My Son's Best Friend

My Son's Best Friend

B.K. Wright

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PUBLISHED BY: Beau to Beau
CATEGORIES: ManLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: gay fiction, gay romance, romance, gay erotica, erotica, male/male, love

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Kyle and Cooper have been friends forever but unlike Kyle, Cooper is attracted to men, not women. Leery of anonymous sex, Cooper wants his first time with a man to be special, with someone he trusts, and with someone who knows how to please a man. Arriving unexpectedly at the home of Spencer Davis, Kyle’s father, Cooper has carefully devised a plan to satisfy his desire for sex with a man. Mr. Davis had told Cooper that he was always welcome in his home, but did this welcome include sharing his bed? Cooper may have to modify his seductive plan somewhat if he is to convince his best friend’s father to go as far as he hopes he will.


Spencer wanted to get back to his movie so he finally asked, “Would you like to come in, Cooper?” Spencer wondered why Cooper was still standing there, appearing to be waiting for something to happen. “Sure. Thanks, Mr. Davis.” “Now Cooper, I’m Spencer to all you boys. You’ve been hanging out here since you and Kyle were kids. Are you staying here with Kyle this weekend? You are always welcome to. You’ve always had a home here, you know that. Do you need a place to stay tonight?” Cooper looked embarrassed, though Spencer couldn’t understand why. “Well, yes, I guess I do.” “Well, get your stuff. There is still a place for you here and always will be, no matter what.”

Spencer went back to his drink and to his movie. He turned the sound down again when he heard Cooper coming back down the stairs. When he walked into the family room, Cooper was wearing only a pair of bikini briefs, completely unexpected by Spencer. Cooper was gorgeous, athletic, well toned, with youthful skin that seemed to have a glow all its own, but he was also his son’s friend and his son’s age. Being a gay man, Spencer couldn’t help but stare at this young man with the perfect body. When Spencer could finally tear himself away from staring at Cooper, he asked, “Don’t you want to put some clothes on, Cooper?” Spencer had to move a little to find a more comfortable position in his chair to make room for what was beginning to rise inside his jeans. Cooper dismissed the comment about putting more clothes on and instead, sat next to Spencer on the arm of his chair. In his skimpy bikini briefs, Spencer could see that Cooper was rising on his own. “Mr. Davis?” he asked. “It’s Spencer, Cooper, and you seem troubled. Want to talk about it?”

As Cooper continued to massage Spencer’s cock with one hand, the other hand was unzipping Spencer’s jeans. Spencer reached up and touched one of Cooper’s young hard nipples. What Cooper was doing to him was extremely pleasurable and more arousing than it should have been, and after all, Cooper had made the first move. And, Spencer would not be able to live with himself if by turning his back on Cooper now he discovered later that he had been a victim of gay bashing simply for being curious. And, he would never forgive himself if Cooper got some sexually transmitted disease from a stranger he had taken a chance with. Spencer moved his hand down along Cooper’s chest.


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