PJ's Pool Party

PJ's Pool Party

Kris Klein

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Twenty-two-year-old Mexican hottie Jaime believed in romance once-and proved it by moving away a year and a half ago from his hometown of Houston to Philadelphia, with his much older boyfriend, to start a new life. It was his first relationship, and Jaime wanted to be the best boyfriend he could be-but after catching Brian in an affair, Jaime put together what money he could by stripping, and boarded a bus for home again. Back in Houston and renting a room in a beautiful home on the southwest side of the city, thanks to a kind lady with a big heart, his first day there Jaime meets the lady's son, PJ, who's home for the weekend from college. Tall, well-built, with thick dark hair and big brown eyes, PJ is super-hot…and super straight. He regards Jaime as a buddy immediately, and invites him out to the backyard pool for a swim-a swim that reveals not only the boner Jaime sports for PJ in his too-tight Speedo, but also PJ's open-mindedness to try something new with the hot young Mexican in his mama's house. Horseplay with a beach ball turns quickly into who can get whose swimsuit off first, and winds up with Jaime stretched out on-and tied down to-a poolside lounger, PJ showing his new buddy he's on top of things…literally.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, m/m sex, light bondage, and foot fetishism.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica

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PJ was an expert swimmer, at home as a fish in the water, but I still kept up pretty good as we raced laps in the pool under the bright Texas sunshine–my small, five-foot-six-inch frame moving dolphin-like at times underwater. When PJ jumped out to get a beach ball from the garage to toss around, his baggy wet trunks clinging to his trim physique, and I couldn’t help but notice his ass was big, high, and very round as he trotted off to the garage. On the way back, I tried so hard not to look…but of course had to, and saw the big, flaccid cock that hung between his legs, his soaking wet trunks clinging to it with as much love as I wanted to give to it with my mouth and ass.

It would be amazing to have sex with someone my own age again, I thought, watching him run and jump back into the pool with the ball, yelling loud as his warm body contacted with the chilly water again. He landed about ten feet away from me, dousing me in the spray, and we laughed as he tossed me the ball.

I threw it back at him and it sailed high over PJ’s head, toward the deep end of the pool. PJ dived and swam for it–the globes of his perfect ass visible out of the water for a second before he went under again–and when PJ had retrieved the ball he turned back to me and grinned, yelling “Come and get it, if you want it!” as he stuffed the multicolored beach ball under one arm.

Boy, did I want it–but knew he meant the ball so I took off after him anyway, swimming the length of the pool toward him…PJ darting out of my way with the ball under his arm as I had been about to snag it. He laughed, swimming back in the direction I’d come in, and I took off after him again–this time gliding underwater toward his kicking legs and that sweet, sweet ass.

He was almost at the shallow end now, feet touching the bottom of the pool as I kicked harder, pushing upward, and burst from the water right in front of him, PJ screaming and laughing in surprise as I yanked the ball out from under his arm.

“You prick!” he yelled. “You’re stronger than I thought!”

“Your turn!” I shouted back, then swam off with the ball under my own arm, body cutting through the water away from PJ…but he was stronger and more muscular–and a better swimmer, catching up to me in no time. We were chest high in the water now, wrestling for possession of the ball, me refusing to let go as he splashed water in my face and tried pushing my hands away…none of it working until PJ dived back under the water, out of my line of sight…

Before I felt his long fingers at my waist, yanking my tiny blue swimsuit down my ass–then off my body. He yanked it from my kicking legs as I shouted in surprise, forgetting the ball as I turned around in the water, butt-naked now, trying to see where he and my swimsuit had gone…

When the water in front of me burst upward, and there he was–bobbing in the water almost nose to nose with me, my Speedo high above his head in one hand.

“Now we can really play keep-away, jackass!” he yelled, smiling and waving my swimsuit in the air like a flag.

“You fucker!” I yelled, laughing. I was embarrassed and shocked–but also beyond turned on, my uncut cock standing straight up from my black bush of pubic hair in the water, almost flat against my belly.

“You wanna play that way?” I yelled back, lust driving me. “Okay–I can play dirty, too!” Then I dove under the water again, PJ yelling and trying to swim away from me.

I was determined–and his suit was bigger, and much more baggy; easy to grip. I managed to latch onto one of the long legs of his trunks, pulling hard as I dove underwater and saw PJ trying for dear life to hanging onto his suit with one hand–my Speedo still in the other as he kicked hard, trying to swim away from me. I pulled harder, and the red nylon suit suddenly came off his round ass in one smooth motion. The rest was easy, my dick actually hurting as I yanked harder, the trunks sliding cleanly off of PJ’s hard body, past those muscular legs as his body thrashed toward me…and I caught sight of a long, pink-brown, juicy-looking cock close to eight inches in length, already rock-hard.


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