Pure Artistry

Pure Artistry

Carol McKenzie

Men from His and His Kisses

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Cameron Bracy, an established Certified Public Accountant enrolls in a drawing class at a local university to relieve stress. Just out of a heterosexual relationship, and thinking he’s straight, he meets a man at the class and denies the chemistry he feels for the gorgeous hunk, Eli Thompson. Over drinks and long walks to the canteen, they talk and become well acquainted. Eli, who also has just broken up with a male friend, is drawn to Cameron and attempts to show him through a series of experiments that gay sex is hot.

PUBLISHED BY: loveyoudivine Alterotica
ISBN: 978-1-60054-243-5
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Erotica
KEYWORDS: gay, male, alternative, relationship

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COPYRIGHT Carol McKenzie/2007

Pam, a blonde, tall and slender woman in her late twenties, appeared when Cameron opened the door. She wore a trim, dark pink business suit. A sly smile curved her glossed lips as she gazed inside. "I came just when you were going to eat. Sorry 'bout that."

"It's all right." He unwittingly let a sigh escape his lips. I know what she wants before she even talks.

"I worked all day, sold two houses by the way, and this is the only time I knew I could catch you, Cameron."

"Congratulations on the sales."

"Thanks." She looked beyond the beige, overstuffed sofa to the tabletop at his sub sandwich and large cola. "I'll be by to get another quick load and be out of your way."

He stepped aside, but still held onto the doorknob. "Okay, go for it."

His ex-girlfriend padded through the small apartment to the back bedroom and disappeared. "It'll take me two minutes, tops."

"I appreciate it, Pam. I'm going somewhere just as soon as I eat and clean up. You came at the right time."

She emerged into the living room. Sleeves of blouses hung almost to the floor. She tried to shift the load to her other arm, but failed.

"Want some help?"

"No, I've got it. I'll get the rest soon. Not tonight, promise." A sly smile curved her lips. "Oh, you're going out, eh? A date?"

"No, I'm taking a class."

The skin between her brows rumpled, making her puzzlement evident. "You already have a degree," she said in her Tennessee drawl that could always drive him up the wall under certain circumstances.

"This is just a course I'm taking for fun...to relieve stress. Accounting gets to me, sometimes."

"Oh yeah?"


"Okay." She nodded and brushed by, the sweet scent of her perfume wafting over him as she passed. "I'd give you the third degree to find out more, but I don't have time. Tootles."


She stopped and turned around. "Yes?"

"From now on, I'll be gone every Tuesday and Thursday."

"You know, Cameron, I really appreciate it that our break up went so smoothly." She stepped up to him. Crushing the blouses between them, she rose on tiptoes and brushed a kiss over his lips. He felt nothing except friendship for her. "You're so sweet," she said. "Bye."

"See you."

After she hurried toward her car, he closed the door and muttered, "Right." It just didn't work out and I don't know why. He strode to the table, yanked out a chair and sat down. After pulling the wrapping paper back, he took a tasty bite out of his steak and cheese sub, followed by a healthy swig of his cola.

* * * *


Cameron needed some creative time, and this art class would definitely fit the bill. He clenched the steering wheel and made a right down College Lane, the headlights of his Chevy pickup cutting into the black, rainy night. Air blew in the partially open window and over his cheeks and forehead, alleviating some of the stress he'd endured the previous week. He parked in the lot outside the Tarble Art Center on the campus of Eastern Illinois University. He took one last drag off his cigarette and stubbed it out in the ashtray, vowing to quit soon. Thinking it could rain more, he plucked an umbrella off the passenger seat and checked his pocket to make sure he had his wallet with him, locked the car and hurried up to the double doors with the push down handles. He hung the umbrella on a coat rack, took a seat at one of the twenty or thirty drawing tables in the bright, off-white classroom.

Other students, all ethnic backgrounds, sizes and shapes, bustled here and there throughout the room, talking. They took seats that were arranged around the center in a semi-circle. A bowl of fruit and a lyre occupied a red, satin draped table. The scent of paint and lemon oil twirled up his nostrils. Framed paintings and drawings decorated the walls.

A white-haired man who carried a briefcase stepped into the room and took a seat at the teacher's desk at one end of the rectangular shaped room. He pulled out a pair of gold rimmed glasses and slipped them on while the bell rang.

Another man, tall, dark-haired, perhaps twenty or twenty-one years old, came into the classroom and closed the door. He strode across the tiled floor and sat at the drawing table next to Cameron. He didn't know why, but he had a fierce need to speak to him. "How're you doing?"

When he gazed into Cameron's face, he found him gorgeous. Such high cheekbones and onyx eyes, for a man. The scent of wet leather titillated his senses. "Fine. And yourself?"

"Fine." The other student turned in his seat, gazing around the room, seeming interested and flustered maybe because he'd been running late. "Uh, where do we hang our… Oh. I see it."

Rainwater dotted his black leather jacket. He ran spread fingers through his thick, raven hair, got up and slipped his arms out of the sleeves. He went to the rack and hung his jacket. Cameron noticed that when he sat back down, a silver chain shone on the back of his neck just above the collar line. In the space of three seconds, he studied the aristocratic features, expressive brows and friendly, brooding, dark eyes, feeling a bit intimidated by his beauty.

"Okay people. May I have quiet?" The professor brought out a stack of Xeroxed sheets of paper from his briefcase. He pointed toward the man sitting next to Cameron. "Will you hand these out, please?"

"All right." The dark-haired young man got up and took the papers.

Cameron's eyes stealthily followed him as he handed a paper out to each of the two and a half dozen students. He considered the shadow of his beard on his cheeks. His line of vision moved down to his snug, worn jeans that fit his well-shaped body, hugging the curve of his ass. His gaze lingered for a while and then trailed to the provocative, ragged denim slit on his upper back thigh that showed skin.

He tore his attention off his neighbor and thrust it upon the professor, who had just cleared his throat.

"Attention class."

Chair legs stopped screeching, and students quieted and listened.

"You do not get a credit for this class. You will learn a skill that will last throughout your lifetime. For a while, we'll draw simple things, like fruit, plants and children's toys."

"Will we draw nudes?" a brunette woman with dark-rimmed glasses asked.

"Later in the semester, and if I can find a model, we just may do that. Okay, now that everyone has the class syllabus, I'll take roll call. I am Mr. Sandusky." He pulled a small notebook out of his briefcase and leafed through the pages.

The professor called out three names before his. "Cameron Bracy."


Professor Sandusky called a dozen or so more names. "Judy Smith"


"Josh Tanner."


"Eli Thompson."

"Here." He glanced Cameron's way and flashed a killer smile. His teeth were so white they glistened and contrasted against his tan. "It's good we don't have to have our supplies this week," he whispered as the professor continued calling names.

Cameron nodded with a smile.

"Did you get a paper?" Eli asked and stepped close. His cologne was incredible. It smelled so good that Cameron thought about shutting his eyes and luxuriate in the scent.

"No. Thanks." Feeling a little embarrassed by the sudden attention, Cameron looked away. His heart pounded in his chest, but he wasn't sure why he reacted so emotionally to Eli. This is silly. I must have drunk too much caffeine. 


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