Pool Boy Seduction

Pool Boy Seduction

Amanda Young

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All work and no play makes Martin a dull boy indeed. Long hours at the office and a recent split with his ex have more than taken their toll on his love life. Perving on the pool boy seems like a relatively safe way to let off some steam until the barely legal lad makes a move of his own. Surprised at the young man's advances, Martin does what any hot-blooded man would. He offers his body up to the pool boy's seduction.

PUBLISHED BY: Amanda Young
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica
KEYWORDS: Erotica, Gay

EBOOKS BY Amanda Young

EBOOKS BY Amanda Young

COPYRIGHT Amanda Young/2010

The day from hell was finally over. Martin Benoit was so pleased to be home he was tempted to kiss his front door.

Thank God it’s Friday. He didn’t even want to think about work until Monday morning. If there was a crisis with the Landon account, they could just call somebody else. For the next forty eight hours, he was officially incommunicado.

Now all he needed was a stiff drink and some quality time in the Jacuzzi out back and he’d be a new man. Getting laid would help, but he didn’t have the energy to go trolling for a one night stand when all the bars and clubs were designed for men in their twenties. Being a hell of a lot closer to forty than twenty, he always felt like clubbing was a little bit of an uphill battle. Never a man to shirk at a challenge, he usually relished the chase. However, at the moment, he simply didn’t have the oomph to compete.

A part of him missed coming home to someone. Not that he was going to spend another second longing for his lying, cheating ex. That bastard didn’t deserve him. It wasn’t the man he missed, so much the warm body at his beck and call. He and Michael weren’t a good fit anyway. They had different ideals about life. Martin worked hard and excelled, climbing the ladder until he was at the top of the advertising game. Michael wanted to earn just enough to survive and spend all his time living it up in whatever manner he saw fit—something that changed from week to week depending on his mood.

Why Martin thought their relationship would work was beyond him. His only excuse was being blinded by the sex. It was the one thing they’d excelled at together.

Unfortunately, six months had passed since Martin booted Michael to the curb and he hadn’t possessed time for more than the occasional blowjob or quickie in the backroom of his favorite club.

I really need to make the time to get out more.

With a sigh, Martin headed into his bedroom. He discarded his suit and changed into swimming shorts. Already feeling more at ease in his skin, he sauntered into the kitchen and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. The bitter brew slid down his throat with ease.

The sound of splashing water drifted in through the open kitchen window, pulling Martin’s attention away from his drink and toward the backyard. He quickly crossed the room and looked outside.

A slow smile spread across his face as he took in the vision of male perfection lounging in his pool.


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