Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot

Addison Albright

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Eddie's a good guy who'd do anything for a friend, especially Trent, but that good-nature is sorely tested when Trent asks Eddie to be the model for a nude photo shoot Trent needs for a class project. It's not easy for Eddie to be naked in front of the best friend he secretly wants. There are so many ways he could make a fool of himself, and why does seem as if Eddie isn't the only one blushing?

PUBLISHED BY: Addison Albright
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica
KEYWORDS: m/m, glbt, lgbt, gay, romance, erotica, contemporary, comedy, gay romance, gay erotica, erotic romance, contemporary romance, short story

EBOOKS BY Addison Albright

EBOOKS BY Addison Albright

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Eddie kicked out of his sneakers and shed his sweaty workout clothes in record time. He questioned his sanity as he headed for the shower. Trent was nuts. Eddie wasn’t a model. Why did Trent want him to pose for photos at all, let alone artsy nudes? And what the hell had he been thinking agreeing to that crap?

He reached into the shower stall and turned on the water. He’d caved because Trent was his best friend and needed this for a large class project. But he’d only agreed on the condition that Trent give him a month to get into a little better shape first. He’d never spent so much time running or working out at the fitness center. Damn, or nursing sore muscles.

The month was up and it was way too soon. Eddie turned and looked at himself in the mirror. He saw nothing that appealed to him. He wasn’t overweight by any stretch of the imagination, but there still wasn’t any real muscle definition. He was just -- there. His face wasn’t anything special to look at either. Again, it was just there.

A guy would have to be pretty desperate to ask him out. Okay, so maybe his situation wasn’t that dire, but he was in one hell of a dry spell. Eddie sighed and stepped under the hot shower spray.

Trent, on the other hand, was on the wrong side of the camera. He sure didn’t lack for dates. Although to be fair, Trent didn't have much luck with boyfriends, though.

In Eddie's dreams -- well, in his wildest dreams -- Trent would look at him and suddenly discover the error of his ways and see how perfect they’d be together. Okay, so it was beyond his wildest dreams, but definitely another good reason why it was a big mistake to get naked and pose his scrawny ass for Trent. Shit.

Even dragging his feet it only took him twenty minutes to shower, get dressed, and find himself standing in front of the door to Trent's loft. Please don’t be home. Please, please, just don’t be home.

No such luck. The door swung open, and Trent’s smile beamed at him. “I knew I could count on you, Eddie. I can always count on you.”

There went Eddie's resolve to try and beg off. He couldn’t do that to Trent. Double shit.

Trent led him toward the back of the loft where there was a bare brick wall. There was a professional looking lighting set up aimed at the wall. Lights? Couldn’t they just do this is some kind of subtle gloom?

Trent must have sensed Eddie's nervousness, because he kept his tone light. “It’ll be fine, Eddie. You look great.”

Bullshit. Eddie had a mirror. He shook his head dejectedly. “I don’t look great, Trent. I don’t know why you’d want me for this. I’ll probably trash your grade.”

Trent’s tone turned serious. “Eddie?”

Shit. “What?”

“You look great. You’re exactly what I want for this. You have a grace that muscle bound oafs only wish they could duplicate. You’re perfect -- a normal guy that people can look at and relate to, only with a poise that’ll make ’em green with envy.”

Huh? Eddie didn’t ask -- didn’t want Trent to think he was fishing for phony compliments. It helped hearing that, though. He supposed he was average enough. Not hideous anyway, but grace? Who was Trent trying to kid with that?

Trent cleared his throat, obviously wanting to move things along. “Well, um, can I get you something to drink or are you ready to get started?”


Excerpt from a Review by Lisa of "Joyfully Reviewed": Photo Shoot is both sexy and sweet. Fast paced and fun, Photo Shoot is enjoyable from start to finish. Two great friends come alive on the pages showing their silly sides and some sizzling moments. Photo Shoot is adorably hot!

Excerpt from a Review by Kassa of "Rainbow Reviews": Addison Albright has a sharp sense of humor and timing. Her style of blending humor with romance is likely to be a favorite for the genre, even if the romance is somewhat too heavy and sweet on the finishing side. The witty and clever elements of humor used in the story create a funny and quick opening that draw you into the characters almost immediately.

Excerpt from a Review by Chocolate Minx of "Literary Nymphs": Photo Shoot is a delightful snippet to break up your work day with a little humor. ... Addison Albright exhibits creative writing skills along with an amusing dialog in this enjoyable saga.

Excerpt from a Review by emily83176 on her Livejournal ("Enigmatically Emily"): This story explores the true meaning of friendship and overcoming your own self-doubt to see what is standing right in front of you. Eddie and Trent are very close friends, and they have to be in order for Eddie to agree to take his gear off and pose nude. The friendship between these guys is wonderful and they can laugh at each other's jokes and provide the emotional support the other needs. The photo shoot itself is quite sexy and it's no wonder that things start to get all heated pretty quick. The story has quite a bit of humor as well and the best is the turtle analogy which leads to some of my favorite lines from yet another adorably sweet story from Addison.



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