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Nikky and Danny know they are different, and are perfectly happy being with each other. Yet, Nikky yearns to know more about his kind, for surely other werecats exist in the world. A chance encounter with a woman who could be his twin sparks a desire to research his murky past...but will Danny go along with it?

ISBN: 978-1-60659-992-1
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Paranormal, Romantic Fiction, Shape-shifter
KEYWORDS: mychael black, gay, shapeshifter, demons, urban fantasy, m/m, manlove

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“Don’t go.” An arm followed the plea. The slender but muscular limb curled around Nikky’s middle and tugged him closer to the warm, nuzzling body beside him.

“I have to.”

Nikky’s eyes met red ones, his own hunger mirrored back at him. At this rate, he’d never get out of bed. He needed a job, he told himself, even as Danny rocked against him, cock hard and ruby eyes pleading. Nikky slipped an arm around the lean body rubbing against his and pulled Danny close—their breath catching, then disappearing as they came together, mouths hot and hungry, bodies rocking. Danny shuddered as Nikky gripped his ass, pulling Danny’s right leg over his hip. Nikky’s finger probed the quivering bit of puckered flesh before easing into the heat of Danny’s body.

“Nikky,” Danny breathed into his mouth, Nikky’s name mingling with soft gasps and moans. “Please, baby. Need you. Hungry.”

Nikky rolled them both until he was on top, sprawled between Danny’s legs, kisses growing hungrier and harder. With a shift of his hips, the head of his cock brushed his wrist as he fucked Danny with his fingers, curling them forward to stroke over Danny’s gland. Danny arched into him, a cry swallowed by their kiss. His body shook until Nikky was sure he could see tears streaking Danny’s face.

“Shh,” Nikky purred, his mouth drifting over Danny’s face. tongue rasping. He licked away the pale red, salty tears. “I’ve got you.” Then he pulled his fingers out and pushed in—Danny’s body swallowed his cock, squeezing it in tight velvet. His head falling to Danny’s shoulder, Nikky shuddered. It always felt like the first time. Always.
Danny clung to him, fingers digging into Nikky’s shoulders as his body took Nikky in deep.

A soft kiss followed, then another. When Nikky started moving, Danny was right there with him, fingers sliding through Nikky’s hair to hold it away from their faces as Nikky made slow love to him.

“Mine,” Danny whispered on Nikky’s lips.

Nikky moaned and one hand dropped to Danny’s hip, gripping the slender body as they moved together. He could get lost in this, and had been lost for so long that it seemed like lifetimes. Danny was always ready, wanting him, no matter how many years it had been.
“Don’t stop.” Danny’s mouth moved over his lips, his nose, and brushed his cheek. “Don’t ever stop.”

“Never.” Nikky shook his head and took Danny in another kiss, their hips increasing in rhythm. Danny’s gasp went straight to Nikky’s soul, slipping through him as he coaxed his lover toward the edge.
“Come for me…”

Danny cried out, body shuddering as he came, red sweetness spreading between them.

Nikky came crashing down, tongue probing Danny’s mouth deep, his moans turning feral as he neared release. When he came, the sound that escaped was half-cry, half-purr, echoing in their kiss as he filled Danny’s body.

Movements slowing, their kiss eased into something light and drifting, more lips than tongue. Nikky finally pulled out and rolled over, collapsing onto his back and panting. Danny curled around him, their bodies molding perfectly to each other. Maybe another hour wouldn’t hurt. Nikky reached over and set the clock with only a cursory glance. Then he pulled the blankets back over them, tucked them around Danny, and drifted back off to sleep.

When the alarm went off, Nikky was already up, half dressed when Danny’s hand came down on the clock to smash the snooze button. Nikky chuckled and leaned over, kissing Danny’s head. From under a mass of unruly red curls, his lover pouted.

“It’s too fucking early.”

Nikky just shook his head. “It’s always too early for you. We can’t live in bed.”

The predictable “why not” drifted up from the mountain of pillows, Danny’s hips slowly humping the mattress.

“Because,” Nikky whispered, lips brushing Danny’s shoulder as he teased Danny’s spine with his fingertips, “I have to work. Pay bills, have money, that sort of thing.” Danny gasped and his hips rose, legs spreading as Nikky pressed a finger to his hole. “Be good, love.”
Nikky gave Danny a swat on the ass and left, laughing as Danny’s frustrated groans followed him down the hall and out the front door.
Ten in the morning. Nikky had seriously hoped to get out and about earlier than this, but...well...his resistance when it came to Danny was essentially nonexistent. He smiled as he took the elevator down to the ground floor of Harborside Apartments. Having an apartment on the eighth floor afforded them an extraordinary view of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. He had said to Danny, just last night as they were sitting on their balcony, that he wanted a job somewhere close. He liked the idea of being able to look up and across the street to see Danny on the porch.

As he stepped out onto the sidewalk, Nikky made a beeline for the mall along the harbor. It was a sprawling complex of shops, restaurants, and other such tourist traps, and he was certain he could find a job. During autumn a lot of the college students were back in school, leaving a healthy bit of job openings for the rest of the city. Besides, a new restaurant had opened two weeks ago; they would definitely need people. His mind made up, Nikky walked through the door of Harbor Eatery.

“Welcome to Harbor Eatery,” a waitress near the door said. She picked up a wrapped set of silverware and a menu, then beamed a smile at Nikky. “This way, please.” She led him to one of the tables looking out over the harbor and set the menu and silverware down in front of him. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“Actually, I’d like a job application,” Nikky said. “But a Coke is good, too.”

She gave him another bright smile and Nikky caught her name just before she walked away. Serina. Different, but pretty. And her smile! Lord, the woman’s smile could light up the entire city in the event of a blackout.

When she returned a few minutes later, Coke in one hand and a folded application in the other, Nikky met her gaze for a brief moment. For those few seconds, time seemed to stand still. There was a sort of familiarity in her golden eyes, in the way her breath caught the slightest bit. Then the moment ended and it was just the two of them, in a restaurant along Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

“Thanks,” Nikky said quietly.

The waitress nodded and started back toward the kitchen, throwing another glance over her shoulder at Nikky. With considerable effort, he turned his attention to the paper in front of him.

Full Name: Nikolis Michael Faulkner
Birthdate: June 8, 1976

Marital status? Now how the hell was he supposed to answer that one? They certainly weren’t married, not as far as the government was concerned.

Nikky stared out at the harbor, wondering what exactly to call Danny. Six years. Six years had passed and they had never said anything about love. It was almost as if they didn’t have to. Yet, something inside him stirred at the thought of hearing those three little words from Danny, three little words that he knew would mirror Danny’s actions. Shaking his head, Nikky returned to the task of filling out the application.

“Is there someone I can speak to now?” he asked Serina when she came back. He handed the application to her, watching her face closely when she glanced over it. A single twitch of her mouth, but nothing more.

“The hiring manager won’t be in until tomorrow,” she said, looking up at him. “I’ll make sure he gets this, even if I have to hand it to him myself.”

Nikky blinked. “Um, thanks!” When he handed her ten dollars, she started to walk away for his change. “Don’t worry about the change,” he said. Her smile was more than enough for him.

As he headed for home, Nikky knew, just knew, he had the job.


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