Eduardo's asspucker. The tan anal rosebud was tacky from spit Brendon's flicking and licking tongue had put there.

"Knock, knock," Brendon said. His hips pushed forward. His handhold on Eduardo's thick cockneck slid loose skin over hard inner core as far as the Latino's big balls and pressed farther to bring Eduardo's lower body more fully back, up and over, Brendon's entering erection.

"Santa Maria!" Eduardo responded. His ass didn't stop its slide, though, but rolled slightly to twist entering cock inches in a corkscrew motion against the fucked teen's sensitive walnut-size prostate. "Oh, gringo stud, drive that dick of yours home!"

Brendon did exactly as instructed. Not that he needed instruction, or any other kind of incentive to do the deed. There was very little on God's green earth that could prevent him from burying his cock to his balls once his dick began its long and steady slide into that well-recognized lusciously tight and sensuously cramped asshole.

"Oh, that feels so good," Brendon admitted. He was always surprised, considering how many times he had fucked this butt, just how good it was every next time he fucked it.

"I can tell you one thing," Eduardo said and turned his face into his forearm to bite down, hard, as Brendon's last inches of bulky prick completed their journey, "you're never going to find any cunt that'll make you feel as good as my asshole can, does, and always will."

"Don't I know it, cowboy," Brendon said. His cock now shoved in to his balls, his belly ground to put his dick even deeper. Eduardo's asscheeks, hard as they were, still flattened slightly beneath the pressure of Brendon's belly.

Brendon's body spooned Eduardo's from behind. Brendon's lap couched Latino ass like peel hugged the sensuous curve of a peach. Brendon's belly and chest molded Eduardo's back. His taut nipples pressed little indents into Eduardo's wondrously tan and naturally dark-complexioned skin.

Brendon's head came up and over Eduardo's left shoulder. Lips moved in close to Eduardo's ear. Brendon's breathing was hard and deep and fast - getting harder, deeper, and faster.

"You're damned right, cowboy," Brendon said. "No other asshole but yours - forget cunt - can ever give me the kind of pleasure I'm feeling now, this fuck's hardly begun." He was one with his lover. He was complete where he never felt anywhere near this way whenever his penile sword was slotted elsewhere than within this specific anal scabbard.

Eduardo jiggled his ass to accommodate more readily Brendon's submerged manhood.

Brendon drew his prick out a few inches and then reinserted it. With commenced swift in-and-out thrusts, his cock began giving Latino asshole a really good workout. His young balls slapped as audibly against his lover's hard ass as Latino nuts still noisily slapped Eduardo's inner thighs.

Brendon's awareness increased as his thick inches pumped in and out, in and out, between Eduardo's parenthesizing buttocks, of how intense the resulting vibrations of anal muscles were around and against whatever inches of Brendon's thick dick that were inserted at any one time.

Brendon's muscled belly sweated against Eduardo's ass. His pectorals against Eduardo's back. His cheek, chin, and forehead sweated against Eduardo's neck and shoulder.

Brendon concentrated on providing Eduardo's butthole with every last fraction of fucking cock on each in-slide, with removing his prick all of the way to its flare on each follow-up withdrawal.

"Oh, buddy, you fuck me so damned good," Eduardo muttered. "Oh, Jesus, but you make it so sweet."

Hard-gripped by Brendon's pumping right fist, Eduardo's dick leaked juice. Each time Brendon's prick rammed Eduardo's prostate, the Latino teenager's dick expelled another gush of pre-cum to slick his cockshaft all the more and make Brendon's pumping wet fingers all the wetter.

As their sweat-soaked bodies continued to touch and separate, cock sliding in and sliding out, there were accompanying muted smacking sounds. There were other noises, too, from both participants: groans of passion, and sighs of ecstasy.

As Eduardo's dick leaked into and over Brendon's masturbating hand, Brendon's cock basted Eduardo's anal cavity with natural lubricant that made the slip and slide of butt-fucking erection easier, faster, and smoother.

Suddenly removed, though, from the combined cacophony were those once contributed by four swinging nuts in two flaccid scrota. Ball sacs were no longer loose and limp, like gunnysacks dangling rocky contents. They were compacted and hefted like hay bales lifted high by ropes and pulleys into high barn lofts.

Eduardo indecipherably mumbled into his spit-soaked right forearm. His hands took firmer grips of the railing. Between his belly and the fence, his cock increased its momentum in fucking Brendon's fist and expanded larger with each ensuing moment his climax approached closer and closer. The taut centers of his nipples were well-defined mountains arisen from their surrounding aureoles and from supporting lower-lying well-delineated pectorals.

Brendon really got into the fuck. Each pull of his dick out to its cockhead saw his knees bend. Each push of his dick in to his balls saw his legs straightened to push his prick inside and made a harder and louder contact of Brendon's belly with Eduardo's thoroughly stuffed ass.

The Latino teenager's asspucker caved inward each time Brendon's cock pressed home through it; it moued each time the cock slid free from it.

Both young men shared a shrinking world of increasing sensuousness that more and more separated them from everything and anything else. Their bodies performed a well-coordinated dance to the rhythmic cadence of flesh against flesh, heavy breathing, gasps for air, grunts of pleasure, fence posts and railing squeaking in protest as more and more force and weight were thrust upon and against them

How marvelous for Brendon and Eduardo each to feel literally a part of the other!

More sweat beaded foreheads, dribbled in little rivers down the sides of noses. Some of it burned eyes. Black hair went damper with it and stuck in even more wet ringlets to cheeks and foreheads.

Hard cock continued in and out ... in and out ... in and out ... of tight asshole. Hard cock continued in and out ... in and out ... in and out ... of tightly gripping fist.

Climax for both young men wasn't far away. Brendon and Eduardo were nothing more or less than bundles of taut sinews, tense muscles, and raw-edged nerves. They were charged with electrical energy soon destined for overload and, if they were lucky, wondrously simultaneous eruptions.

"I can't hold off much longer," Brendon said in a low grunt-accompanied whisper. He further punctuated his sentence by biting Eduardo's ear.

Eduardo stopped even trying to hold off ejaculation. "I'm coming! Oh, sweet Jesus, I am!"

Brendon's hips slammed forward, hard and fast, to a dead-stop against Eduardo's solid buttocks.

Although suddenly deprived of the friction from movement within the asshole, Brendon's prick didn't need any additional stimulus to achieve ejaculation. "Take it! Take it ... cowboy ... take it ... take it ... take it ... all!"

Spunk coated the inside of Eduardo's asshole while pearly streamers of similar virile-young-man cream went airborne between the naked Latino and the fence.

Neither Brendon nor Eduardo was recovered from his shared cataclysmic sexual event when Cal Braddey said, "What part of wait-for-Cal don't the two of you ever seem to understand?"


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